10 Largest Dog Breeds


Did you know that one of the largest dog in history was a Great Dane by the name of Zeus? He stood at a whopping 112 centimeters (44 inches).

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, with some being as small enough to fit in a handbag, whereas some are large enough to smother a fully grown human. There are so many different breeds, but here is a list of the 10 of the largest dog breeds in the world. 
10. Caucasian Shepherd Dog

caucasian shepherd dog

Caucasian shepherd dog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At number 10 is the Caucasian Shepherd Dog. They are quite large but are not very heavy, a fully grown adult male should be about 70 centimeters tall (28 inches) and can weigh about 45 kilograms (99 pounds). They are a sturdy breed, with somewhat aggressive temperaments. They are mildly intelligent, and very obedient breed that was bred in the Caucus Mountains to fend against mountain predators.

9. Kuvasz


Kuvasz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A breed originating out of Tibet, but commonly associated with Hungary. The Kuvasz is another extremely large dog. Adult males can grow to be 76 centimeters (30 inches) tall and weighing up to 68 kilograms (150 pounds) almost twice the size of the previously mentioned Caucasian Shepard Dog! They are easily recognized by their thick white fur, and large size. They were associated with Hungary due to the royal family using them exclusively as hunting and guard dogs.

8. English Mastiff

English mastiff

English mastiff (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Changing gears a little bit, the English Mastiff isn’t the tallest dog however it is the heaviest. It currently holds the record as the heaviest dog with an English Mastiff named Hercules holding the record weighing in at 127 kilograms (282 pounds).

Generally however, most adult males of this breed will weigh no more than 113 kilos (250 pounds) and they don’t get much taller than 75 centimeters (30 inches). They are generally docile, and loveable pets but require a lot of space to move around in because of their large frame.

7. Irish Wolfhound

irish wolfhound

Irish wolfhound (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Far and away largest dog breed on this list is the Irish Wolfhound. Thin and gangly the Irish Wolfhound was bred to be fast and intimidating, to assist with the hunting of wolves and boars. With adult males measuring up to 78 centimeters (32 inches) and weighing about 54 kilograms (120 pounds) standing on their hind legs they can be as tall as 7 feet!

6. St. Bernard

St. Bernard

St. Bernard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The well-known St. Bernard is easily recognizable due to the fact that, that it has gained international respect and recognition for its valuable help in alpine rescue missions. It is also known as the national dog in Switzerland due to this.

The St. Bernard is one of biggest dog breeds, with adult males measuring approximately 90 centimeters (35 inches) and weighing up to 120 kilograms (264 pounds). They have been known to be very dependable, and especially strong as they are some of the strongest dogs in the world. Due to their large size however, they must be well trained to live as domesticate pets.

5. Newfoundland


Newfoundland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Originally bred as a working dog for the fishermen of Newfoundland, Canada – Newfoundlands are large, dependable dogs that were bred by fisherman from the land which they are named for. They are some of world’s biggest dog breed.

Adult males can measure up to 70 centimeters (30 inches) and can weigh up to 80 kilograms (176 pounds). They are known to be extremely adept at water rescue, as their thick coats of fur and webbed feet allow them to navigate the frigid Atlantic Ocean easily.

4. Leonberger


Leonberger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps the most interesting story on this list, the Leonberger is not as massive as some of the other breeds on this list but still stands impressively at 80 centimeters (31 inches) and weighing 150 pounds (68 kilograms).

The story goes that they were bred for mainly to imitate the lion of the German city of Leonberg, and afterwards people discovered they inhibited many of the qualities of a lion itself, while still being able to be trained. As such they made excellent search and rescue or working dogs, and are well adjusted to living with humans. Their most striking feature is the black “mask” which covers their face.

3. Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff)

Dogue de Bordeaux

Dogue de Bordeaux (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like the English Mastiff further up this list, the Dogue de Bordeaux is one of the oldest breeds in Europe. Sharing about the same measurements as the English Mastiff, a fully grown adult male will be about 69 centimeters (27 inches), and weigh about 68 kilograms (150 pounds).

By far the most distinctive feature about the French Mastiff is their gigantic heads, sporting the largest heads of any canine species. They are extremely energetic dogs, requiring many walks throughout the day and a lot of food to replenish their energies.

2. Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian Shepherd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the strongest breeds on this list, the Anatolian Shepherd was mainly used to guard flocks of goats and sheep in the Anatolian Mountains from everything from wolves, bears, and jackals. They aren’t the largest breed, but are known to be able to take out wolves with their strength and resourcefulness.

They measure about 78 centimeters (31 inches) and can weigh 68 kilograms (150 pounds). They are not well adjusted to domestic life, as they are used to being alert for any signs of predators. They have also been documented as being able to take on wolves in defense of their herds, making them extremely dependable guardians.

1. Great Dane

Great Dane

Great Dane (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Number one on our list couldn’t be anything but the famous and recognizable Great Dane. The most recognizable Great Dane of all time perhaps being the animated Scooby Doo. Like the previously mentioned Zeus, Great Danes can grow to be frighteningly tall.

With average Great Dane’s measuring about 100 centimeters (40 inches) and weighing up to 54 kilograms (120 pounds). They also have some of the most unique coats of any dogs, with some Great Danes even being able to have an almost blue coat of fur.


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  • Newfoundland=burnt potatoe chip __69

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  • Newfoundland=burnt potatoe chip __69

    ur dumb

  • Saad Khan

    A lot of people aren’t aware of the Bully Kutta breed or for that matter the Gull Dong breed. They reach an average height of 34 in and I think that’s pretty much sufficient to get into the game!

  • Leslie

    We have a few Burnese Mountain dogs in our neighbourhood. They look like big bears. They’re really gentle too. The largest dog I’ve seen in person, next to the Great Danes, are the Great Pyrenees.

  • Barabas Andrea

    They forgot the Komondor or aka the hungarian sheep dog. I had a Kuvasz and a Komondor and now I got a central asian shepherd, but by far my Komondor is the biggest

  • Braus

    You didn’t even talk about the Russian Bear Dog. Like have you SEEN those dogs? They’re huge! Bigger than a Great Dane. I mean they were bred to hunt BEARS.

    • Rose

      The Russian bear dog is really called the Caucasian Shepherd Dog and it was the first dog on the list…

  • Aamna

    You forgot the tibetan mastiff.

  • Ankit

    I think that Jermen shepherd should also be includef in this

    • mkm

      German sheperds are not big compared to these dogs. They are medium size dogs

  • Isaac

    Don’t forget, Boerboels. The are the best ever. one thing i like about them is that the always protect you when u are been attacked. defensive dog

  • greg

    get real people!

  • Ruby

    I have a great dane.

    • greg

      my dogs better than your dog, my dogs better than yours! my dogs better cause my dogs bigger oh my dogs better than yours

  • Petz4evr

    .any dog can be aggressive. you have to breed for temperament also which backyard breeders do not do. they just get two dogs, put them together and don’t worry about temperment or health or anything else. a good breeder researches the backgrounds of the dog she’s breathing to get good temperaments and breed out health issues.

  • jonny

    What no great Alaskan mamaluke.

  • tarako

    how come spanish mastiff isn’t on there. im sure it’s one of the most tallest and heaviest dog of all.

  • Bella

    The German Shepherd image in the public’s eye was altered from a vicious, savage, man-killing beast into the amazing helper and protector for humans. Hopefully that will happen with Dobermans, Rottweilers, etc…. That happened with a Huskey and other dogs.

    • Patsy Huffman

      I have two large breeds of dogs and a smaller one. The white shepherd/Siberians mix is a smart, and loving do,the German shorthair / bloodhound mix is so sweet and goofy and I wouldn’t change for anything. The small breed is a malipoo and loves everyone and she also plays with cats. I feel that anyone who decides to own a large breed of dog just to take the extra precautions that comes with ownership and we can live in harmony, no nightmares please. We didn’t breed these created animals but their here and I guess we have to make the best of it.

  • mr lever

    What about pyrenean mountain dogs? Mine is 107cm tall and not light! Should be here 100%

  • sonam

    Now chinese people are making huge profit by selling T.mastiff in million dollars… bt they dnt treat them well…they dnt love these dogs… they kill n eat dogs… save them!

  • sonam

    Tibetan mastiff chass with lion n tiger to protect their owner or territory… sure he will die..bt he will fight. hence he is considered to be king of all dog… Respect!

  • sonam

    many people talk abt english mastiff, spanish mastiff, American mastiff…bt these all breeds comes from Tibetan mastiff.. he is the real king of all dog n he should be in the top list in height and weight… I agree all dogs are loyalty and honesty…so no bias on it… but Tibetan Mastiff is the king of all..

  • Brett Bolton

    /sigh. Another post suggesting Danes are taller than Wolfhounds. Guys, the reason Danes are as tall as they are is because of the Irish Wolfhound blood they carry. This is why they crossed back to Danes in re-establishing the Wolfhound breed early in the 20th century. The reason the tallest couple of dogs have been Danes is that there are something like 20 times the number of Danes breed to Wolfhounds so statistically you are more likely to get an outlier when breeding Danes. Particularly when Danes are a much newer breed and potentially less stable genetically. As it is we have had a 42 inch IW so not far off the tallest couple of Danes. And to be honest Zeus etc were hardly in proportion were they? I love both breeds but on average, both according to the standard and actually physical examination IW are 1.5 to 2 inches taller. Weights are similar with Wolfies being narrower in the chest but deeper and bigger in the waist. Wolfies are also a little bit quicker and a little bit smarter but Danes have got those great sad Mastiff eyes going on. If it came to a fight I’d back a Wolfhound every time. In fact the only things I can see competing with a Wolfie in the open field are the Caucasian Ovcharka and the Central Asia Shepherd. Dogo’s, Pit’s, Anatolians and Kangals etc would need a limited space to disadvantage any of the aforementioned. My first Wolfie was 2.2 yo old when he died and was 84Kg, 7 foot vertically and 36″ at the withers. I reckon he would have ended up probably 92Kg at full growth. Wolfies arent as light as most people think necessarily.This is all assuming you mean tall when you say large. If you mean heavy/massive, its the English Mastiff hands down.

    • Ron

      What about the Alaskan malamute they are extremely large dogs. Gental giant’s

  • Joe

    Where is the Spanish Mastiff on this list?

  • Bob Millet

    I’ve had 2 Dobbies. Bo & Randi. Fantastic dogs. So loyal. Miss them every day. Wouldn’t have another one though. Wouldn’t be fair to the new dog. Would always be compairing him/her to Bo & Randi.

    • Guia

      Tack Bibbi och Camilla ff6r den lilla stund jag hann med er pe5 pe5 Ge4rsne4s Slott. Har inte riktigt koimmt pe5 ff6tterna e4nnu men jag e4r pe5 god ve4g…Camilla satt in pengar idag till boken…Kram Inger

  • imeogu ugochukwu

    like rottweiler very good breeds

  • Nohbleei

    I think they forgot to mention Neo Mastiffs. I had one maul my poor red cattle dog bitch. But he had been serverely unsocialised and I was actually trying to reintroduce other dogs to him. Unfortunately that didn’t work out. Anyway he was at least 90cm tall to his head from the ground when standing on all fours. Can’t recall weight but at least 80kg

    • Craig

      My neo was 7 stone at 7 months (sorry I don’t know what that is in lbs) and the same height as me , 5,10 on her hind legs

  • Karen


    FRENCH POODLES (STANDARD) the only breed that goes for the HUMAN KILL INSTANTLY!!!!!


    They were family pets that were volunteered as service dogs

    These dogs were not bred for the anything other than companionship and looks they were used for tax collecting by John Dobermann (personally) they were not hunters or animal killers Like a lot of these dogs were

  • Bo

    Dogs suck children Mattet

    • vidura

      Dogs are better than human . And yes i do serve poor people , give them free cloths & food wen eva i could .I also give them free treatment ..m 22 & m a Doc.

      • Leilani

        You are 22 years old and you are a doctor that gives out “free treatment”. Wow, did you graduate from high school early, because even if you went to the university straight from high school that’s only 4 years, so what about Medical School??? What hospital did you do your R1 or R2? I am a RN, with 10+ years experience, so I don’t believe you. Also, I have never seen a MD spell the word “when” as wen.

  • Bo

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    • Mackitraz

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    • Eddie

      Put these stupid children in your fat ass. Here we are/were talking about man’s best friend. Dogs, not useless children….

  • Bo

    You people are idiots….screw these dogs spend your money on the poor and starving children!,,,,,,,!, of the world…

    • ShipGoat


  • E

    Once again another article that states generalities as facts. It’s sad how many articles contradict each other on the internet now, but of course many of us saw it coming; the biggest proponents of this system also are the most tolerant of this sloppy way of thinking. As long as everyone is just sort of having fun, only thinking in positive ways (can’t criticize! No No No!), and not too serious, everything is just fine and dandy. “No worries” right? Well when somebody actually needs information to help their life, such as advice on home or car repair, health, rules and laws, etc… it sort of maters to get it right or at least as close as possible doesn’t it? Of course it does.
    On this article though, once again we have people writing things just to sort of get an “answer” on screen. Even though it’s just about dogs, the attitude terrifies me. You and I know this sloppy thinking transfers over to other subjects and conversations, but those same people also become experts of being flippant and comfortable no matter how wrong they may be… as long as they get something right once in a while.
    Above for example, you have things like saying the “Dogue De Bordeaux has generally the same measurements of the English Mastiffs”… then they state measurements that are much lighter than the Mastiff. And not only have Danes become more of a latent champion of size (The Irish Wolfhounds have been considered the tallest in decades of books and other sources… yet Danes seem to have been bred to be taller in some sort of press to BE the tallest, instead of the public understanding and respecting the original breed standards), the wolfhound is hardly thin and gangly. Go pet one sometime, THEN write the article. Since it’s about largest and not tallest, the Great Dane should have been mentioned somewhere like number 4, while the heavier breeds on the top positions. Also, why do people still list stats for organic, pliable ever-changing living things with finite numbers, such as “grow up to 242 pounds” or “176 pounds”… as if they can’t grow to 242.4 or 177 pounds? When are they going to learn to write “average around 240 pounds” or “generally grow around 175 pounds”? That’s MORE accurate then stating one number.

  • remelo

    I train my dogs to protect and kill any intruder or any threat to me n mine.. like i said before any dog can be dangerous. .shit nicca i can train a group a poodles that will attack da shit outa yur ankles. .

    • Karen

      you dont have to train the poodle They are Natural killers Standard Poodles are as big as my Dobie

  • steevson joy

    Bullykutta……. its the strongest dog .its used for fighting in ancient time and tough to train .its a traditional dog so nobody will sell.so its tough to find one.An average Bully will range 80 kg and it can grow up to 120kg.comparing with turkish kangal .kangal will top in size.kangal is a big massive dog .

  • Doesitmatter

    Averages, just like Presa Canario’s they can be MASSIVE or they can be the average, 120-250lbs + that’s a range for the dogs. That’s not what is always said because tho because what’s the “norm” for show dogs is 120lbs and high 23-26″ to withers high depending on sex. Ya ok, NOT my dog by a long shot, and of course he is a sweetie and of course his breed has killed people, but all this is besides the point. The point is you can’t take what you read to heart, who know how the people writing got or configured their so called stats.. averages, show stats? Who cares really, the thing of it is, you, me, and anyone else are just a few who make up millions of dog owners that contribute to the world of dogs an it’s how we are with our dogs what we know about our own that matters, not what some Joe Blow writes on an internet site…capiche?

  • Doe

    What have you done?! I’ve spent my entire life not knowing that Scooby Doo was a Great Dane! Damnit!

    • saad azid

      There is not bully kutta in this list .They are also very big

  • Fraser

    Honestly where did you get your Irish Wolfhound facts from? I know the average weight is 85 kilograms. My mates Wolfhound is 98 kilograms and in good condition. I have also seen larger specimens upwards of 105kg.

  • Haroon

    This article is complete bullshit…. my mate had a Bully Kutta from Pakistan and he was 37″ at the shoulder and weighed 120kg (250lbs) … surely that qualifies to make this list… the vast majority of the dogs on this list are fat inbred lazy slobs that would have a heart attack if they had to run 200 metres… in stark contrast to the Bully Kutta which is the size of a Great Dane, as agile and athletic as a German Shepherd and as game as a Pit Bull…. true champion working breed…also very very stable temperament and extremely loyal, loving and protective… and some of the stats in this article beggar belief… average height for a Dane is 40″??? more like 33-34″… a 40″ Dane would be almost as big a freak as the 44″ one..

    If you are a giant breed enthusiast I strongly recommend you google ‘Bully Kutta’… not a well known breed but certainly the most impressive mastiff in the world..

    • Mackitraz

      So disregard all breeds except yours, check.

  • seginy

    this article not accurate .Caucasian shepherd is 75cm height and 70-85kg wt

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  • Gareth

    Yeah, so a French mastiff can grow up to 69 cm (27″), and a Newfoundland can grow up to 70 cm (30″). Either you’re not very good with measurements or you got one hell of a dodgy tape measure!!!!!

  • lakerontime

    I have a leonberger they are awsome btw i live in australia and its a german breed there is only about 600-700 leonbergers in the whole of ausralia.

  • macaridonte

    “oso” 102cm 118kg Spanish mastiff ,”titan” 108cm 126kg Spanish mastiff

  • James.

    Best gaurd dog is a border collie.

  • dog boy

    Best dog is st.bernard and worst is pitbull and a rottwieller, I have both I had to kill my pitbull because she attacked my brother, I kill her by her a hammer and my rott Is so agressive I think these two breeds had to killed and vanished…yhanks

    • Bobbie

      I can surely see why the dogs went nuts with you for an owner! Someone should maybe hit you in the dead…You shouldn’t even be allowed to own a dog. I raised Saints and had many Rotts and they were all wonderful and very friendly to everyone…And I have 3 kids that rough played them always..and they still never showed any meaness, ever!!!

      • Bobbie

        I meant head, and pits and rotty’s rule!!!!

    • You must be the worst owner ever, dude. Rottweiler are awesome, and most of those big dogs are softies,

    • Mackitraz

      Okay, if you are actually telling the truth, which I doubt you are, you should be prosecuted. Also, do all dogs a favor and never own one.

    • ShipGoat

      Smells like bear shit to me. Kids and their flights of fantasy on the Internet. Ahhhhh.

    • dhanush

      They are no so worst I have Had 7rotties at a time

    • dhanush

      They are that aggressive I have had 7rottweilers at a time

      • dhanush

        I mean not aggressive

    • lister

      Shocked and appalled. You shouldn’t own any animals.

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  • Carole L. Vohs

    The Great Pyrenees didn’t make it to your list but, temperament wise, kid wise, other animal wise, family wise, protector common-sense wise, and any other wise, you can’t beat them. Now! if they would just continue with the wisdom and stay at home they would be wise in every way.

  • Carole L. Vohs

    The Great Pyrenees didn’t maker it to your list but, temperament wise, kid wise, other animal wise, family wise, protector common-sense wise, and any otherwise, you can’t beat them. Now! if they would just continue with the wisdom and stay at home they would be wise in every way.

    • Marjie

      My Danny Boy is a Great Pyrenees/Yellow Lab cross and he is a totally awesome family dog. He weighs about 100lbs and has deep bark that intimidates strangers, but he is completely friendly and non-aggressive. Even though he lives with me, alone, he knows who is part of the family pack and welcomes all friends…he just senses who is not a danger to any of us.

  • dennis

    I had a great dane years ago the most goofy dog also had rottie smart and well behaved. yes it is how they are raised I agree..

  • Mostofyouaredumb

    Just because your dog doesn’t match the average guidelines displayed in this article doesn’t mean its wrong. It means your dog-who is 1 dog, out of the countless million- is different. So don’t base the “averageness” of dogs on your one dog, because it makes you look dumb and ignorant.

    • Coco

      Well said indeed

    • Bobbie

      very well said, they are going on the AVERAGE….look up the word and quit arguing!!!!

    • Vann

      DEBI – beautiful and wofrudnel pics!!!!! .this is a kind and caring christian family..hoping there are more pics to come .rose is our little diva and carter & carson are our next bass master pros .love you kids debi

  • sebastian

    What on earth happened to the tibetan mastiff

    • webbie

      I came to ask the same question. If someone thinks that he is good about dog breeds but don’t know Tibetan Mastiff, he should stop writing soon.

  • yury

    I can not believe , about your article of the most aggressive dogs, It is terrible people still blaming on dogs. I do own and rescue pitbulls for more that 10 years, I do have a 5 years old girl, she loves them and they love her, but as a owners we need to be responsible. In my opinion government should have more regulation on people that owns dogs. Pit bulls, bullies , German sharpers, Dobermans, etc., this type of dogs are so loyal, so lovely, but they need exercise, they need to be socialize , and some owners keep them tide on a tree , or keep them just in the back yard.. Owners should have at least a basic train about the dogs they will get. Please people stop, please stop blaming on dogs , owners are responsible for their dogs.

    • lister

      you’re right to a certain degree but a dog is still an animal and have emotions and moods just like us. You must of just lost it at least once in your life, no?? Only the dog doesn’t have the intelligence to know enough is enough.

  • lily

    interesting! i know some of these dogs as rescue dogs. very obedient


    Yuo must be jokeing the average Great DANE IS ABOUT 34 INCHES THE AVERAGE Irish Wolfhound is 35 inches and weight is 85 kls get your facts right

  • justin

    Kurdish Kangal…definately one of the largest…this article was not researched well at all.

  • matt

    French mastiff…68kgs?? What about the two that i have had ranging from 88- 97 kilograms!? Those giudelines are almost all incorrect.

  • conor

    i meant to say 41 inches

    • lister

      Not a smart chappy are you.

  • conor

    great dane 31 inches, REALLY like, you wanns hit the books, or go outside for a bit. see a thing or two…. people use the tinterweb for reliable info, not to be lied too. REALLY like

  • conor

    my cousin has an alsatian thats 40.5 inches, and my dads ex boss has two irish wolfhounds that are taller than 44inches. ive seen a few great danes that are bigger than that and i live in a small town in ireland so dont gimme that shit about 44 inches, the tallest dog ever, bollocks…

    • lister

      Why so angry and disrespectfully rude? Are you genuinely offended or just naturally aggressive??

      • Craig

        Lister your a bit of a know it all arnt you?! I have had a dgb neo mastiff rotti border terrier two yorkies and a British bulldog, guess which ones are the only ones that have snapped at a human or attacked my wife’s horses?? That’s right the yorkies… Big dogs are easier to train friendlier and more docile than small dogs fact.. As you may be aware PitBulls are banned here in the UK however if they were legal I would have only one in a heartbeat

        • Lisak

          Craig, maybe you’d like to have one like the pitbull who ran to meet children getting off a school bus the dragged mauled & killed a 3 year old in my daughter’s neighborhood. or like the one who circled my daughter and my 2 & 3 yr old grandchildren snarling viciously as they lept into their car. pitbulls do not get a bad rap. they were bred to be aggressive, they have one of the most powerful jaw pressures and once they bite down they do not let go!

          • dinah

            The case of the Pitts attacking the child off the bus is horrible. But it is Not the breed. There are bad dogs, just like there are bad humans. You can not put them all in the same group. That’s what’s wrong with this world, it’s called Racism!

          • Mastiff lover

            Actually its called breedism😂 im jk

  • I own a Dogue de Bordeaux…what was said about them being energetic, eating alot and requiring several walks is hogwash! My Simone loves to sleep(alot)..eats normal amounts of food and does not go on continuous walks(by choice). She hangs out in the yard. Simone is a very cumbersome dog and is anything but active!

    • lister

      Are you suggesting you know more than the professionals because of your experience with one single dog?? Not every dog is going to be the same. They don’t come off production lines…..

      • Zaffar

        Yea my dog is 1 years old called LC but it tkhins it is realy small because we have another little dog called Peppy like 8 years old but he half the size of LC and she always jump on me and she is affraid of brooms, ,balls what should i do to not be affraid of then and not jump on me?

    • Mastiff lover

      Thats cool and they look really weird(no offense) but i have an English Mastiff and its 2 years old and 190 pounds.

  • Deep Hollow

    The average Great Dane isn’t 40 inches tall. This must be a typographical error. Few Great Danes reach 40 inches in height. Most references say male Great Dane’s average 32 – 34 inches in height.

    • dhanush

      But ours is about 38 inches

      • Blair

        When people reference inches in dogs, they’re measured from the shoulders, not the head.

  • LD

    Bought our harlequin Blue Merle great Dane.. Worst mistake ever.. We loved the dog sooo much.. He was great with our child.. He had allergies from all that special breeding they did to get the blue color… He attacked a little girl.. Never seen it coming.. Just flipped one day.. I truly believe it is the interbreeding^ as we treat our animals great, all the food water friends love comfort available.. Something just snapped we had to put him to sleep.. Don’t buy “designer Danes” they are interbred a lot to get that way.. Did I mention this dog was allergic to everything.. Had 2 pages of allergies on the allergy test we ha done..

    • ScoobyDont

      Have a friend with a similar problem. Docile gentle Great Dane homebody sofa-snoozing lazybones one day flipped and mauled and killed a poodle…with no sign of provocation. Very dangerous situation, nothing could stop her and she then had to be put down. Couldn’t be trusted and could have killed an adult human in her poodle-killing frenzy…there was no stopping her.

    • lister

      That’s sounds awful for everyone involved. As long as you did your very best with him though there wasn’t a lot you could of done. It’s rare but these things do sometimes happen. I hope the girl is ok.

  • Kelly

    I too have @ female Rotti’s and as Diane I agree. Both my Rotti’s happen to be big bears, very loyal and great with kids…DO NOT FEAR THIS BREED….they have gotten a bad wrap!!! I as well have owned 2 pitbulls which neither of those were vicious in the least…ITS NOT THE BREED ITS THE OWNERS!!! If your willing to dedicate your time to training them, they will be the best companions ever…Mine are spoined rottin:)

    • lister

      In an awful lot of cases you are correct, but it’s just simply not always the case. Calm temperate dogs who have been trustworthy all their lives have been know to just snap one day. Even breeds not considered to be dangerous. If you value making a point over the life of one of your children then carry on as normal. But you can’t say you were never warned.

  • ed

    Caucasian Shepherd Dog: Males weigh between 50 kilograms (110 lb) and 90 kilograms (200 lbs). From the same wiki article. Strong research skills

  • Nicole

    I’ve seen noofies as big as an Akita I belive that you should ad a canecorso beacuse my canecorso is big as a gait dane.

    • bob

      Cane corso is not as big as a great dane. Maybe as big as a black lab.

  • diane

    Are you kidding me, I have a Rott. And a dobie, I have had 5 Dobermans, and not one was aggressive, or dangerous, and my rottie, has been the best addition to our home. I have a 9 year old son that has grown up with both a Rottie and a dobie, at the same time, and I can’t believe that people would say they are dangerous, they are not, and its not the dog, its the owner, and how you raise them, you love them, they show love, you treat them mean and that’s what you get.
    So no, not dangerous. They should look at the owners not the dog.
    Love your dog, and they will love you their whole life, unconditionally. I CAN PROMISE You.

    • louise

      I totally agree with you about the Rotties, I’ve had three so far and they are the best dogs! At the moment i have a 6 month old monster of a dopey Rotty who gets a pounding every day off of my 13 week old patterdale border terrier cross 🙂

      • Milo

        What about Tibetan Mastiff? ( Up to 70 kg.)

        • MOM

          I agree a Tibetan Mastiff should be on this list. I’m not sure the AKC recognition it has, but by far an amazing creature. Magestic and regal.

        • joey

          I totally agree, i have a tibetan mastiff and believe me it was the best 2 grand i spent, best addition to he family amd by far on off THE most loyal obidient, magestic creature ever

      • chloe

        I agree

        • Kasun

          I love this pic Manon.. thanks for pstoing it.. We think they are rock stars now! When the picture went out originally my family was commenting beneath the picture. As if the dogs were trying to get into a VIP club and the bouncer had stopped them…and what they each would say! I know I’m the crazy dog lady..! Also I loved your inspiration of the guitar for the mosaic mirror.. what an imagination you have. I am so jealous! I bet that she’d buy the mirror from you since it matches her guitar! HA!xoEmily

    • Tam

      I am with you Diane. I had the most amazing Rott and she was the best family dog ever. Great temperment with the kids (could tolerate a lot more than I could) and very protective over them. She was also wonderful with anyone that I invited into my home as long as they gave her a little hello. I now have a huge dane who is also very loving and very careful around small children.

    • rod

      True, large dogs are not hard to socialize. I’ve found many of the tiny breeds to be more aggresive. I’ve had rotts dobies akitas pit bulls all of them very sweet. Rotts and pit bulls specially. I also currently have a mini pin that is quite aggressive and will bite a stranger soon as that person turns around.

    • remelo

      So rite.. the dog dors wht te owner wants..dauh mans best friend. All I own is pits.. my dogs are good round kids and other animals. O can put my men on anything i want then to destroy and as soon as i call them off they stop..control yur dogs train them well. Any dog can be deadly if trained

      • lister

        you sound like you should be banned from owning dogs if that’s how you use them. Then forced to relearn English.

        • tonya

          I agree with you

    • Kinesis

      A rott attacked my Deerhound before and ripped part of his ear off but obviously he wasn’t used to bigger dogs or trained well. It all comes down to the owner and sometimes their instincts.

    • Crystal

      I agree I have only ever had Rottweiler’s and Pit Buils . They are far from mean they have NEVER bit anyone and I have 4 small children whom all my dogs adore! People who say they are mean are just giving an excuse not to get their child the dog they want. Every dog is awesome it all depends on how you raise them much like children.

      • lister

        “People who say they are mean are just giving an excuse not to get their child the dog they want.”

        Interesting view point. Are you a child that cant get what you want by any chance??

    • Helen

      My sister worked for a vet who had two Rottweilers my nephew & the vets son would sit on their backs my sister,the vet,my mum,& myself were the only people who could get near the boys if they were crying

      • lister

        What sort of vet was allowing people to ride dogs like horses??? Lol
        He wouldn’t get near my dog that’s for sure!!!

    • Larry

      I have a rottie too and he is great. He smells like poop and clips my toenails.

    • freddy

      Rotts are unpredictable COMPARED to most other breeds. They are one of the most loving and awesome dogs but I have seen extremely loved and well trained Rotts attack, unprovoked several times. I have never witnessed this with other breeds. Again, I’m not saying your dogs will attack, I am just saying it is more likely with their breed. To make the statement that they could never be dangerous is idiotic, and to say that it is the owner is just as dumb. All large dogs can be dangerous no matter who the owner is. Your emotions and inexperience have over-ruled your logic.

      • jordan

        You haven’t a clue of what a dog snapping on someone is I have been attacked by a dog before and he was the sweetest dogs in the world the only reason my rottie attacked me is because an old “friend” came around and I punched him aside from that they are some of the sweetest dog breeds in the world

      • Jay

        Freddy, I’ve had Rotts for almost 30 years and have had no problems. The statement you made could be said about any dog or human for that matter. Most any animal can be unpredictable. I feel the problem is some owners who have Rotts,Pits, or even German Shepherds feel as if these animals should be mean but they don’t realize that they are naturally protective so there’s no need to make them mean.

    • dhanush

      Yes it is correct I believe in you we have had all kinds OK dogs ranging from the pug to the great Danes

      • lister

        Some people are just blind to the fact that some dogs are dangerous no matter what the upbringing. Just the same as humans. Never leave any dog alone with children. Just like a seemingly calm person can snap, so can dogs and most animals for that matter

        • jmedwar1

          I have a 2 year old, 120 lb. Great Pyrenees that I trust with my 9 yr.old daughter, 7 yr.old nephew and my neighbor’s 5 yr.old daughter completely, without question and I had my entire right cheek ripped off by a neighbor’s dog when I was 18 mos.old. A dog that I had been around and played with plenty according to my folks. Growing uo, I’ve had a Keeshond, American Eskimo Dog, Lhasa Also, 2 Lab/Chow mixes we found as puppies under our barn, also another Chow mix and a lab mix I adopted from the pound and the one dog out of all of those that had any aggresion problems was the Lhasa Apso. My folks have Papillions which are great little dogs, if you’re into little dogs but even they get “attitude” sometimes. They’ll even growl or snap at my Pyr and she just ignores them. Doesn’t back down but has never done anything more than maybe use her paw to push one aside, which I think is hilarious. My Lab/Chow mixes were pretty stout dogs at around 90 lbs and were incredibly sweet and never showed any aggression towards people at all but every once in a while a cat or some other critter would get into their pen and usually wouldn’t make it out alive. I currently have 4 6-8 wk.old kittens I took in and my Pyr is more gentle with them than the kids are.

    • doglover_29

      be very careful those of you who think you are in total control of such massive dogs at ALL TIMES.I know you love them they are “family”.!I agree.ive owned rottie,boxers,pincher,& even Great Dane..point is no its not the dog, it’s not even always an irresponsible owner. It’s the right dog paired with the right owner And Family 👪 and u must still be ever watchful.respect ur pet for what it is, an animal companion that u love ❤ like a person.best wishes and good luck.