What Is the Difference Between Naproxen vs. Ibuprofen?


Bottle of generic Ibuprofen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It used to be that all you had to do was take an aspirin with water every morning when you woke up. Nowadays however, there’s no shortage of pain relievers available over the counter at your pharmacy. With so many different choices and many side effects unknown, it’s a real headache (no pun intended) to discover which pain medication is right for you.

Over the counter pain medication usually falls under the class of medications known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), in laymen’s terms, these are medications that target areas in your body that you feel pain due to tissue inflammation.

Two of the most common over the counter NSAIDs are Ibuprofen (Advil, Brufen, or Motrin) and Naproxen (Aleve). Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the two:

Ibuprofen vs. NaproxenTo begin, both ibuprofen and naproxen are NSAIDs, and they will both offer some relief to whatever is causing you pain. One difference is mainly within the speed in which they act. Ibuprofen is a fast acting drug, and will bring you relief much quicker than naproxen will. Ibuprofen also works much better at relieving fevers, headaches and migraines than naproxen.

Generally, ibuprofen is something you would take to deal with a headache at work, before going out, or something for quick pain relief. However studies have shown ibuprofen can have adverse effects for people who have a history of heart and liver disease.

Naproxen is a drug that works slower than ibuprofen, but in the end will offer longer-term relief compared to the short-term benefit of ibuprofen. Furthermore, it’s much better at targeting muscle tissue inflammations, pain that could be caused by a sprain, arthritis, or strained muscles. Naproxen is therefore best used after a long workout at the gym, a hike, or for sore muscles before bed for best effect. Naproxen goes easiest on your heart, so if you have a history of heart attacks it is better to use than ibuprofen.

Side Effects and Issues with NSAIDs

NSAID label

NSAID classification on label (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course, no medication is a miracle cure all. While ibuprofen and naproxen are two of the most commonly available NSAIDs available and hold a low rate of direct causes of death and hospitalization, there are still risks and issues with using them. Studies show that all NSAID’s however (even naproxen) carry some risk of increasing risk of heart attacks. NSAID’s have been documented in causing internal intestinal bleeding in some people.

Both ibuprofen and naproxen can cause nausea, heartburn and (ironically) headaches. For people who must be careful with their blood pressure, NSAID’s can cause increases in blood pressure, especially if you are taking medication to deal with it. Of course, you should never take ibuprofen or naproxen while under the influence of alcohol.

Note: The information above is NOT medical advice and should not be relied upon to make medical decisions. Contact your doctor or pharmacist before making any medical decisions.


Looking for more facts about NSAIDS?

Is Tylenol an NSAID?

About 2000 years ago, humans began using extract from willow bark as a treatment for pain and fever. Although they did not know it, they started humanity’s long relationship with NSAIDs, or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs.


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  • hamoo

    i am not overweight and am a vegetarian, but have lower back pain. i’m taking vit d and calcium / mag / vit c supplements daily. and i exercise continuously. so you can do everything right and still have lower back pain. i have resigned myself to rest and naproxen for the next few days. i still wonder if a lot of the problems people have here isn’t related to diet. has anyone read any research articles relating back pain to diet. when you go on a tech support site they always ask for specific information that pertains to error reporting. however, nobody here is willing to volunteer information, except to say that “it hurts”

  • Crystal

    Matt…. life is too short to spend time being an asshole!

    • Crystal

      I’m so sorry Jess. I hope and pray u get better. I have been in severe pain since May 2011. No dr. Has helped me. I search a lot on the Internet. I have trouble with Drs believing me. It upsets me so much that I am starting to have panic attacks because the pain gets more severe as time goes by. If they believed what I’ve told hem I think I could have been helped years ago. My advice is not to stay with a dr who doesn’t take u serious. Move on right away to find one who does and believes all that u tell him. Good luck

      • Renee

        CBD Oil has helped me with anxiety and my panic attacks to where I don’t even k ow why I ever had them.

  • Jess

    Already called on call nurse, no answers. Please help.
    Monday evening, 3/13
    Came home with achey body.
    No work break; just Adaisha & me.

    -Tue 2 am, 3/14
    Woke up in excruciating pain. Like the whole body pain after a car accident. Movement caused more pain. Took 800 mg ibuprofen (meds) & it helped.
    -Tues day 10am
    Pain, took meds.
    -Tues 7:30pm
    Pain, took meds.
    -Wed 3am, 3/15
    Woke up with same horrid pain but more places.

    Pain spots:
    Inside both forearms
    Rt hand
    Both Shoulders
    Chin, gums below teeth

    • Jess

      Not pregnant or diabetic.
      No accidents or falls.
      No fever.
      Lifted a couple heavy boxes at work Monday evening.

      • Sherri Burich

        Did you get bit by a tick? Sounds a lot like Lyme’s disease.

    • Catherine

      Sorry for your pain.
      My first and important question. Did you call your Doctor or go to hospital? Pain tells you something is wrong. With that much pain taking meds to relieve pain could be masking something that needs to be addressed immediately.
      Hope you get answers.

    • Shauna Orullian

      Have your THYROID CHECKED!!!
      Low thtroid can cause TERRIBLE MUSCLE AND JOINT PAIN!!!!

    • Pauline

      Jess, do you have Fibromyalgia? The pressure points you are describing may be related to that?

    • Kathy

      Jess, please see a rheumatologist asap! I was where you are give years ago. My internist was lukewarm about treatment and finally referred me to an orthopedist who helped, but the overall pain grew worse. The orthopedist referred me to the rheumatologist. Tests showed rheumatoid arthritis and polymyalgia rheumatica. He prescribed several meds to see which one helped me the best. Happily, one worked without causing stomach issues. The difference in how I feel is wonderful. There are still bad days, but not like before. I hope you’ll find the right doctor and meds to help you.

  • Jenny

    I was arranging rocks that were about 4-5″ that were 6″ below my feet, lost my balance and fell on my left side. Thank goodness that I fell on dirt. Got up and I was fine.
    Next day I had a 2″ bruise on my chest. No pain yet. Then that night a little bit of pain. Took Tylenol went to bed. I figured that I don’t need to go to the Dr because all I did was fall 2ft, right!
    Third day, OMG, I could barely breath or move on my left side. Chest, under arm and shoulder blade hurt so bad. Took naproxen and it relieved some of the pain.
    Fourth day, again pain is unbelievable. And in addition I now have pain on my right rear ribs about 3″ above my waist. Took naproxen again.
    Anybody have any ideas or should I go to the Dr?

    • katie

      GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!

    • Ariana

      You could have pneumothorax go to the ER

  • Ram

    I just had a ankle injury and would like to know which is best for my swollen ankle naproxen or ibuprofen? Thanks in advance guys

    • Joe Ybarra

      I have hip bursitis. Been taking ibuprofen for about a week. A friend recommended ibuprofen but I will go to a doctor for medical advice. Are stretching exercises recommended to relieve or get rid of this problem? I’ve been a healthy person even though I’m 74 years old until this bump popped up. It’s been messing up my golf game lately, lol.

      • Karen

        Hi Joe,
        Oh man can I relate. Im an active 71yo with chronic low back pain kept managable but in April sudden bursitis that hurts. with .every.step. Draining my energy. PT isnt helping. OTC aleve isnt helping, stretching excersices make it worse. Im tired and discouraged after 4 months of every stepp I take hurting. Doc wont do cortisone or other meds to help relueve. She freak when I told her i took 4 aleve 2x aday for under a week.
        What have you found that helps?

        • BJ

          If you can afford physical therapy, I would suggest that you find one that does MYOFASCIAL release as opposedan to just traditional therapy. Good Luck!

      • John watts

        Brufen probably not enough. Naproxen is better. Don’t exercise body parts if their painful. Stretch them when no pain to keep them supple.

      • Miller

        Hi Joe naproxen would work better and longer for your particular situation you should never take more than 800 mg which is the highest dosage I would start with 400 mg and see how that works stretching before and after your golf game for at least 10 minutes always helps even if it doesn’t help your bursitis it’s certainly will help with other issues such as pulled muscles or injury sustained do to not stretching properly
        Ask your doctor about trams dol it is a mild opiate but does not affect your thought process
        Good luck

        • lb

          Tramadol. Don’t take I broke my shoulder 2 years ago. Was given oxy and tramadol. Not to take at same time but to start tramadol after oxy ran out. I thought this to be way stronger. Made me major high and with extreme side effects. After a few days quit and had major anxiety and couldn’t sleep. Awful. But every reacts differently

          • JoMarch

            Tramadol worked great after my foot surgery. I couldn’t take even ibuprofen so Tramodol was between me and pain. I was glad to have it. No adverse side affects whatsoever. Don’t let this commenter scare you from using it if you need it. Yes, everyone reacts differently. This person had an extreme and unusual reaction.

    • mike

      “Generally, ibuprofen is something you would take to deal with a headache at work, before going out, or something for quick pain relief. However studies have shown ibuprofen can have adverse effects for people who have a history of heart and liver disease.

      Naproxen is a drug that works slower than ibuprofen, but in the end will offer longer-term relief compared to the short-term benefit of ibuprofen. Furthermore, it’s much better at targeting muscle tissue inflammations, pain that could be caused by a sprain, arthritis, or strained muscles. Naproxen is therefore best used after a long workout at the gym, a hike, or for sore muscles before bed for best effect. Naproxen goes easiest on your heart, so if you have a history of heart attacks it is better to use than ibuprofen.”

    • Carrie HamptonIce

      Ice is best to reduce swelling and pain.

  • ayo

    I have a waist pain and I took tramadol and ibuprofen for quick action but to my surprised the pain left my waist to my left keg and it is hurting me badly what do I do please advice

    • Miller

      Based upon your symptoms it is more than likely a lower back issue I strongly suggest you have an x-ray done at a minimum of course a CT scan or MRI I would be most appropriate but many times pain felt in the knee or even the foot can be associated with a pinched nerve typically in the lower back this is something you should see a doctor or chiropractor about

  • Josh

    By far, the best remedy for pain is exercising. Even 20 min of walking on the treadmill can really be a difference maker if you suffer from chronic pain. If working out/going to the gym is not an option for you, then Norco 10/325 is hands down your best alternative.

    • Karen

      It would be so nice if everybody had an open mind and not suggest exercising via walking when there are so many people who take painkillers because they can not move or can hardly move at all, especially from the waist downwards.

      • Meg

        Do you happen to know a physiatrist? I had to go see one for something completely diferent. Learned they exist for things other than treat bones, muscles or torn ligaments. Absolutely adore mine. Don’t exercise until you know for sure your pain doesn’t come from an injury that could get worse if untreated (like a pinched nerve or vessel). And it’s a better option than OTC pills that aren’t working for you. Oh, and I’m serious about suggesting this. Rehab therapy is a lot more than exercise.

    • E.M.

      So, if I have a headache, exercising (assuming I’m hydrated) will make it go away?

      • DD

        Absolutely! I’ve suffered from migraines since I was a child and started regularly exercising 5 months ago. The migraines have disappeared and only minor headaches now rarely occur. Lack of exercise causes migraines to return. Now, exercise won’t immediately stop headaches, it works better as a long term solution to prevent them. Hence, I encourage you to start!

    • Veronica

      Norco is narcotic that should probably be your last resort even if a doctor were to prescribe it for that. I’ve only been given norco after surgery. I currently am suffering from Achilles’ tendonittis and naproxen 500 mg is helping me a great deal vs Advil ( I tried 4 pills of 200mg) which did nothing.

    • Char

      Bull I am 63 and still work as a housekeeper. Am on my feet 9 hrs a day walking,bending and twisting. And not only that I walk home after work which is 2.5 miles. I have arthritis every where in my body and walking does not help me. Once home when I sit for 10 mins I am so stoved up. I take 1 aleve in am and 1 before bed. It helps a little but not much. Refuse to take pain killers and my Dr agrees.

  • Joel

    I am a sexually active 52 year,old man. I get erections that last 4 to 8 hours and afterwards my penis hurts. Will naproxen help with the pain and swelling after extended rounds of sex? Also what will help with the burning and itching?

    • Ricardo

      Joel my wife wants your number….lol

      • Isa


      • Lisa


    • Jon Doe

      That would be Priapism, which can result in the need to slice your pecker open, to scrape out the dried, uncirculated blood that’s now too thick to flow back into the veins

      • Tim

        If this is the case then check out nattokinase. This natural enzyme is reported to be good for dissolving blood clots and lowering blood pressure.

    • warren green


    • Xavier

      Are you sure is not 4-8 minutes?

    • Mark

      You’re just bragging.

    • paul

      lay off the viagra or cialis an erection of 4 hours or more is not natural and can be dangerous. with the itching and burning you could have another problem if you can get it try erthromycin this will usually clear up the itching and burning sensation and you usually only have to take two tablets only once to clear it up.

    • lennis


    • Carrie HamptonIce

      LOL.That made my day now I have something to smile about

    • Petra

      Dam what’s your number lol!!! I can help with that😆😘

  • Angela

    I was hoping someone would have some advice 🙂
    My chiropractor said I have a bulged disc..a lot of pain in right arm..shooting, throbbing tingling. Anyways..I have been taking Motrin platinum..but doesn’t seem to be helping much. Does anyone have any suggestions that would be better for the inflammation? I was considering naproxen..but thought I would ask around and see if I was making the right choice.
    Thx in advance for your time and input 🙂

    • Tim

      I would suggest trying an “inversion table”. This is a device that allows you to hang slightly upside down and helps to decompress your spine. Also stretching and yoga might be helpful as long as you don’t over-do it.

      • Elaine

        Also you can try spinal decompression. This is done at a chiropractor’s office – find a chiropractor who has been doing it for quite a few years, and they should know how to treat you. It has helped my lower back immensely. I have two ruptured discs and this has helped make my back stronger and less painful.

    • Lisa

      I imagine seeing a real doctor would go a long way.

      • Karen

        I would suggest to find more information out online from people who have suffered the same thing, than trying to get firsthand information from the GP, then what you see, print it off if you can, and take it to the GP when you decide to have an appointment. There seems to be so many GPs these days that do not know quite a lot of ailments nor know anything about them, let alone what is best for them.

        • Steve Bergman

          The plural of ‘anecdote’ is not ‘data’. Asking around is about the worst advice possible. And chiropractors are universally quacks. Best to see a real doctor. A specialist in this case.

          • Rob

            That is the best advice that I’ve read so far.

        • Marty

          Seems like most GPs nowadays are only good for referring you to a specialist. They seems to actually know less and less about medicine.

          • hamoo

            there you go

    • Mark

      I had that. My chiropractor suggested an MRI and a visit to a neurosurgeon. It turns out that I have a bone spur on my T! vertebrate. We tried medication with no success. I went to a physical therapist for several months, and his work as well as exercises have helped immensely.

  • Priscilla

    I just took 3 500mgs tylonols, and found my effexor and I took 1 of those too.500 mgs I’m friggen worried know. 500 mgs each. I have ulcerus colitis too. Did I do ok? My pain is for my sciatica and pain. And severe spinal stenonis. Plus Fibromyalgia, MS, Bone spurs the size of quarters are all over in my neck. I would appreciate your kind advice. Thanks to all.

    • Tim

      Wow, you have a lot going on. It sounds like you need to address the causes not just the symptoms of your pain. For fibromyalgia I would recommend meditation and stretching. I have found that much of the cause of fibromyalgia is mental/emotional stress and meditation will help reduce that stress while stretching allows you to slow down and focus on your body and what it needs. I would also look into doing a juice fast for 1-2 days every month where you consume nothing but freshly juiced fruits and vegetables. This might give you some help with the bone spurs by letting your body spend the energy that it usually spends on digesting food for dissolving the bone spurs. Good luck.

      • Elaine

        Magnesium malate has really helped my fibromyalgia. It has totally gone away after taking what my alternative medicine doctor recommended – magnesium malate by source naturals. He had me take two in the morning with breakfast and two in the evening with supper. I still have chronic fatigue. However, the magnesium malate gave me a lot more energy. He said it had to be the Source Naturals brand – it seems to work better for some reason.

    • mike

      Stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass GOODBYE !!!

  • cindy

    This is so stupid how some people male a mockery over what’s suppose to be to help one another go figure!

  • Rick

    I think the first post by Dr. Larry says it all. It seems the desire for a significant other and ownership of exotic birds that are fed crushed NSAIDs with their birdsead is all one needsfor the relief of head/back pain and a lonley heart…you da man LARRY!!!

  • Larry

    Hey, we all have pain…some physical and some mental…I’m just a handsome, charming, financially independent, talented guy looking for the aright lady to sooth my pain……P.S: I have a beautiful home and 38 exotic birds to share along with my need for a beneficiary……

    • Shadow

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    • Stacey

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      • Louis

        It was a joke. Geez

        • Karen

          A sick joke.

    • Felchster

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    • Jessica

      Hi I am interested where can I contact u ?

    • san d

      Um… hope the birds are rescues. Exotic birds live so long, you didnt say your future wife could be stuck with almost 100 birds that turn against people after they hit puberty at 4 & could hate her & peck her eyes out in her sleep when you kick the bucket. Advice? Take the birds back to their natural habitat & let them go. Cages and homes are for unrepentant criminals & people, not animals which need to fly.Maybe then, everyone will find freedom to be who they need to be, including you & you wont need to use an educational site as a dating foreground as it seems like the birds probably will always keep you ‘grounded’ too.

    • Olami

      Im intrested. Where do you live?

    • Buni

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    • Buni

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  • Angelo

    “Naproxen goes easiest on your heart, so if you have a history of heart attacks it is better to use than ibuprofen.”
    This is WRONG. If Naproxen is easier on your heart then that should be taking not ibuprofen. No editors here?

    • Misty’

      Reread the sentence, Angelo, it says to take naproxen not ibuprofen if a history of heart attacks…

      it’s just worded funny

      I misread it the first time also and had to read it again…

    • Misty

      I had to reread the sentence, Angelo, it does say to take Naproxen if there is a history of heart attacks it’s just worded 😁! God Bless!

    • Charity

      I don’t see anything wrong with that statement.

      • MikeSol

        There is nothing whatsoever wrong with that sentence

  • Dan

    I have almost come to the conclusion to stick with aspirin, I feel NSAIDs could be detrimental

    • AC

      Aspirin is an NSAID (reminder: Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflamatory Drug). It has its own perks and downfalls, such as being a blood thinner or being less efficient vs inflamation than Ibuprofen or Naproxen. It just comes down to what your ailments are.

  • Simon

    Duck sake . Didn’t even realise how bad my headaches were and my chest pains until I ruptured a calf muscle on naproxen. Last resort took ibuprofen and instantly my pain has gone and my inflammation has gone almost instantly

  • maria

    I hate how naproxen makes my legs/face swell & hold in water ughh

    • Adam

      Maria, That kind of swelling sounds like a very rare side effect, and I think the Naproxen may be interfering with your kidney function. You should stop using it and talk to a doctor immediately!

  • Karen

    Can naproxen help with menstrual pain? I get really bad pain during my cycles. I can’t sleep, eat, or pretty much do anything because the pain is so bad. Because of my heart I’m not allowed to take pamprin and pills made for menstration because it’s high in caffeine. I don’t know if this will help with that. Please let me know!

    • Nat

      Hi Karen , I am in pain right now bc of menstruation, I took 600 mg ibuprofen but didn’t help. My doctor prescribed me with 500mg naproxen and also didn’t work. How are you doing now?? What medicine did you take to ease the pain? Help. I hv to deal with this every month.

      • LaShunda

        I take 800mg, 4 regular 200mg tablets, of Ibuprofen. This practically stops the flow of blood during menstruation. And alleviates all pain; no cramping or soreness. Also Dr. Oz said that Ginger Tea (ginger, juice of 1 lemon, honey, and hot water) alleviates all PMS symptoms, and menstrual cramps. I started drinking Ginger Tea a week before the onset of PMS and it actually works.

      • Kim

        I was told by my family physician to go to my gun and get a prescription for birth control pills to help decrease the uterine contractions thus decreasing the cramps/pain. Sounds crazy since I am almost 50 and had a tubal ligatation 15 yrs ago, I suppose the idea is to change the hormone level in your body.

    • maria

      The uterus is a muscle and naproxen treats muscle pain it states so it would help yes.

      • maria

        Re: the above question

      • Maleficent

        Uhh I think she just said that Naproxen did not work on her menstrual pain, so the fact that the uterus being a muscle has nothing to do with her problem. Sometimes I wonder if people actually comprehend what they read.

        • Tina

          Couldve kept neagativityto yourself idioyw

        • Rhonda

          Malevolent she was just trying to help. Your ugly reply wasn’t necessary. Why don’t you try to be a nice person

        • Jocelyn

          Agreed! That makes two of them and counting…

        • amber wise

          Just because it didn’t work for her doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else

      • Elaine

        Also, remember that if your thyroid is not functioning properly, it can cause severe menstrual cramps. So see your GP about getting your thyroid levels tested.

    • Tanya

      Yes! My doctor prescribed for me because the Motrin and Tylenol were not working. Naproxen made the pain go away without having to take more than twice. Because it decreases inflammation, I do flow heavier the first day, but I will take that over the pain any day.

    • Julian

      When I have my period the ibuprofen helped with the cramps & pain

    • Cali

      I get really bad cramps too so bad that it’s hard to focus on anything else. Tylenol or naproxen both do nothing for me. What I do is take advil. Advil is a god sent for that time of the month. The trick with it though is you have to start taking it before you actually start feeling pain. If you take it before your pain starts it actually prevents the cramping from happening rather then just masking the pain. However if I forget to start and the pain reminds me I usually have to take 4 regular strength (not liqui gels) for the pain to actually subside and then I take the normal two for every dose after. It has made my life incredibly better for that time I the month! Good luck!

      • Jocelyn

        Plz keep in mind that Advil, Naproxen(which is Aleve) Ibuprofen, it is all part of the NSAID non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) family. They can be detrimental to kidney health and function. I found out the hard way. Do your homework plz. Talk to your health practitioner to clarify your situation.

    • Rhocdxx

      Take the ibuprofen in a large dose before the pain starts. Then small doses to keep it away. It’s what my gynecologist told me to do. And it’s done wonders for it.

      Now, I have the Nexplanon. I haven’t had severe cramps since I got it last year. Ask your doctor about birth control to help you with cramps.

    • Catcando75

      Yes BUT, one must achieve a therapeutic blood level for Naproxen to work. This means you can’t just take one when you feel like it. Docs usually recommend 2 tabs initially then 1 every 8 hrs. Once a therapeutic level is achieved you should have good relief. I will not advise Advil due to your heart hx. 325mg of Aspirin (3-4 times daily) is also a good pain choice, but one must be careful to take AFTER eating, never on an empty stomach & only for 3 or 4 days. Good luck!

  • Si

    Naproxen actually works, that’s the difference.

    • Candy

      I found that I can usually take ibuprofen, but Aleve will relieve the worst of pains for me. It usually takes prescription strength (800mg) to work, but it works well. Tylenol alone does not do anything. Earlier this year, I screwed up my back from a bad mattress. I tried everything over the counter to relieve my pain for a few days until I could go to a chiropractor. Aleve was the only thing that worked. Also a few weeks ago, I had a biopsy performed in my cervix, Aleve was the only thing as well that worked.

    • Robbie

      Does naproxen help for chronic back pain when someone is trying to get off of OxyContin or any kinda drug like that

  • Blondsluck

    after having knee surgery in 2011 my surgeon suggested a combination of 2 ibuprofen with 1 acetaminophen tab for pain, and it was good advice. first take whatever you decide to take BEFORE the pain gets to be too much; you have to manage the pain. everyone has different pain limits but unless contraindicated you should be taking otc pain relief every 4-5 hrs.

  • ANON

    THIS ARTICLE IS COMPLETELY FALSE. You should NOT take Naproxen if you have cardiovascular issues; you should take ibuprofin for this. Do your own research online.

    Shame on the author for putting out blatantly false medical information.

    • hal

      If you want to make a serious point/comment… then please spell Ibuprofen correcrley (joke)!

      • Tim B

        Or perhaps YOU could learn to spell “correcrley” correctly…if ya wanna bust someone’s balls for a spelling error numbnuts…hal

        • Brenda Allen

          Ok we all have some edumacation problems.lighten up.hehe

  • lizzy

    I agree very much on this and ist very help over the years i have had problems with Aspirin and ibuprofen and i was on pecamed then my Dr. recommened Naproxen and it really works for me.

  • Mike Russo

    How about Crack? Crack will kill my pain right?

    • TruthintheVaj

      Nah bro, Heroin is an Opioid, beat pain killer in the world.

    • Candy

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    • Bernice

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  • sue

    the best is to ask your pharmacist. He knows medicine.

  • Dave Cawdell

    Great information.

    (52yo) I have arthritis the length of my spine, as well as muscle damage causing instability in my spine, all topped off with obesity (former battered, bruised & beaten rugger player).

    Ibuprofen was OK for about 20 years. But as the condition worsened, I swapped to Naproxen for night time use, for the last 10 years. I do wonder what additional concerns there are taking Aleve-PM with the added sleep aid. But losing 3 hours sleep every night is no fun at all.


    Thank you very much..

    • Betty

      I also have chronic pain due to arthritis. I am thankful for over-the-counter meds such as naproxen and ibuprofen. We all know that it is possible to die of a drug over-dose from illicit drugs, however over-the-counter medications can also cause death if taken incorrectly. Your liver is one major concern, especially if you consume alchohol. Do not use them carelessly and if in doubt always consult your pharmacist or physician.

  • Doris

    Dr. Matt can’t spell Tylenol, but he can spell Morphine and Methadone, make me wonder why Hmmm….

  • Jess

    Guess matt knows everything ( except how to use punctuation marks ) . Something they dont teach in meds school I guess .

    As for the information about ibuprofen , vs naproxen . Very informative , and exactly accurate . Great job .

    Anyone suffering from pain , I feel for you , i’ve had severe pain for years .

    As for people who only comment to cut others down you should feel foolish , and ashamed for your negative comments , when people are already suffering .

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  • Matt

    Just go get morphine or methadone or just stop complaining

    • greg

      Shut your foolish mouth matt go stick your tongue in a blender so nobody has to hear you talk and have your neighbor cut both your hands off so you cant type stupid moronic stuff…

  • Nedaroon

    Amazing!!! There is quite clearly a disclaimer at the end stating that this info is not medical advice and to contact your Dr/Pharmacist. Yet people still
    post questions asking ‘ooo, can I take this with this whilst taking something else for another ailment/illness’?. I work in the pharmaceutical industry & I know what damage happens to your body/organs when medications are taken together.
    I guess what I’m saying is Please always
    check before mixing medications. Always seek medical advice & Never Ever take anyone else’s medication even if your symptoms are similar.

  • JB

    Should you take Naproxen with Sudafed

  • Marilyn

    Okay, great info here, but could you please clarify last sentence in the Ibuprofen vs. Naproxen section? It is unclear and kind of confusing. Thanks!

  • Ron

    There are nine paragraphs. I don’t understand the last sentence in the 6th paragraph. Nice article though; thanks.


  • carmen

    these are pain relievers so i assume it does not heal the muscle. i have hurt my arm with strenous activity and it does not get better in two weeks. these medication has completely stopped the pain for two days. Is it healed or just numbed.

    • olive

      Do these pain killers also heal the muscle or just relieve pain

      • jeff

        Indirectly … they reduce inflammation which can aid in healing, but they don’t affect healing directly.

    • Kieran Davidson

      NSAIDs can actually have a deleterious effect on muscle healing. You should never take NSAIDs in the 2 days after a muscle strain. If you then start taking them after 2 days for the pain, you shouldn’t take them for any more than 7 days. The pain relieving effects can indeed be due to the anti-inflammatory effects. Inflammation is a cause of pain, but it is also important for healing.

      So, to answer your question – NSAIDs can help improve healing to a very small extent. However, if you’re not careful they can impair the healing process and even lead to more scar tissue forming than is necessary, which in turn can reduce the strength of the muscle when it is healed.

      All of the information I’ve outlined above is taken from the latest scientific research into muscle strain healing.

  • Raghu

    Thank you. Very nice and precise information. Please keep the page update as you find more information.

    Especially I would like to expand to acetaphen.. (Thylenol) and Asprin as these are common as well.

    • bjoates

      Thanks for your feedback, I have pain in my right knee that my Dr. diagnosed as Osteoarthritis. I was prescribed Naproxen, I hope it works for me as well. I was using the Icy/Hot patches but it was only a slightly temporary relief.

    • Matt

      So Tylenol works for the body never Thylenol was only meant only for thighs

      • J

        Hyuck hyuck hyuck

      • roadrunner

        I guess you’re not smart enough to realize that for many people English is their 2nd or 3rd language, so you make fun of them. You, on the other hand, think your English is good, although it really stinks. Have you ever heard of punctuation marks or do you even know what they are??? Good grief!

      • You’resilly

        Um, what?

    • Bill

      Comparing acetaminophen here wouldn’t make much sense. It’s not an NSAID, such as ibuprofen and naproxen. You also mentioned wanting to know more about Aspirin. Well, Aspirin is only name brand Naproxen, so you should be able to use the above information for that as well 🙂

      • Bill

        To my above comment, I must apologize for quoting that Aspirin was Naproxen. I had misread and was thinking of Aleve.

  • April

    I’ve had moderate joint pain for the past 2 or 3 years, it would get progressively worse throughout the day. I have been in the habit of taking ibuprofen in the morning and at night. Last week, I decided to try naproxen, and I noticed a change within a week. No pain! I can’t believe how effectively it has worked for me.

    • susan

      Am I getting severe arthritis or not? I have ankle swelling joint pains and wrist and hand elbow problems I feel like I am becoming worse each month !,I have Brufen and also I have Naproxen I have been prescribed capsules for the severe Pain sometimes I don’t feel much improved?

      • Mark

        Susan, do you walk daily or get any exercise? I have similar issues if I just sit around all day and do nothing so instead I get out and exercise on a daily basis and swelling is kept under control.

        It also helps to keep weight down so cut out sugars such as HFCS and stop drinking sodas. Stop eating fast foods and cut back on sodium as well. Once you teach your body to stop craving sugars and sodium you will be surprised how much better you feel.

      • Kieran Davidson

        I have to disagree with Mark. It seems he’s suggesting that cutting out sugar and sodium will automatically cure. In reality, a healthy lifestyle and diet is important for being healthy in general, but it won’t be an automatic cure. It can make it easier to cope though.

        Firstly, it really depends on what type of arthritis you have. Osteoarthritis is joint damage and cartilage breakdown due to ‘wear and tear’. Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory autoimmune condition where the body’s immune system essentially attacks the joint spaces.

        For OA, a healthy lifestyle – including diet, non-smoking, exercise etc – is the most important treatment along with pain killers like ibuprofen, paracetamol or naproxen.

        RA, however, is much more serious. If you suspect you have RA you should see a doctor immediately as medication called disease-modifying-anti-rheumatic-drugs are vital as part of treatment. RA is generally much more severe than OA and can increase risk of other diseases like cardiovascular disease.

        I’d suggest first you see a doctor and figure out if you have arthritis or not. If you do, you’ll have to know which type you have. Finally, you should follow your doctor’s advice and ensure you’re living a healthy lifestyle.

        Good luck!

    • Matt

      Wow really do you relay belive that lie you just said must be that “medication” your taking on the side that helps the most you lady are most gullible for believing that your the reason stupid people exist further more your story is irrelevant and total lies based off this post get a life and get your knee checked out professionally or risk of getting amputated

      • Jeff

        Worst run on sentence ever, sorry. Use punctuation and spell check.

        • brian

          gotta agree with you Jeff on that one lol

      • Mark

        Matt is it necessary to call people stupid? Your comment is useless not to mention your use of the English language is pathetic.

        Future advice, just read the article and move on if you don’t have something useful or positive to add to the discussion.

      • You’resilly

        Matt, no need for name-calling. Especially when you haven’t included a single punctuation mark in your entire statement. Take a breath and add a period or comma or two.

  • zery mitha

    to take tylenol for arthritis with Ibuprofen or Naproxen together

  • zery mitha

    is it safe to take tylenol for arthritis with either Ibuprofen or Naproxen at the same time?

    Thanks, Zery Mitha

    • Dahlia Blair

      No, it’s not!

    • Jake Johnson

      My caregivers have recommended 800mg of ibuprofen with 1000mg of acetaminophen to tackle pain for short periods. The risk, and why others say that you shouldn’t take both, is that your liver would suffer if you were to take too much of these medications for too long of a time period.

      Of course, you may have other health issues that would complicate things so it would be best to check with your physician before taking anything.

    • vanessa

      Never take naproxen with other NSAIDS.

      • roadrunner

        I agree with that statement, because several doctors (treating me for different issues) over the years have told me the same thing. I’m 68 y.o. and have my share of pain, but I listen to drs. rather than the general public. Each person is quite different with regard to what their level of pain is and what meds they can tolerate. Have a great day!

        • Candy

          Omg, finally someone who has common sense. I don’t understand how people think it’s smarter to heed a strangers words than hi with someone who went through years of medical school.

      • Steve Bergman

        Tylenol is not an NSAID. And yes, it is generally safe to take both together.

    • Kieran Davidson

      I don’t know where the people who responded to this are getting their information from – specifically the people who say it’s not suitable to combine tylenol and an NSAID. It is fine to take tylenol (acetaminophen/paracetamol) together with ibuprofen OR naproxen. Of course two NSAIDs shouldn’t be taken together, though.

      Paracetamol acts centrally (in the central nervous system) without any peripheral or anti-inflammatory actions. Conversely, NSAIDs work throughout the body to reduce inflammation by blocking the action of cyclooxygenase which forms various inflammatory mediators, as well as prostaglandins which increase pain sensitivity.

      It would probably be recommended to take each at a low dose. For example, 400mg of ibuprofen along with 500mg-1g of tylenol. The only side effects would be liver problems with long term use. But if used for acute problems then it should be absolutely fine.

      • Priscilla

        I just took an ellexor a 500mg dose after I had taken a 500mg dose of 3 tylenols. Was that wrong? I’m freaking out. It’s been about 15 mins ago. Help would be most appreciated. Thank you!

    • joe

      I do not believe that they cannot be taken together for short periods of time but I dont think it is recommendable to do so for an extended period. On top of that, if you are, or ever were a heavy drinker I think it is common knowledge that you should avoid Tylenol(acetaminophen) all costs as it affects the liver the worst. There have been many documented cases of persons who have had a night out drinking and then came home and took Tylenol & never woke up due to the heavy toll the alcohol & the acetaminophen took on the liver.

    • You’resilly

      I take Tylenol/Acetaminophen daily, and I frequently add Naproxen or Ibuprofen. It depends on what type of pain I’m having. I’ve never had an issue, and I was told it’s fine by my Dr years ago. Look up pain management; they’re often stacked, even with opiates included.

  • Duy Nguyen

    Thank you very much. Your information is very useful for people like me.

    • Heather

      That isn’t true. My doctor prescribed a schedule of ibuprofen and Tylenol over a ten day period to help with pain from an abcessed tooth while I was taking antibiotics to address the infection. They worked much better together than separately and helped take a serious edge off a great deal of pain.

      • Bill

        Tylenol isn’t an NSAID. It’s just name brand acetaminophen. Its primary use is pain, and has no true anti-inflammatory properties.

      • Mark

        Don’t say something isn’t true unless you are an expert and what does an abscessed tooth have anything to do with what this article was attempting to explain?

        This article is not designed to provide medical advice but only as a guideline to help me make a decision on whether to buy over-the-counter ibuprofen or naproxen based pain relievers.

        I truly wish some people would keep their comments to themselves on the internet.

        • You’resilly

          No offense, but wishing the internet wasn’t used for people to express their opinions sounds ridiculous. Do you expect people to be always polite, as well? Lol! The internet is where people don’t HAVE to keep their comments to themselves, hence “comment sections” on most sites! LOL! Heather was simply sharing her experience. You didn’t have to read her opinion.

        • Dan

          I have arthritis in my knee , and the v a prescribed ibuprofen. I also have an outside physician that told me to take Tylenol & aleve together, that it was safe. I was told in the past that I have had some fatty liver issue. I take high blood pressure medication & have heart issues in my family. I’m lost !

        • hamoo

          “what does an abscessed tooth have anything to do with what this article was attempting to explain?”
          at one point in my life i thought back pain was the worse pain i could experience, until i had tooth pain and felt like ripping the whole side of my face off. after i saw the dentist and a few months later with recurring back pain, i changed my mind with certainty i knew that back pain was the worse pain anyone could suffer. there you have it. that’s what one has to do with the other