Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds Based on Bite Fatalities


While domesticated dogs are almost always extremely friendly and amicable, on rare occasions, dogs can be dangerous. There are many different breeds of dogs, but the most dangerous dog breeds are quite well known, however looking at the top 10 most dangerous dogs by bite fatalities came up with some interesting results.

The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association conducted a twenty year study on the most dangerous dog breeds, and here are the top 10 most dangerous dog breeds based on the amount of fatalities they have caused:

10. St Bernard

st bernard

St Bernard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At #10 is the gigantic St Bernard. With only 7 fatalities in this study, it’s not surprising as St Bernard’s were original bred as rescue dogs. Adult males can measure about 30 inches tall (75 cm) and weigh a whopping 155 pounds (75 kgs), they have a very passive temperament and are mostly a danger due to their massive size as adults.

9. Great Dane

great dane

Great Dane (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Great Danes are the 9th most dangerous breed according to the study. With a total of 7 fatalities in the periods in between 1979-1998, the Great Dane or German Mastiff is known to be one of the largest breeds of dogs ever domesticated. Although they have a low prey drive (carnivorous animals feeding instinct), they were initially bred for hunting animals. Their immense size (with some adults measuring up to at least 30 inches (76 cm)) makes them an obvious threat around children and even adults.

8. Chow-Chow

chow chow

Chow Chow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Somewhat surprising due to their small frame and stature, the Chow-Chow was reported to have been responsible for 8 fatalities in the journal’s study. With an average Chow-Chow weighing about 60 pounds (28 kilograms) and only growing as large as about 20 inches (52 centimeters) the Chow-Chow is unfortunately known to have a very aggressive personality, especially around strangers.

They are usually held as pets, and due to their size they can be kept in apartments. The danger rests when they lack exercise or are just generally bored, and will sometimes lash out at strangers and even owners due to boredom.

7. Doberman


Dobermann (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Known to be one of the most aggressive breeds of dogs ever, the Doberman Pinscher was one of the most recognizable dog breeds as they were used extensively as guard dogs. They were bred for the specific purpose of guarding their masters, and thus had to be aggressive but also intelligent.

Trained properly, these dogs can become very loyal to their masters, but aggressive towards perceived threats to their owners. Being responsible for 9 fatalities, most of these were notably in defense of their owners.

6. Malamute

alaskan malamute

Alaskan Malamute (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Malamutes are commonly mistaken for another dog further up on this list, the Husky, but have many differences. They are quite large with adult males weighing around 85 pounds (34 kilograms) and standing about 25 inches (62 centimeters), however are known to be more passive due to their use as work dogs, pulling sleds and helping with manual labour. However, like the Great Dane their size makes them unsafe around children or small animals and the study found they were responsible for 12 deaths over the 20 year study period.

5. Wolf-Dog Hybrid

wolf dog hybrid

The Llop – an arctic wolf x Alaskan malamute hybrid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unsurprisingly Wolf-dog hybrids (Wolf X) are known as the 5th most dangerous breed of dogs. With 14 listed fatalities in this study. Wolves themselves are ancestors of the modern domestic dog, and are known as one of the most dangerous predators in the wild even today. Even with proper crossbreeding, domestication, and training Wolf-dog hybrids maintain much of the prey drive of their wolf genetics making them quite dangerous to keep as pets.

4. Husky


Huskies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Huskies are one of the oldest breeds of dogs thought to exist in the world. Like their Malamute cousins they are used primarily as sled dogs, and must be constantly active. With a total of 15 fatalities linked to Huskies in the study conducted, they are definitely known to be aggressive, but this has been linked to poor training/obedience issues as Huskies rate as one of the most intelligent canines in the world. Given their close relation to the grey wolf however, they do maintain a somewhat high prey drive.

3. German Shepard

german shepherd

German Shepherd(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another commonly recognized dog makes this list. German Shepherds are a fairly new breed of dog, only dating from about 1885, where a society in Germany worked towards creating a perfect breed to protect herds in rural communities. A fully grown adult German Shepard can weigh 82 pounds (38 kilograms) and stand at about 25 inches (62 centimeters), about the same size as a Malamute.

Also like the Doberman, their high intelligence and aggressiveness makes them sure picks as guard and police dogs. With 17 fatalities attributed to them, they are the third most dangerous dog breeds.

2. Rottweiler


Rottweiler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Coming in at #2, the Rottweiler was responsible for 39 fatalities in this study. Another very old breed the Rottweiler is one of the oldest herding breeds in existence. As with most old breeds, their prey drives require much training to dampen.

Adult males have about the same dimensions as the German Shepard, however they are much heavier, with some being able to weigh around 110 pounds (50 kilograms). Their temperament is usually passive and attentive, but are known to be prone to aggressive outburst.

1. Pit Bull


Pitbull (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To anyone who knows dogs, the American Pit Bull Terrier is no surprise at #1 on a list of deadliest dogs. In this study the Pit Bull stood far ahead of all the other breeds with 66 fatalities attributed to it. Known for their extremely aggressive nature, many states have legislation banning the breeding of pit bulls.

Furthermore they are known to be bred for the highly illegal sport of dog fighting. Therefore, it’s no real surprise that Pit Bulls are known as the #1 deadliest dog based on bite fatalities.

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  • Michelle Shawgo

    I strongly disagree. I work at a humane society and have dealt with an outrageous number of pit bulls. The only dog I’ve been bitten by was a German Shepard. I’ve had yellow labs growl and bare their teeth. My point is dogs behave the way they are treated and trained. If some idiot is breed…usually inbreeding for aggressive behavior and training them to be vicious, it’s on the idiot human, not the dog tthat thinks it’s behaving the way it’s supposed to. If they’re not aggressive enough, they get beaten tortured and/or killed.

    • MAR VEL

      agree/disagree… I am a physical therapist and most of my patients have been bitten by pit bulls. Owners don’t take care or responsibility of their dogs… VERY TRUE! But pit bulls are the most aggressive; therefore I agree and disagree.

      • jessica huggins

        I understand you point that there are a large amount of people that have been bitten but pits are not the only kind of canine that has bit people. everyone needs to remember that animals react to the way they are treated and rasied. yes there are idiots that breed for aggration and they should be stopped. but to just say a dog aggrasive is wrong dogs give warnings before they bit someone maybe people need to learn those signs. ive been bitten by more then one kind ofr animal because I failed to see the signs. Its on us to learn those and to properly care and cage are animals to insure that stupid people don’t cost us our pets,

    • Ruth

      I agree with Michelle Shawgo. Pit bulls are catching a bad reputation due to their intelligence and loyalty to those that own them. These dogs are known for their intelligence which is being used against them by owners who want them to be aggressive and if that’s what their owner wants that’s what they will give. It’s out of love and intellect and the reputation is totally without merit when u think of the THOUSANDS that have been trained to be aggressive been trained to fight and yet under 75 deaths. I believe this should speak in their favor. These dogs are lovng and gentle being one of the biggest cuddle dogs I have ever owned. Having been around them on and off for over 20 years I have NEVER felt my life was in danger because of a Pit Bull. That’s because my family and friends that own them love them, train them and socialize them. Being around children from just a few months old is necessary for most dogs to trust children due to movements of the child that may scare or startle the dog. Hell, I am more afraid of my Aunts chihuahua than any of the pits owned by friends and family. Take into consideration the other breeds on the list. Although trained to be guard dogs that’s totally different from being trained to fight. They are only doing what has been ask of them and this is the kind of article that has caused the unfair reputation of a wonderful intelligent loving breed that is just following orders.

      • Brenden

        Seconded. My family once owned a pitbull and a Rottweiler. The pitbull loved kids and was the sweetest dog. However the moment my Mom revealed the Dog breed parents would take away the kids who were loving the dog and the Dog was loving them in return. It got to the point where my mom would not say the Dog was a pitbull to avoid speciesism.

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  • Lewis

    Pitbulls maybe friendly for sometime and then out of nowhere attack anybody, owners included, without warning because fighting and killing is in their DNA.
    I have seen them multiple times in action and they are one the the most vicious animals in the planet. Anybody who owns one exposing other human beings and normal pets to deadly attacks deserves to be bitten by one.

    • Ruth

      Lewis, u no nothing of what u speak. A pit is smart and loyal. If the owner ask them to fight, they fight. It’s like a gun, it depends on who is in control of it as to whether it is dangerous.

    • jessica huggins

      that is like saying murdering is in your DNA. We as a country train our soldiers to fight does that mean that its in our DNA to kill. The point is that these animals are taught to fight and kill It is not a DNA issue. That would be like saying you have a criminal in your heritage so your are a criminal. Have you forgot got that it is humans that kill for greed and depravity and some people just because they want to. animals kill for food and to please their masters or for their own safty when they feel threatened I hope this affends you becaue your an idiot do the research before you pass judgement on things you don’t understand

  • Az

    You, curiosityaroused, contribute with your stupid article to the stigmatization of wonderful dog breeds, as rottweilers and pit bulls.
    Any dog is only aggressive if the owner raises it to be that way. So why don’t you get serious and go for “dos and don’ts” about having a dog instead of “ooooh dangerous dog breeds”?

    • Ruth

      Thank you for that. It’s like I said, it depends on who is in control of a gun as to it being dangerous or not. These wonderful dogs are the same. If the owner has trained the dog to be aggressive, the owner is the one in control and makes the dog dangerous. A wonderful intelligent breed has a bad reputation because they are smart and easily trained. Just train them to be loving. Being in control of men who have a need to prove THEY are tough have possibly ruined this breeds reputation forever? All dogs require training and socialization. Any dog left with no training or socialization can be just as dangerous if they feel threatened.

  • Fannie

    Prečítajte si o deťoch, detského nábytku a ostatných výrobkov z odporúčaní poschodové postele každý deň nové

    • ksmorts

      sorry the article is in English, perhaps your comment should be as well.

  • Patricia

    It seems that almost everyone who posted here forgot one thing… This was a scientific study, lasting twenty (20) years by the American Veterinary Medical Association. It examined fatalities caused by various breeds. While I have not seen the actual scientific paper, although I tried to locate a copy on the Internet, this was a peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Opinion and personal experience with one dog cannot be generalized to an entire population. This is why blogs are so misleading. You need to examine the source of the data. I find this study intriguing (and certainly longitudinal).

    A Ph.D. with an Ivy League degree in animal science.

    • arne

      I agree with you. However, I would also like to see, first, the causes of fatalities. Were they towards strangers attacking the owner, or a burglar entering a house where the owner was absent, or was it agression against the owner and their friends. And were the fatalities caused by agression of the dog, or something else, an accident maybe. Secondly, it might be interesting to take into account the total number of animals of the breeds mentioned. I can imagine that there may be many more Rottweilers for example than wolf hybrids, so the number of accidents per number of dogs of a breed might shift the list considerably.

    • Ruth

      But they are forgetting to take into consideration the THOUSANDS of these dogs that have been trained to be aggressive and still under 75 deaths in 20 years. I don’t believe any death is acceptable but once again I say it. A gun is not dangerous unless in the hands of the wrong person. Guns don’t kill, people do. These dogs are intelligent so easily trained but also extremely loyal. They are dangerous if in control of an owner that took that intelligence and turned it into a weapon. The dog is not dangerous unless the owner who is in control is dangerous and gives the dog the training to be aggressive. By the way, u no if u leave any breed out alone on a chain with little to no training or socialization u get one of two things … a very submissive frightened cowering dog or an angry, aggressive dog With no trust .. It’s not the dogs … it’s the owners. It’s not the gun it’s the person holding it. A gun won’t go off until u pull the trigger. The dog won’t go off unless improperly trained.


    They are nothing wrongs with huskies.A husky and a german sheperd is on of the most wornderful dogs to look after. It is not always the onwer thats makes the dog bad. It is depend on they nature

  • Cylee

    Pit bulls like other dogs are only aggressive if their owners make them. Pit bulls can not be aggressive at all like most dogs.

    • sierra

      that is so true thx i even did a experiment i got to pitbulls and was aggressive with one and not the other then put them on leashs and had a friend hold one and i held the other brought them togther bet yall can’t guess what one attack the one i was aggressive with the other one rolled on her back with tail between her leg. and she was bigger then the other one!!!

    • james

      no dumb

      • james

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        • james


        • israel

          u ever see a pit bull mix with a rotweiler …………………………………………………………………………………………….

          Its hell on earth very scary lol

    • tyler sparks

      i agree

    • israel

      u ever see a pit bull mix with a rotweiler …………………………………………………………………………………………….

      Its hell on earth very scary lol

  • nat

    MMM need facts really, a husky is no more related to the grey wolf than any other dog!

  • The Girl With Secrets

    This is all lies, I have a husky, I have had a malamute. And one of our friends had a pitbull, the also had a bunny, and the dog and rabbit shared a bed. I don’t know where you guys are getting all this SHIT from. It’s a bunch of lies, A LOAD OF SHIT!

    • TJ

      Unfortunately it’s not a bunch of lies and shit … the dogs behavior is a reflection of it’s owner and the purpose for which the dog was bred. If you have a dog that was bred and trained for the purpose of fighting or protecting and then the owner, or new owner, fails to properly maintain and train the dog then you’ve got a mess on your hands. If a dog, even a pit bull, german shepherd or a dobbie is trained as a domesticated loving animal then that’s what you’ll have as a pet (in most cases, but not all). Just because you’re a good pet owner doesn’t mean everyone is (I was raised with a massive St. Bernard and he was a gentle giant but he was that way because he was treated well and not abused). Dogs are animals and all have a certain amount of “wild” in them as well as a domestic side too and the side that is nurtured is most likely the side that will predominate in its personality towards you and others as well.

      • z1

        Well said.

  • Just

    I had a rott that snapped at my butt. Luckily, I had my wallet in the back pocket of my jeans. It was probably because of the heatwave then. That rott was raised in my bedroom from pup to adult. She even slept on my bed at times.

    I had another rott that totally “transformed” whenever it saw a toddler – probably thinks its some kind of rabbit. You sure wouldn’t want to be that toddler when that rott transforms.

    Back in vet college, we had several pit bull enthusiasts. A good percentage of them had been snapped at by them saintly pits.

    So, my message – Be a real man and get a cat! Because when a burglar comes intruding into my house, I’ll be the one to face up to it, not my guard cat.

  • Ivy

    I don’t know why you all get offensive but it is the real deal. I know by experience, pit bulls can betray you even you be 100% caring to them. Our pit bull bit myself and my uncle without us doing anything, it also want to attack the owner who is my sister. It also pushed my father and ripped his clothes. I will never get a pit bull, it may won’t do damage to you now but it will soon, so think about it. Good luck for those who have one or planning to get one.

    • Doug

      Obvious bad owners, a socialize dog would do none of those things. You and your family are to blame, not the dog.

      • JerrY Leahy


  • laura

    i agree with mae, i have a german shepherd/saint bernard and he’s the sweetest dog on earth!! he would never hurt anyone

    • Andrew

      is great dane the fastest dog.

  • Mae

    Umm….well I have a Doberman and she is a purebred and if you really want the honest answer about her, she is not aggressive and IT IS NOT THE DOG. IT IS THE PERSON WHO TRAINS THE DOG, I have grown up with many dangerous dogs and not one of them turned or attacked someone…..unless you call my Doberman “attacking” a kid with licks all over the face and that wag her tail happily but otherwise my. So DON’T JUDGE A DOG BY ITS BREED!!!

    • mahi saiyed

      you are saying right a doberman is a one man army

  • Natasha

    I must say, people do take these stats quite personally. Your choice of dog is your choice. I must state that I would never enter a friewn’s house with my young children if any of their dogs were not under control, no matter what breed. The worst breed in my opinion is Chihuahuas & Dachshunds (sausage dogs). I have been bitten by both, and everyone I know that owns a dachshund, must lock them away when samll children are around. Dogs need attention, plenty of love and exercise. And off course be disciplined in a loving way, like children.

  • Golden

    as they say ” you can take the snake out of the wild but you can never take the wild out of the snake”. an animal is an animal, and that will never change even if you give a humans name or maybe even if you make it wear clothes. it will always have that animal instinct inside of it, a force telling it to attack, bite, kill and eat. the friendship you build with your pet is the only thin line keeping your pet from attacking you , saying to itself “No! I can’t bite the hand that feeds me” or “No! I cant shit were I sleep”. my point is any dog/animal can be as aggressive as it may be or dumb, it all depends on how you raised it, I mean, a PB could even be hound or a herd dog, long as you raise it that way.

    • hippy

      shut up

  • leah

    This is all bs!!!! Pits r the best damn dog in the damn world they cant help they have a bad name cuz of sorry ass people that think they know an dont know shit

  • Carl

    But wait a minute…. I just saw another survey that said the dachshund was the most dangerous breed in America. Along with a bunch of people commenting about how much they hated the breed.

    Before I comment further I need to say that I have had both good and bad experiences with Pit Bulls. I also owned German Shepherds when they were the ones that people wanted banned. I now own a Dachshund because I am an old disabled guy and can’t handle a large dog.

    Myself I don’t blame the dog, I blame the owner. Most people who own dangerous dogs usually escape the consequences of their actions because they don’t have any money or property to be sued for. My Dachshund used to be aggressive towards strangers but I socialized her. Nowadays she gets all excited when I take her to town with me because she knows we will come across a friendly stranger.

  • John Thomas

    I personally kill neighbors dogs that come into my yard. Dogs are leash animals and fair game when wondering on my property. I would tell everyone to kill all pitbulls that venture on someone else’s property.

  • suckmydick

    “Based on bite fatalities.”

    Are you serious with this?

    Yet another uninformed dipshit spreading false information.

    “Oh, pitbulls are bad, we need to ban them UHVREWHEYRE!”

    You do realize these “bite fatalities,” are probably in the low to mid teens?

    If you factored in non-fatal dog attacks, the top 3 on this list wouldn’t even make it into the top 10.

    Dachshunds have been reported to be the most aggressive dog breed around the world.

  • rajat mehra

    I liked it.Its very xciting but……. I liked german sephard the most. this dog should on the top including all his features

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  • Pingback: Getting a New Dog – Steps to Analyze When Choosing a 55 Inch Dog Crate | DOG FACTS AND INFORMATION – Dog Names and Breeds()

  • maegan

    pit bulls are harmless but the owner trains them to be that way

    • Kayla(potatoe)

      that’s true

    • Kayla(potato)

      finally, someone who understands me!

  • 3abood7

    dogo argenteno is the strongest dog

  • micheal

    I am sick of all this BS about pitbulls.I have been attacked by a pitbull almost lost my left leg over it.with that said I own a pitbull she is the sweetie. My pitbulls mom was the pitbull that attacked me. That pitbull was not raised right. Mine was my 6 year old boy and my 5 year old girl can do any thing thay want to my pitbulll and she just lays there. My 1 year old girl can as well. Yes pits can be aggressive but all dogs can be one thing you can do to reduce a dog to b aggressive is get it spaded or nunder. Mine is not only will it help with aggressive ness

    • micheal

      My pitbull is fixed and she is a razors edge

  • Cameron

    this web site is a piece of shit

  • Cameron

    this web site is full of lies a Doberman is not mean nether is a husky and I no that because i had both dogs

  • Biz

    I am so sick of shrill pit bull owners that insist that all of us must be exposed to the risk of their stupid decision. “Don’t judge the breed,” “bad owners, not bad dogs,” “it used to be a nanny pet” – just SHUT UP. How about cold hard numbers? 23 people killed by dogs in the US last year were killed by pit bulls. That’s 23 dead human beings. Would you want to attend those funerals and look in the faces of those families and give them that line of b.s.? You can have ANY DOG BREED YOU WANT, yet you insist on getting the most dangerous type. Why should someone else die or be hurt for your vanity? Some of these pit bull owners seem to enjoy playing the victim. Nobody understands their gentle, lovable dog. Why can’t everybody else just trust that they have it under control, that they will never be like the “bad owners” out there. Well, I have news for you, nobody thinks they are a bad owner, and the rest of us should not have to live in fear of you and your pit bull. THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU, and how nobody understands you, and how you are your poor little pitty are misjudged by the harsh world. This is about you choosing to buy the most dangerous dog possible and putting your friends, family, other dogs, and random people at risk. Shame on you.

    • micheal

      I have been on both sides I was attacked by a pit even after that I got one

    • alex

      You are STUPID. Guess what? Bad dog DOES equals bad owner..DONT bully my breed…pit bulls are not bad dogs. They can be terrifying and mean if you make them that way if you neglect and mistreat them. Any dog can be aggressive, pit bulls look meaner therefore are selected by some bad people to dogfight, guard, etc. Not every pitbull is a killing machine. I own 2 pitties and they’re as sweet and as loyal as can be, yes they’re protective against my family and KIDS but hey guess what they’re DOGS it’s their nature to be protective and loyal. You know the only dog I’ve ever been bitten by? A poodle..a fucking poodle and she even drew blood. You sir don’t know anything. Go get a pitbull raise it from a pup, then you can judge.

  • Vidia

    Labs actually are the highest on the list of bites, pitbulls are 4th on the list, I would rather own another pit than EVER own a lab, I have owned both types, and I do work with animals so I get to see a lot of different breed behaviors, I have trained both kinds, and would STILL rather own a pit than a lab. Hell chihuahua’s are worse than pits as well. I would put more blame on a small dog than a medium or large dog. Small breeds are a little more temperamental and aggressively protective, they pretty much see everyone that comes near their owner a threat, bigger dogs can usually sense who is one to be wary of, I have never had a problem with bigger dogs biting me, only the little ones, pits do NOT have lock jaws -.- whoever says they do is not right in the head x.x they do grab and hold, WHICH CAUSES LESS DAMAGE!! unlike others who bite-release-bite-release, which destroys tissue to where it can’t repair properly, i am only 19 and have probably had more experience with all size dogs, from toys to huge, and still had more problems with small dogs…own whatever kind of dog you want, but don’t blame a pit, it has a story that you don’t know about.. Just like people, they all have stories that you don’t know.

  • Raborne

    This was definitely done on a deaths per bites ratio. Of the more than 1000 dog attacks in 2013 on 9 were done by breeds on this list. Mostly chihuahua and jack russel terriers are to blame.

    • kayla

      ikr? so true

  • jrgarc

    the problem is people are careless andleave all kinds of dogs that re freakin deadly that can hunt wild game uncontained where any unsuspecting by stander can cross his path and be in trouble if i see any agressive dog im calling the pound and if i continue to see it it might be roadkill

  • anthony

    the time is 4 hours early than this time

  • anthony

    plus the time is wrong on this thing

  • anthony

    i love minecraft but i hate it

  • anthony

    i am the bomb at dogs cause i am a dog

  • anthony

    how is a pit bull tuffer than a rottweiler

  • Kelsey

    This article is completely ridiculous. Known for their extremely aggressive nature? Whoever wrote this article obviously knows nothing about Pits. You’re looking at the wrong end of the leash.

    • Vidia

      I am agreeing here!

  • Libby

    This is a bunch of nonsense. I own 3 of the breeds on this list. 2 Huskies, a deaf Great Dane, and a German Shepherd. Not once have any shown any type of aggression towards people. They are rescues to boot. Beat by stupid people who don’t deserve them. My niece has 4 Rots, (she has had over 6 in the course of 20 yrs), all of whom are/were HUGE babies. Seriously. People make the dogs what they are, not the breed.

  • Abigail

    This was undoubtedly the shittiest & most ignorant list ever written. Pit bulls, Dobermans, German Shepherds, & Rottweilers are not known to be aggressive. They are all very intelligent & loving dogs. They are all very physically intimidating breeds, & they are the most commonly used in things like guarding & dog fighting. Yes, they have the potential to be aggressive, JUST LIKE ANY DOG. The media gives these dogs such a bad name. It’s how the dog is raised. STOP STEREOTYPING & BREED LEGISLATION. This whole article was bullshit

  • babs

    huskies no not aggressive and not closely related to wolves not sure where they got that one from but no not true futher from wolf relation being an older breed.

  • Noah

    I’m not sure if you stole this list, or if everyone else is, but do a google search on the lead in sentence and a whole host of sites with lists show up.

    I also think this list is faulty from the get go. It lists the number of fatalities, but not the number of the dog population in question.

    Having a heart must be the most dangerous thing in the U.S. Number one cause of death. Smoking is much safer, because less people die from it.

    Same logic w/this list…

    (I agree it may be somewhat accurate, but it’s about how the dog is raised, not the breed itself. Small dogs are the most dangerous. I love Pits, but don’t like Chihuahuas specifically because they are so aggressive)

  • Wal

    The breeds Im terrified of are chihuahuas and jack Russell’s. Iv been attacked multiple times by those breeds. If only they were as big as the above breeds they would kill everything. Lol

  • Nik

    I have a pitbull and he is the most loving non aggressive dog iv ever had. He’s also great with kids. He lives with 6 year old aswell and he loves her. It’s the people who have trained pitbull a to become aggressive or abused them so much they cannot trust another human.

  • alex

    if ya look the reason why these have the most fatalities its cause they dont know their own strength, small breeds are the more vicious, cause of that damned little dog syndrome, n further more pitbulls are one of the best dogs to have, they are loyal to a fault, and were not bred for fighting, they were just used that way cause they are tough and have an extremely strong bite, and for all those people who say that certain breds should be extinguished, (not saying any of you are saying that),just remember that certain people should be extinguished aswell

  • Dog’s Best Friend

    Atlanta Citizen’s Journal, August 3, Sunday 2014, Page A8

    GEORGIA “Boy says he loved dog that mauled him”

    A 10-year-old Athens boy says a pit bull terrier that mauled his face and attacked a police office before being shot had been one of his favorite pets.

    Jeremy Martinez required 30 stitches after the dog he had grown up with for four years unexpectedly attacked and tore off a piece of the boy’s face Tuesday. Jeremy said, “I loved him. He was my favorite because we had him since he was a baby.”

    After the attack, the dog bit a police officer who came to the scene. The officer shot the dog several times, killing it. Jeremy’s mother says once her son’s stitches are removed, a plastic surgeon will examine the boy to determine if he needs reconstructive surgery

  • Pingback: Here Come The Dogs! Part 3: The Fiercest Dogs On Bite Fatalities! This Time It’s Going To Be Scary! |

  • Ice Star

    Every dog breed EXCEPT Pit Bulls had something nice posted about them on this list.

    A shame the author couldn’t find even ONE redeeming quality to list. My Pits are sweet awesome dogs. And BTW I would never leave any child with any dog breed unsupervised, that is bad parenting.

  • anthony

    i have had all 3 of the “most dangerous” they never hurt any one and i currently have 2 pit bulls had a rorttie for 9 years and 3 German Shepards and they never hurt a fly

  • Mike

    I too get tired of all the bull about pit bulls. I don’t care who you are or what angle you want to take on this, the numbers simply don’t lie!! Study after study show the same breeds to be the most dangerous and the pitt bull always comes in at number one!I don’t blame the dog, as humans bred them to be aggressive and they simply do what comes naturally! You don’t have to teach a beagle to hunt rabbits or a retriever to play ball. I would much rather deal with a beagle having a bad day than a pitt bull!These dogs are just not worth the risk!

    • anthony

      pit bulls can be dangerous if they are inbred and how the owner treats them

  • Stonewyke

    I’m the owner of three Great Danes at present- I have had this breed continuously since 1972- I have bred them and always have two or three at a time. They are gentle animals- excellent with children and adults as well. They are not aggressive dogs. They are huge. They are LOW maintenance dogs- short fur, little grooming involved. Nail clips and ear clean that is the worst of it. They do shed. They are easily trained and they stay trained. They are big so people are intimidated by them they don’t have to be aggressive. Your article is way off base in what you say about this breed- try to be more accurate- you seem very very biased!

  • gigi

    pit bulls are nice breed of dogs they are not as mean as people make them out to be u probably got hurt if your were messing with them, but they do snap because they are bipolar dogs, otherwise they are nice i have a pitbull named sandy and she loves everybody she has never bitten anyone or showed and kind of dangerous act

  • Smithg0

    hi and thanks for the actual blog post ive recently been searching regarding this specific advice online for sum hours these days as a result thanks kgbbabfccdkeecdd

  • Craig Rumney

    I am not a breeder nor a trainer. I don’t profess to be an expert in any breed of dog. That being said, I would venture a guess that many of your high opinions of the Pit Bull would change if a love one or family pet was viciously killed by the very breed that you consider sweet and loving. I had a small dog, a Teacup Chihuahua (3 lbs.)on a daily walk in our neighborhood. While on a leash, on the sidewalk, ripped apart in seconds unprovoked by a Pit Bull (unleashed). The owners were shocked, but no more than we were. I have yet to see an article to the reverse.

  • Amelia O’Brien

    I find this very hard to believe, many small dogs have much stronger bites and sharper teeth, it’s just the fact that the bigger dogs can over power as well so it quite obviously isn’t just based on bites but on size! Also this is off the point of the article, but can people still not understand that it’s not the dog, it’s the human. If you see a pit bull who is tugging on the lead or aggressive looking, look to the owner, I guarantee they will be the same. I know a rottweiler that is the most gorgeous, well-behaved dog, why? Because of the family. We go on about racism, gender equality, but we’re humans, we can talk, dogs can’t, they only go by the actions they see there idols/owners doing.

  • Nirojpahi

    Dogs are really faithful animals in the world. They are adorable, and joyful in nature. They are also aggressive in nature. To know more about top 10 aggressive dog breeds in the world, Click Here.

  • A smaller dog may bite, but don’t cause any serious harm. Whereas larger dogs on the other hand will cause some serious harm. Some are, and other’s aren’t. However the size of the dog really does play a key factor because it increases it’s ability.

  • Frankie

    This is absolutely bull s***! I have owned/known most of these breeds and they have been the best dogs I have ever known. Anyone who has had these breeds and treated them with love and respect knows it in the way you breed/love and respect these dogs knows it’s in the raising not the breed that defines the dog. Shame on you for not doing real ‘research’ before you push your ignorance upon others!

  • dave

    the physical characteristic (power) and gameness (determination) of certain types of dog (particularly bulls) makes them more dangerous than less powerful dogs by default….regardless of their individual temprament……i own english bulls.

  • lee

    I see yet another media source has not done the research. A “Pitbull” is a type of dog encompassing over a dozen actial breeds. I was hooked on this site for a bit after coming across it a week or so ago; now I am officially abstaining from it due to a lack of educated people writing its articles.

  • James

    can I just point out that more people are killed by cows each year than by dogs?

  • mayank

    i have a pitbull so can not think these are most aggressive they are good looking & powerful dogs

  • Stephen Terry

    I have never seen an article use such outdated and misinterpreted data as you used according to your editor with the Centers for Disease Control information. First of all, there is no National Registry on Dog Bites. Most Animal Care Services don’t communicate with any national database on dog bite statistics.

    Second, trying to identify a specific breed of dog, isn’t as easy as it may seem. Animal Care Officers often miss identify a dog’s breed, once an actual DNA test is taken and any dog who fits a certain description of what the animal care officers opinion of a breed is gets lumped into that breed even if they are not.

    Lastly, these comments prove how little your writer and your team actually know about dog breeds or the American Pit Bull Terrier. Here’s your comments, “To anyone who knows dogs, the American Pit Bull Terrier is no surprise at #1 on a list of deadliest dogs.”

    Or this one, “Furthermore they are known to be bred for the highly illegal sport of dog fighting. Therefore, it’s no real surprise that Pit Bulls are known as the #1 deadliest dog based on bite fatalities.

    To anyone who actually knows a true Pit Bull as a family member, they are the original Nanny Dogs. They were the #1 dog in America during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Practically everyone had one. So most people know them as a faithful and loving member of the family.

    As for your Bred to be Fighting Dogs Comment….. While I don’t condone nor support dog fighting and wish it would be gone from the world forever, if you actually paid attention to the early dog fighters they choose the American Pit Bull Terrier because they could train it to attack dogs, and still remain trustworthy and loyal to men. No dog fighter is going to get a dog who they can’t trust and let it free in a pit and fave to get it out of that pit should it win, if they thought the dog would attack them. It goes against logic.

    As for your study with the CDC if you actually read the fully study by the AVMA which is a link in their “Community To Dog Fighting”, this is the same source you used in your article of lies, you would have seen that they don’t recommend at all passing any breed specific legislation as an approach to dealing with vicious or dangerous dogs.

    Basically, the person who wrote this piece of lies, needs to have their journalism degree taken away, if they even have one at all.


    Stephen Terry
    Founder of Desperate Paws of Orange County Dog Club

  • sara

    Ok, my dad raised,showed,judged (AKC) and bred american foxhounds. I started showing them at age 3. During the last 40 the years I have had a doberman,a poodle,a german shepard,a chow chow and a currently have a pit bull/boxer mix and an australian shepard. I have 3 children, 2 of whom have autism. The bully has been wonderful with my son who is on the severe end of the spectrum. Those are my family experiences…not anyone else. Any dog big or small can be raised to be sweet or mean. In 2010 our house caught fire and the dogs alerted us while we were sleeping upstairs. We were able to get out completely gone. On the other side of that, fear, unfamiliar surroundings/smells/noises can make any dog uneasy,add in hunger/illness or pain. There are so many things that can trigger aggressiveness in ANY DOG… even “sensing how a person is”…one of my dogs urinated on a door to door magazine salesman that walked up to us when we were getting into the car. Point being media likes bad news better than good news.If there was only good news and weather to report, the newscast would be probably 5 minutes long. If you are afraid of a certain breed based on “findings” then just stay away from them! If you have any common sense that would be a good time to use it. (example:don’t complain about a tv show you are watching when you can change the channel and go on)

  • the z

    I wonder why only pitbulls owners complain about these statistics and not german shepard owners. Pitbulls owners always feel the need to defend their breed.why? I think it’s very funny. I would also suggest to make a study that records the IQ of pitbulls owners and their academic accomplishments, i bet they would score below average compared to other breeds owners. It seens like they don’t comprehend what this article is about. And dear editor please don’t waste your time trying to explain to a bunch of stupid people what the study is about they wouldn’t get it anyway

    • Noah

      Don’t waste your time using proper grammar when calling people stupid.

  • Tela

    The CONTRADICTIONS in using this type of data is obvious to anyone with a clue. Especially when you consider that the problem with the data is present within this “article” itself.

    Pit Bulls
    Listed as #1 most dangerous yet the writer notes that they are used for DOG FIGHTING. A breed is used in this manner and you wonder why it hurts people..although RELATIVELY rarely considering the numbers that exist.

    Ask the SPCA or the police how many Pit Bulls are recovered from abusive “homes”. Every redneck has one and ABUSES it into a fearful state of mind. Ask any dog trainer. There is difference between FEAR and AGGRESSION…both can result in death to a person but the motivation is VERY different.

    You say evil people must pick Pit Bulls because they are naturally aggressive? BS. Pit Bulls are “IN”. Yes, there are fads in what dog breeds scum like to have. It used to be German Shepherds and still dobermans and rottweilers. And many others. None of these get the attention the Pit Bulls get now.

    Ban them and scum will just pick a different bread and you’ll see the same crap all over again.

    GOLDENS attack children ALL THE TIME. I personally know victims disfigured by them. I do not know 1 single pit bull victim, not 1! Nobody talks about that!

  • literatemale

    Kimberly, You Are dumb.

  • Ben

    I had a Rottweiler named Muncie that recently passed away. Muncie would disprove this artical. She was the most gentle but protective dog I’ve ever known. I would love to have her temperment. Hollywood has set the “mean rottweiler” image. If ever needed to be afraid of my Rottweiler then they probably had no buisness being near my property! Muncie was the best dog I have ever known!

  • Shay

    “Known for their extremely aggressive nature, many states have legislation banning the breeding of pit bulls.”

    This is the only sentence I have a problem with, or half of the sentence at least. Pit bulls are far from being my favorite dog (I like them, but I just like other breeds more simply from my personal experiences), so I am by no means a pit bull nut, but they are far from having an “extremely aggressive nature.” If that’s not bias, I don’t know what is then. It arouses images of a vicious mongrel foaming at the mouth and struggling against their leashes so they can maim you. Talk to anyone working in shelters or vets in large cities where pit bulls populations are very concentrated, and they’d probably say the same thing unless they’ve been trained to be extremely aggressive. The fact of the matter is that many criminals and thugs love to breed these dogs to attack not only other dogs, but people, too. And if these dogs are rescued and adopted out and they happen to revert back to their old training, that’s a recipe for disaster. But your average family-owned pit is far, FAR from having an “extremely aggressive nature.”

  • Brett

    I have owned bully breeds for 18 years now ! I’m here to tell you any dog can be vicious it all depends on how they are raised! the worse dogs are the ankle biters and I know no one reports when a ankle biter attacks but they are the most to bite ! no one ever goes to the hospital for a nibble from a small dog but they have a higher bite rate than any dog alive, and yes of coarse pitbulls have the most vitual bites um that’s because they are one of the strongest dog breed! so on that note dalmations are very aggressive dogs but you see every fire fighter has them as a mascot???????? so therefor people think they are great dogs! wrong! so I could go on and on but no use for you all have your minds trained to what you think is true! so be it! but I will be a bully lover for life , there is no dog more loyal than a bully breed! thx for reading and god bless! The Yorks!

  • Yvette

    Unless the numbers are expressed as a ratio – this is a flawed list.
    Like saying Toyota Camry’s are more dangerous because they were involved in more fatal car crashes as compared to…. Austin Martin.
    (No issue with Toyotas .. just a popular car)
    If there are tens of thousands of Pit Bulls, Dobis, Huskies … whatever and 12 fatalities…
    But only 2 thousand of other breeds.
    No kidding there are more fatalities in the breed with more numbers.
    Grade school math.
    You’ll never get a firm grasp on those numbers, because not too many dogs are registered pure breds. About 83 million dogs in the USA. The number one REGISTERED breed in the AKC stats has just over 100 thousand registrations. (Wikipedia source) Estimating that there are a couple million registered dogs. Rest…who knows. Meaning, you can’t really calculate the population of each breed from AKC numbers. Most dogs aren’t registered.

  • Diane

    The word ‘shepherd’ in German Shepherd Dog is a clue to the breed’s origin. The GSD was a sheep herding dog. It didn’t so much protect herds, it herded herds. (Big difference.)
    If you can remember that originally the German Shepherd Dog was a HERDing dog, it will help you remember how to spell its name: ShepHERD.

    You might want to use this newfound info to correct the name in the bio of the GSD as well as the Rottie. 😉

  • K Adams

    This is the stupidest waste of time to read. The information is incorrect. Check the ER for which dogs mall and attack the most. your list breeds fear and you should be ashamed. Owners make bad dogs. Poodles bite more then all the dogs listed above, EXCEPT the CHow, that is the dog that malls children the most according to the average hospital ER report.

  • Kim

    These statistics are ridiculous! Just because they are big dogs and their bite hurts more they are considered dangerous. Please little dogs are known as ankle bitters for a reason. You just don’t hear those stats because who wants to admit getting bit by a toy poodle or a cocker spaniel. I would love to see the actual study that was done!!!

  • Mirande

    The thing with the list is that it doesn’t matter the breed of dog, it matters on who raises said dog. I have a wolf hybrid and he is such a push over. I can put my hand in his mouth and he’ll just push it out with his tongue and lick it. The list is very inaccurate and various.

  • Phillip

    You want my dogs come and take them. I assure you my dogs I’ll be the least of your worries. People bite people more than the APBT. Let’s ban them and write articles about People biting people. Lol. Information is wrong. It’s just some government agency trying to kill the American spirit and the patriotic APBT. And if you fight this breed or any dog breed you should be thrown in jail for the rest of your life your, the coward not the dog.

  • LaLa

    I have been a pitbull owner since I was 12 & I’m now 32. I have owned & fostered several breeds of dogs and have found all my pitbull breeds to be the most loyalist and loving. I also am a kennel tech/animal care specialist of 10 years and I have not had 1 pitbull that was aggressive while boarding. While reading this list I was wondering where the Kitas were on the list because alk that I’ve ever handled were VERY aggressive. I still believe its all about how you raise and the discipline .. the right discipline.

  • Chris

    I noticed that the beginning of the article says that the study is a twenty year study, but under the Great Dane it gives a date range from over forty years ago. If this is just an anomaly or if this is a pattern is hard to tell because I can not find where the statistics are on the sited source. If some one can show me the numbers that says that the American Pit bull terrier has caused the death of 66 humans in the last twenty years, I will believe them. Until then, I will reserve judgement on an animal based on a blanketed statement.

    • Chris

      I looked at the CDC page on the 1979-1998 study on dog bite fatalities.

      It says “Pit Bull-Type.” This could include any dog mixed with a bulldog breed. If any mutt that could have bulldog qualities are considered “Pit Bulls” then the number of attacks would be considerably high. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but statements based on ambiguous statistics taken from forty can be misleading.

  • Dominic

    Pitbulls might kill the most but then the ownership of pitbulls is far higher than any of the other breeds. Even if you take the figure of 5% (a gross underestimate) of american dogs are pitbulls that is still 5% of 77.5 million which is 3.9 million! Compare that to the 15,000 registered Rottweilers in the US. Now think how many more pitbull mixes or uncounted ones there are out there because it’s not even an AKC recognised breed? The figure is likely to be much much higher. Rottweilers have killed 33 between 91-98. This is more than pitbulls in the same period which was 21. Therefore we can conclude that Rottweilers are far more dangerous.

    But my point is not that anyone dog is more dangerous it’s that pitbulls get an unfair reputation. Yes they are historically bred for fighting, but they are also bred not to bite people. Dog aggression is a given but people aggression is not. And since we are talking about people getting mauled to death we need to take that into consideration.

  • Travis lewis

    I don’t get all the hate on the Pit bull breed. i have a one year old pit bull and she is the most loving and kind dog i have ever had. she acts like a mother to my lil sister who is 7 and she has not had a litter of puppies yet so i don’t all the hype about about them being dangerous.

  • Bella Dale

    The CDC also states:

    “despite these limitations and concerns, the data indicate that Rottweilers and pit bull-type dogs accounted for 67% of human DBRF in the United States between 1997 and 1998. It is extremely unlikely that they accounted for anywhere near 60% of dogs in the United States during that same period and, thus, there appears to be a breed-specific problem with fatalities.”

  • Thomas McCartney

    Council Bluffs, Iowa.
    Pit bulls are not only problematic in large cities; they threaten mid-sized cities and small towns as well. Located in the heartland, Council Bluffs, Iowa has about 60,000 citizens.

    After a series of devastating attacks, beginning in 2003, Council Bluffs joined over 600 U.S. cities and began regulating pit bulls.

    The results of the Council Bluffs pit bull ban, which began January 1, 2005, show the positive effects such legislation can have on public safety in just a few years time:1.

    Council Bluffs: Pit Bull Bite Statistics.

    Year Pit Bull Bites % of All Bites.
    2004 29 23%.
    2005 12 10% (year ban enacted).
    2006 6 4%.
    2007 2 2%.
    2008 0 0%.
    2009 0 0%.
    2010 1 1%.
    2011 0 0%.

  • Thomas McCartney

    Quick statistics ::

    This page is a collection of dog bite statistics that are located on or can reached by a web link. Notably, each year, an American has a one in 50 chance of being bitten by a dog.1.

    In the 8-year period from 2005 to 2012, two dog breeds accounted for 73% of the attacks that resulted in death: pit bulls and rottweilers.

    2012 Dog Bite Fatalities by, 2013.

    71% of the pit bull fatalities have occurred in the past 10 years; 42% in the past four years; 24% in the past two years.

    30-Year Summary: Dog Attack Deaths and Maimings, U.S. & Canada September 1982 to December 26, 2011 by Merritt Clifton, Animal People, 2012.

    Over 600 U.S. cities have adopted breed-specific laws since the mid 1980s, just after pit bulls (fighting dogs) began leaking into the general population.

    Estimated U.S. Cities, Counties and Military Facilities with Breed-Specific Laws by, 2012.

    By 2016, pit bulls are projected to maul 275 Americans to death since 1998, the year the CDC stopped tracking fatal dog attacks by breed., 2013

    In the 8-year period from 2005 to 2012, pit bulls killed 151 Americans, about one citizen every 19 days.

    2012 Dog Bite Fatalities by, 2013.

    In 2012, roughly one-third, 32%, of all dog bite fatality victims were either visiting or living temporarily with the dog’s owner when the fatal attack occurred.

    2012 Dog Bite Fatalities by, 2013.

    In the 3-year period of 2006 to 2008, 18% of all fatal dog attacks occurred off owner property. Pit bulls were responsible for 81% of these attacks.

    Report: U.S. Dog Bite Fatalities January 2006 to December 2008 by, 2010.

    In the first eight months of 2011, nearly half of the persons killed by a pit bull was the dog’s owner and primary caretaker.

    2011 Dog Bite Fatalities by, 2011.

    Over 30 countries across the world regulate dangerous dog breeds with breed-specific laws including: France, Norway, Spain, Portugal and Great Britain.

    Estimated U.S. Cities, Counties and Military Facilities with Breed-Specific Laws by, 2012.

    In 2011, adult victims of fatal pit bull attacks more than doubled the number of child victims.

    2011 Dog Bite Fatalities by, 2012.

    A study published in 2010 showed there were 4 times as many dog bite-related ED visits and 3 times as many hospital stays in rural areas than in urban areas.

    Emergency Department Visits and Inpatient Stays Involving Dog Bites, 2008 by AHRQ, 2010.

    Pit bull terriers were selectively bred for a violent activity that is now a felony in all 50 U.S. states: dogfighting.

    Dogfighting Fact Sheet by the Human Society of the United States.

    Over 260 U.S. military bases governed by the U.S. Air Force, Air Force Space Command, U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps and Navy regulate dangerous dog breeds.

    Estimated U.S. Cities, Counties and Military Facilities with Breed-Specific Laws by, 2012.

    Dog attack victims suffer over $1 billion in monetary losses annually. JAMA reports this estimate to be as high as $2 billion.

    Dog Bites Recognized as Public Health Problem by R. Voelker, JAMA, 1997.

    A 2010 study showed that the average cost of a dog bite-related hospital stay was $18,200, about 50% higher than the average injury-related hospital stay.

    Emergency Department Visits and Inpatient Stays Involving Dog Bites, 2008 by AHRQ, 2010.

    Dog bites occur every 75 seconds in the United States. Each day, over 1,000 citizens need emergency medical care to treat these injuries.

    Nonfatal Dog Bite-Related Injuries Treated in Hospital Emergency Departments – United States, 2001 by the CDC, 2003.

    Dog bites are the fifth highest reason why children seek emergency room treatment due to activities they voluntarily engage in, such as playing sports.

    Incidence of Dog Bite Injuries Treated in Emergency Departments (1992-1994) by H. Weiss, D. Friedman and J. Coben, JAMA, 1998.

  • Thomas McCartney

    20 dead by dog attack so far in 2013.
    Pit bull type dogs killed nineteen of them. Eleven of the nineteen dead are children.
    Stars indicate people killed by a ‘family’ pit bull – ones that had been raised and cherished as an indoor pet, ‘never showed aggression before’, and knew the victim.

    Child fatalities by pit bull type dog (11):
    Christian Gormanous – 4 yrs old.
    Isaiah Aguilar – 2 yrs old.
    Ryan Maxwell – 7 yrs old **.
    Dax Borchardt – 14 mos old **.
    Monica Laminack – 21 mos old **.
    Tyler Jett – 7 yrs old.
    Jordyn Arndt – 4 yrs old **.
    Beau Rutledge – 2 yrs old **.
    Ayden Evans- 5 yrs old **.
    Nephi Selu – 6 yrs old **.
    Arianna Jolee Merrbach – 5 yrs old.

    Adult fatalities by pit bull type (7):
    Betty Todd – 65 yrs old **.
    Elsie Grace – 91 yrs old **.
    Claudia Gallardo – 38 yrs old.
    Pamela Devitt – 63 yrs old.
    Carlton Freeman – 80 yrs old.
    Linda Oliver – 63 yrs old.
    Juan Campos 96 years old.

    (1 non-bite related fatality) James Harding – 62 yrs old – chased into traffic by two attacking pit bulls.

    (1 non-pit type killing) [Rachel Honabarger – 35 yrs old – mauled to death by her own GSD mix].

    Two of the pit bull type dogs were BULL mastiffs, ie 60% pit-fighting bulldog.

    18 of 20 dead were killed directly by pit bull bites, that’s 90% dead by pit and 10% dead by ‘molosser’.

    If you count the pit-mix mastiffs as pit bull types which they are, and are 60% pit bull , that’s 95% killed directly by pit bull type bites.

    The man who ran into traffic kept pit bulls himself. He knew perfectly well what the two stranger pit bulls that were were chasing him would do if they caught him, so he preferred to risk a swift death by oncoming car.

  • Thomas McCartney

    Dog Attack Deaths and Maimings, U.S. & Canada, September 1982 to May.25, 2013.

    By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2013, Merritt Clifton, editor of Animal People, shows the breeds most responsible for serious injury and death.

    Study highlights

    The combination of Pit Bulls, rottweilers, their close mixes and wolf hybrids and other Pit Bull Type Dogs:

    84% of attacks that induce bodily harm.

    75% of attacks to children.

    87% of attack to adults.

    72% of attacks that result in fatalities.

    80% that result in maiming.

    • ihaveaidz

      ur bad kid

  • glenn Roberts

    Strictly personal …my view is so simple ..Stand on a tiny Jack russels tail!! he is gonna bite you// show anger or aggression towards and dog or animal~~ expect some nasty retalliation >> Arguments and negative vibrations inside your own home will auto-matically turn your pet into a growling pet!!! Any animal has survival instincts just like us humans ,,,but they cant discuss their options like we humans over a cup of tea !!Occassionaly an aggressive dog goes ballistic due to its owners attitude inside their home or wherever!! CROCS>>>> are vicious killers until i watched a program on NAT GEO TV about a man who saved a small crocs life and this creature grew up to 4.6 metres and he could play with it 24/7 in the river..and you could see the love this creature had for this human!!! On NAT GEO TV here in RSA up in the K.N.Park is a MAN WHO FEEDS AND PLAYS and rolls around with genuine fully grown Male lions and lionesses…all at the samr time!!! Whats my point!! The most aggresive dangerous animal on this planet …unequelled in killing ..biting maming or destroying whatever it cannot haNDLE…. YOU GUESSED RIGHT HUMANS all the way!! A million PITBULLS couldnt be as dangerous as a humans with vengeance in their heart=!!ALL dogs are beautifully created specimens!! A few bites here and there can be avoided if the owners take more care //feed them correctly and provide warm places to sleep on bitter cold nites!!!!!This is strictly my own personal opinion and ofcourse i love all Animals!! Here in South Africa I get more opportunity to visit our National Parks being a Prospector Gem hunter all over Africa!! for 45 yrs!! NEVER BEEN BITTEN or HARMED BY A SINGLE ANIMAL or MAMBA SNAKE !! in infested rough wild uncharted territory!!While humans with guns and rockets and mortars were shooting the living day-lights out of each other ///not more than 2-3 klm from my little camp-site!!! So enjoy the precious time with your loyal pets whatever the breed might be!! and if it nips you !! ask yourself first :::WHERE DID I GO WRONG!!! …Best Regards to all Animal lovers GLENN [[here in Cape Town RSA..

  • Maria

    Husky one of the most intelligent? Uh no. First place and second place is up for debate. But Poodles and Border Collies are the most intelligent breed. As for pitbulls, they are being bred for aggression, that’s an owners fault. The normal or meek pups are used as bait dogs. Look up Nanny Dog.

  • trublue

    here are the 2013 stats

    fight it all you want the stats speak for themselves I love all dogs. would I see some breeds restricted and regulated?…definitely!! just like gun ownership– it should come with responsibility. Unfortunately i think it is the lack of this responsibility that ends up with many of these breeds on the list

  • Lars Johnson

    Having shown dogs for over 20 years, I can attest to the pure BS in this article.

    And I fail to see why counts are taken for defending an owner. If I had a dog that defended me in an attack, I would buy it a steak, not slap on a label of “dangerous dog breed”.

    As they said back in college, there are three types of lies – Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics – and this is exactly what you have here…nothing more than pure statistical crap!

  • joe

    I have no problem in my reading of this article or of the CDC source you cited. Albeit, wrongly. You specifically stated in the 2nd to last paragraph ” the American Pit Bull Terrier is no surprise at #1 on a list of deadliest dogs”. However, I reviewed the report from the CDC that you linked. It does NOT list “American Pit Bull Terrier” anywhere in the 15 year old study you referenced. Please, show me were I am wrong. And also, pit bull type, is not the same. Similar, but that would include dozens of different dogs, and including mixed breeds. Please, provide other references, or this article should be taken as it is. Propaganda the sway public opinion against bully breeds. (and no, bully has nothing to do with personality, but of the old use of the dogs in bull baiting”. As a side note, the bull terrier (spuds McKenzie, the target dog, and the winner if the Westminster dog show in 2006) would be included in that list. Please, feel free to rebut my points.

  • Cassidy

    And how accurate us this info? I for one dont have, and never will have a list of “dangerous” dog breeds. ANY dog can bite or kill, its up to the owner to bring up the dog well enough to know that that be behavior is unacceptable.
    This article is disgusting in how yall target certain breeds. You’re not doing the public any favor by scaring into thinking these breeds themselves are dangerous. But hey, thats what yall do, spread lies, create fear, and start drama.

  • janice dougherty

    First, when are they going to learn to spell “shepherd” instead of shepard? Second, where do they come up with the lame rationale behind these statistics? It has to do with the denial by the humans of the basic nature of the dog as a modified predator, and the insistence that the human remain weak, subservient and not worthy of respect or competent in the dogs’ eyes. We set ourselves up for these stats by our continued pathetic, bobble headed, mealy mouth ways. Yes, dogs understand us – all too well.

  • m

    ok, ok, ok…
    I own two dogs. A lab/pit (8 yrs old), a lab/cocker (1 1/2 yr old, and a 10 yr old cat. Have had the lab/pit since he was 10 wks. Used training, discipline and lots of attention. AND HE WAS NEUTERED AT 6 MOS. Great dog – have three grandkids the oldest was 13, the youngest 9 when I brought him home. The cat was already here when my lab/pit joined the family. My lab/pit has never tried to attack or corner my cat. In fact, they sleep together. The lab/cocker joined our family almost a year ago. Typical puppy pesty, nippy, boundless energy and my lab/pit has never tried to hurt her. He will put a paw on her if she is getting to buggy or he’ll walk away. I have been chased as a teenager by a german shepherd, intimidated by a neighbors husky that bit both of my siblings, bitten out of the blue by a cocker spaniel, nipped at by a dachshound, Chihuahua, and numerous other yip-yappy lap dogs. Bottom line is responsible ownership. Neutering definitely helps, strong discipline, early socializing with other dogs and remaining in control of your canine friend. Any dog can bite, maime, or kill. The owner of the cocker that bit me insisted I must have done something to the dog. It wasn’t until their daughter was bitten, on the face, while watching TV that they finally admitted their dog was a problem. Let’s concede ANY DOG CAN BE DANGEROUS.

  • JPF

    Wow! The stupidity of people is amazing sometimes.

    I’m a fan of debate and critical thinking, but most of the comments here are just ignorant railing. Your personal experience with one animal (or ten) is IRRELEVANT as a comparison against a national study of human deaths by dogs. Facts are facts, people. The CDC conducts sound, scientific research using statistical data. This is ONE research article. If you disagree with the findings of the research, then by all means, do a literature review on the topic and show everyone some empirical evidence that supports YOUR position. If you can’t find any, then here’s a clue; your wrong.

  • Dog Lover

    I noticed that you mentioned poor training when it came to Huskies and not a peep when you mention Pitbulls. Same difference! Some ignorant people USE Pitties as status symbols and for dog fighting – hence their bad rap. I do not own one, but a dog…is a dog…is a dog. Train them properly and consistently and it will come back to you ten-fold. Any dog can bite (what about all those little dogs – they bite A LOT from what I hear). Never been bitten and as far as deaths are concerned, I’m sure they could have been prevented.

  • facts first

    Just a thought here. The cdc would deal with this kind of findings because after a dog bite, you receive a shot for tetanus to prevent rabies. So are these results based on people that have been killed or mauled ? Another thing is everyone that is offended by the pitbull statement says the same thing, “I have…..” And “my dog” why are we only referring to your dog and not the breed ? Let’s touch base here. As humans our first concern should be our own natures. Little girls are ‘naturally’ affectionate and little boys are naturally ‘playful’. So when you allow them around certain dogs without thinking of the dangers caused by both children and dogs natures. Who is at fault. If your a good handler and raised your pup well. Good for you. But attacking an author of an article does prove for substantial lack of noting facts. When you read about a 36 year old man mauled to death by a single chihuahua then we can rejudge facts.

  • George H Muller

    This list is completely inaccurate. 1): “PIT BULL” IS NOT A BREED!! You will not find these dogs listed as a breed on any AKC, UKC, or Wisdom Panel list, because “pit bull” is NOT A BREED. “Pit Bull” is a term referencing any dog used for fighting. The original “pit bulls” were not even a bull breed as humans have been fighting dogs for thousands of years, longer than any “bull” breed is known to have existed. Today there are three breeds that commonly comprise the “pit bull” genre–Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, and American Staffordshire Terrier. Almost every dog you see that is labeled as a “pit bull” is either a mix of these breeds or, more commonly, none of these breeds. Most people don’t know that visual breed recognition of non-pure-bred dogs is only ~ 12%. Even DNA testing is only ~ 40% accurate for dogs mixed of two breeds, that number drops radically the more breeds you add to the mix. Most dogs you think are “pit bulls” aren’t at all. 2):Veterinarians are far from the most qualified people to make these determinations, esp w/ a list like this. Vets are doctors of PHYSIOLOGY, not PSYCHOLOGY. This is why when your dog has behavioral issues you call a trainer-> canine psychologist-> a person educated and experienced in the psychology of canines, not a veterinarian. the argument that, “this breed is responsible for X number of fatalities per year” is misguided. These types of articles only serve to misinform people as to the true nature of the canine. Want to learn about dogs? How they think? Why they do what they do? At least learn from an actual canine psychologist like Cesar Milan. There is no breed which is more prone to “being more aggressive towards humans” than another, not even wild dogs(wolves, hyenas, etc). That’s like saying there is an “ethnicity(breed) of humans which is naturally more aggressive than another.” Less than 2% of all dogs on planet Earth at any given time are “mental”. the news media doesn’t overtly lie, but there job is to sell stories->to get viewers & increase ratings->to charge more for advertising->to make money. Rarely do they actually do the research needed to accurately inform the general public…hey man, fear sells better than peace…way better. When you hear, “Family pit bull mauls young kids in unprovoked attack”, 90%+ of the time you are hearing/reading a misnomer. The reporter will state the dog was a “good, family dog” because it lived on a premises w/ a human family and they said it was good. Everyone thinks there dog is “good & nice”, which doesn’t mean that it actually is. Of all breeds, many people never give the dog the structure, discipline, and socialization it NEEDS to be even-keeled. Usually this results in an obnoxious dog. Though any time you leave the dog predominantly to its’ own devices, it is likely to turn mean. Ever wonder why most tiny/toy breeds seem to be “little napoleons”? Because everyone thinks it’s cute when the 4 lb chihuahua is acting like a tough-guy…not so cute when the 40 lb AmStaff or the 140 lb Rottie does it. If every small/toy breed bite incident was reported you’d see a much different story in terms of dog aggression, and sadly, most people would still put the responsibility at the feet of the dogs, instead of the human caretakers(reluctantly use this term). Take the time to learn the truth about these things instead of blithely fumbling through the subject matter trusting what your friend the bartender tells you. If we’re arguing drinks, OK…but we’re not now are we.

  • Kelly

    These studies do not give a correlation to the breed population to human population. As each breed gains popularity, there are more of them. More of a certain breed equals more incidents of bite or other reported issues. As pitbull “type” dogs gained popularity, just about any dog that “looked like” a pitbull was reported AS a pitbull, wheather it was a pitbull or not. These studies are very difficult to confirm. As with any study you can tweek the numbers to say anything you like. ALL dogs have the capability to bite. The report never states the circumstances of these fatalities. They used to say Dobes were the most deadly dog at one time…keep in mind that was THE most popular dog back in the 70’s when they made that far reaching statement.

  • sierra

    Wow okay huskys ain’t dangerous chow chows ain’t my cousin had one since he was a kid he was soooo nice my boyfriends friends has a Rottweiler she’s so nice my dad had a great Dane before I was born he was the nicest dog I’ve ever had my boyfriend had a German Shepard an she was not dangerous the wolf hybrid dog idk about but its half wolf so half wild possibly dangerous idk cause the Indians dogs were wolves so I doubt it and the Doberman is not dangerous they are so sweet just like every dog on the list and finally the famous out bull not dangerous the out bull was nicknamed the nanny dog because in London a longgggggg long time ago they were named that cause they were so good with children. Learn your facts and do the research before you go running down dogs the only reason a dog is the way he she is is because the owner trained them or abused them

    • sierra

      Oh and the St Bernard known for rescuing

  • Rob D

    I would love to know where these numbers come from. They sound very Bias. Speaking for the “Pit bull” first of all there is no specific breed of “Pit bull” the closest would be an American Pit bull Terrier. Secondly, if they are so violent why were AMStaffs and APBT known as nanny dogs.
    Every dog is violent and has the potential to attack someone. More intelligent breeds are more likely to get into trouble, typically that is because they are not being stimulated enough to burn their energy.
    Owners need to know they have to care for the breeds.
    “Pit Bulls” are some of the most lovable, lap dogs i have ever encountered in my life. In addition, they are extremely loyal and always aim to please.
    If the owner yells at one they tend to get upset, much like a small child.
    Visit a local shelter and work with the dogs you will fall in love.

  • p

    editorial staff: people get killed by dogs BECAUSE OF PEOPLE. WRONG RAISING. you’re pathetic who hate innocent animals.

  • p

    please. as someone wrote: “propaganda”.

    these beautiful dog breeds are not the problem.
    the problem is the raising, it’s always the owners fault.
    watch the dog whisperer.
    and i almost got my hand bitten off by a dog but i would
    never hate dogs or say that it’s because of its breed.
    ridiculous. people make them aggressive because of
    the wrong raising and methods. aggressive people or abusive
    people make aggressive and defensive dogs, obviously.
    which can also be seen in people because of their childhood. i’ll get myself a huge dog from a shelter and give the dog a nice life. so sick of this stupid crap.

    yes, some dogs are breeded in order to be watch dogs and have more tendency for beung aggressive but it’s peoples’ responsibility to control them and raise them well.

  • jess

    I have 3 pitbulls and each
    one of them shows nothing but kindness
    To the elderly and children. Anger comes from the
    Owners not the breed.

  • Allison

    These websites about the most dangerous dog breeds make me sick. I have owned two full-blooded rottweilers and they have been the best dogs I have ever owned, hands down. My first Rott, I grew up with and was the best companion a child could ask for. When I was eight a man tried to jump our fence and snatch me, but my Rottie saved me. Biting the man and scaring him away, and saving me. Then later, he died of cancer.
    My second one which I currently own has saved my life. We had a terrible house fire, and he herded me and my brother out of the house. Then he ran back inside barking his head off at a door my sister’s chihuahua was trapped in until he got help from the firemen. Does this dog sound dangerous to you?
    My sister’s chihuahua is the definition of MEAN. He snaps at people quite often,growls at people and is just downright spoiled and not trained at all.
    One day he got his foot caught in a wire basket and starting howling his head off. When I freed him he snapped at me, and my Rottweiler came to my defense. Fur bristling and fangs showing until the chihuahua ran away. I don’t hold this incident against the chihuahua, he was frightened and possibly hurt. But this incident shows that Rottweilers are loyal and protective companions if trained right.

  • EmmiesMom

    Let me point out some things about the German Shepherd (besides that it is the most misspelled dog’s name out there. The author of this piece spelled it Shepard). The GSD is a protective animal- agree 100%. What this piece does not point out is that in relation to the number of GSD mixes and the shear population of this breed, the ratio of kills is lower than the rest of the dog breeds. Look- I am not at all excusing the fatalities of humans or other animals, I just want the statistics put in perspective that as the 2nd most populous and the breed that is most dominate in Mixed Breed dogs (labs are taking that crown soon), the ratio isn’t close to the pit bull, Rottie, or Husky. I also predict that Lab owners will start seeing their breed on bite lists.

  • KD

    I have done months of research, looking at both sides, and my conclusion is that, yes, pit bulls are more dangerous than any other dog, but only to the extend that an improperly trained pitt would be drastically more dangerous than any other improperly trained breed of dog.

    Some PB fanatics pretend as if it’s all the owner’s mistreatment, as if they cruelly starved or abused dog. I think it could have been a problem as simple as neglecting to exercise the dog. Honestly, no matter what people believe, temperament is partly genetic. Retrievers will retrieve, collies and shepherds will herd. Centuries of selective breeding have caused breeds to display certain instinctual tendencies. Bullies, whether you like it or not, were bred for aggression.

    Any dog has the potential to be good, but you have to work at it. And with pits….you have to work multiple times harder.

  • Rhett

    Reputable study!!?!?!?!

    It is proven that chihuahua’s have the most recorded bites in America! Pitbulls slims to none! Even with wannabe gangsters and the media giving them a bad name!

    This website just wants visitors! Just like the media. You know we are all fucked when the media makes money off ratings.

  • john

    people that say pitt bulls or american staffordshire terriërs are agressive by nature. Need to get their heads out of their asses. these breds are by far 1 of the most friendly dog breds in the world. If they are agressive its usually ONLY vs other dogs not vs humans. If they attack a human then another human is responsible for the dogs behavior since i dont believe ANY pitt or staff is born agressive vs humans.

  • Bob

    Unless you live in the Ghetto, why would anyone in their right mind own a Pit? It’s a red flag for your home owners insurance not to cover, or when found out you own one,drop you.

  • Teejay

    You people need to take in account how the family takes care of that dog. If it is treated like crap then it is going to snap like some humans do. There is nothing wrong with a pit bull, treat them right and they will not attack you. I’ve never met a so called “aggressive” pit bull. Any dog will kill if u push it that far. All in how u treat the dog.

  • Sara

    Pit bulls aren’t inherently dangerous. Every nation has its “boogie man” dog. In Europe, Rottweilers and Bloodhounds are the most feared dogs. In Japan, German Shepards are considered the most dangerous. Huskies and Malamutes – very popular dogs here – are also considered inherently dangerous in other countries. Pit bulls used to be a sign of patriotism in the US. They were used in the infantry in WWII. After the war, American households that had pit bulls were considered to be particularly patriotic. They were called “the all-American family dog.” Unfortunately, they started to be used by drug dealers and criminals for the same reasons they were used by the military. Pit bulls are VERY smart and loyal and are therefore easily trained (not to mention that they’re pure muscle). Between the 70s and 90s, pit bulls were majorly adopted by these unsavory people, and that’s when the sensationalist news stories about people being bitten or killed made their way on to the news. Now, pit bulls are the most common dogs in shelters. I work with them, and they’re easily my favorite breed to walk, sit with, and play with. This news story goes to show how poorly understood pits are, and how unfair of a reputation they’ve gotten over the last forty years of their long history.

    There are NO inherently bad breeds, only bad owners.

  • Pit Bull Advocate

    0.00433% – ROTTWEILER
    0.00333% – CHOWS
    0.00219% – GERMAN SHEPHERDS
    0.00125% – “PIT BULLS”

    The anonymous author fails to understand the basic math concept of COUNTS vs RATES and has perpetuated the lie that pit bulls are the most aggressive and dangerous dogs.

    Here is a simple example that the author may more easily grasp since it doesn’t involve “pit bulls”, allowing use of logic & objectivity:

    8,336,000 New York City Population
    48,489 Number of Violent Crimes
    6 Crimes per 1000

    110,000 Flint, Michigan Population
    2400 Number of Violent Crimes
    22 Crimes per 1000

    RESIDENTS OF WHICH CITY ARE MORE VIOLENT, THE ONE THAT HAS THE “MOST” CRIME OR THE ONE THAT HAS THE HIGHEST CRIME “RATE”? Statistics for cities and states are NEVER reported as raw data without converting to a RATE so they can be fairly compared which this article fails to do. Furthermore, are the residents of Flint, Michigan BORN more violent, or are they a product their environment – a severely depressed economy and high unemployment rate? Do we BAN New York City residents from moving into our towns because NYC has the MOST violent crime and therefore every person from NYC can be expected to commit a violent crime? Do you get how STUPID this is?

    Furthermore, the anonymous author apparently did not read (or at least understand) the ENTIRE CDC study because the study itself instructed readers NOT TO INTERPRET THE RESULTS THE EXACT WAY THIS ARTICLE PRESENTS THEM. D’erp!


    1) Attacks by 1 breed [pit bulls] are more news-worthy than those by other breeds, artificially skewing high for that breed.
    2) Identification of a dog’s breed is subjective (even experts may disagree on the breed of a particular dog) and often misidentified as breeds with a reputation for aggression.
    3) Cross-bred dogs skews results both ways.
    4) Attacks are underestimated

    5) Calculating an accurate attack RATE requires reliable breed-specific population data which is NOT available.

    ACCURATE breed-specific bite rates are required to compare breeds and quantify the relative dangerousness of each breed; because of the above shortcomings of available data for both the numerator AND denominator, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO CALCULATE ACCURATE RATES.

    Although fatal attacks on humans APPEAR to be a breed-specific problem, OTHER BREEDS MAY BITE AND CAUSE FATALITIES AT HIGHER RATES. Because of difficulties inherent in determining a dog’s breed with certainty, enforcement of breed-specific ordinances raises constitutional and practical issues. Fatal attacks represent a small proportion of dog bite injuries to humans and, therefore, should not be the primary factor driving public policy concerning dangerous dogs. Many practical alternatives to breed-specific ordinances exist and hold promise for prevention of dog bites. (J Am Vet Med Assoc 2000;217:836–840)

    Also, if you look at the study, Pit Bulls (WHICH ARE MADE UP OF AT LEAST 4 DIFFERENT BREEDS) is listed under “Purebred” with a label of “Pit bull-type”. THIS IS NOT A PUREBRED BREED!!! To demonstrate further how ludicrous this is, they also have “Pit Bull-type” under “Mixes”. To lump ALL pit bulls into ONE line on a report is completely inconsistent with other breeds. They did not lump Labrador, Golden and Flat-Coated “Retrievers” all on one line. Or Shar-Peis, Akita, and Chows into “Asian Guard Dogs”. Or Huskies and Malamutes as “Sled Dogs”. Or German Shepherd, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Great Danes as “German Guard Dogs”. THIS ONE SIMPLE POINT ALONE IS 100% PROOF THAT PIT BREEDS ARE ALMOST ALWAYS MISIDENTIFIED AND MISCATEGORIZED AND THIS “STUDY” IS SKEWED AND INACCURATE FROM IT’S VERY CORE.


  • David

    If pit bulls are not the most aggressive breed, why are they the breed of choice for aggressive situations?

    • me

      because stupid ass people think they are aggressive and train them to be that way because they have a muscular body but they aren’t aggressive at all in any way shape or form

    • Lars Johnson

      I can see you know nothing about this breed, and are simply following the dribble that comes from a paranoid media. And yes…I have shown dogs for 20+ years, INCLUDING Am Staffs (I’ll wait while you look it up) so I can attest to their gentle nature.

      They are chosen, and abused, by idiot owners who want to look tough.

      If you want to see how REAL Pits act, do some research on what became of the dogs taken from Michael Vick (may he rot).

    • James

      they are not, if I was gonna fight a dog I would choose a specific breed like a Sharpei, with loose skin, strength and stamina, plus many more time the agression than a mongrel like a PB

    • caveman73

      It is the combo of aggression, breeding and jaw strength. THAT is what makes them lethal.

    • KDW

      There not German Shepherds are. They make up the a large percentage of police canines and if that’s not aggressive situations then your lying to yourself. Ever hear the canine officer tell other officers not to get out and chase suspect. The reason for that is the dog dose not who the criminal is it just goes after the person fleeing. Once again an uninformed OPINION!

  • mady

    That is a horrible answer, i have a pit bull and she is the sweetest thing.You want to know why pit bulls is number one? first of all stupid people miss treat them and train them to fight and that gives people the wrong represntation of them!!!! second, lets say a German Shepard bit a person they wouldn’t show it on the news to the whole world because police use them, and there would be a big breakout of angry citizens if so. but you know what pit bulls don’t need to be on that list!!!! in fact pit bulls are the most loving and caring dogs. for you people who dont belive me then why dont you look it up!!!!!!!!! pit bulls go to hospitals and help patience, they cheer people up they also bring pit bulls to nursing homes!!! and it helps them get through whatever it is!!!!All of that is so wrong all those dogs r super nice!!!! so wherever you got that information go shove it up your….

    • Editorial Staff

      If a German Shepherd mauls someone to death, they most definitely mention it in the local news. Just Google “german shepherd kills child”.

      The list is based on fatality statistics from the CDC, so you can tell the Center for Disease Control to shove it up their…. No one is saying that the dogs they bring to nursing homes are the same dogs that kill people. Obviously, only a very, very, very small percentage of dogs of any breed are going to bite, and only certain types of dogs (i.e. larger, stronger dogs bred to fight or hunt) are capable of severely hurting humans with their bite in the first place.

      You do understand that the average dog of a breed can be loving, caring, and a great pet, while the breed itself is still more capable and more statistically likely to cause fatalities – as remote as that possibility may be?

    • EmmiesMom

      Well, you are certainly not an owner of a GSD, for if you were, there would be no way you could post that. People see my dog and either scream, run, or tell me how a 15th cousin 10 times removed got bitten in the 16th century. If a GSD jumps, attacks, etc- it is on the news.

  • Animal Advocate

    Bullys are the most intelligent breed out there. they are very loyal to there owners and are very friendly towards other people! Unless that is you have some clown trying to raise it as an attack dog, but that goes with any breed!

    • Brett

      Yeah. So there are no statistics that show any convincing evidence to prove border collies or poodles are the two most intelligent breeds? And if there were, I’m sure the study was totally done by some anti-pitbull hate group, right?

    • caveman73

      Oh sure those clowns and their attack poodles.

  • Animal Advocate

    where does this information come from..out of your back pocket?

  • Jessica

    This article just pissed me of. Pitbulls are agressice? If you know your dog facts you’d know they are loyal and gentle animals. You’d also know that because of how strong they are everything just seems to be amplified! For your information ‘so-called’ editor, this article was obviously not well researched and sounds like you were only trying to meet your deadline and word quota. Horrible, misleading article. Get your facts straight, learn to write and then call yourself an editor. And by the way…I have 3 Pitbulls that wouldn’t hurt a fly. It’s the owner not the dog.

  • Justin

    the fact that pit bulls are somehow the most dangerous astonishes me because i had a pit bull that was rescued from dog fights and he wouldn’t hurt anyone.

  • Jessie

    Pitbulls are not the dangerous ones, the human at the other end of the leash is. I own a pit and have owned many, and none of these dogs have ever done any harm to me. Now if you are a pit hater, picture this. Your real parents gave you away to a terrible man when you were only a toddler. This man hurt you everyday since. After every beating you became more like this terrible person because that’s all you knew. Now in the pits case this happens with dogfighting and they are abused so badly physically and mentally, but most pitbulls that do come from the fighting ring can bounce back. They are sweet dogs and so protective of you because they don’t want to lose the best thing that ever happened to them. My pit bounced back, but she still bears the scars of the ring. Still she found the light at the end of the tunnel, and is so protective time and sweet. All dogs can be naturally aggressive but don’t say pits are more so. BLAME THE DEED NOT THE BREED

    • Justin

      damn straight

  • Kreyn

    To some of Pitbull-defenders there… I personally never considered myself an “Pitbull-hater” but after read comments this article I think I started to turn into Pitbull-defender-hater… since rants I read here irritate me so much that I almost started to hate Pitbulls by extension..

    It was repeated tens of times, that we talk here about “Dangerous” breeds of dogs, not the “Aggressive” ones..

    If we talk about ‘Aggression’, as tendency to attack humans(in various meanings of this word), the only factor is ‘temperament’ of breed, if you want to be more specific ‘temperament’*’treatment by owner’ as you often point out.. but don’t you think that last factor is simply impossible to measure? Plus Pitbull’s aren’t only breed that might be unlucky and ‘get’ an ‘bad owner’.

    In case of ‘Danger’ we talk about factors of: ‘temperament’ and dog’s PHYSICAL capacity to harm human. Look at very beginning the St Bernard is an breed that widely acknowledged as ‘calm’ one… yet it found it’s place on this list, due to fact that dog’s sheer size is highly dangerous for human if handled improperly… allowing child to play with one of those calm giants without adult near.. guy can harm person simply by being playful.. one of physical capacities needed to harm human is an size.. but there are other ones… for example dog’s jaw.. You have to admit that single bite of Pitbull is placed quite high amongst dog breeds in regards to sheer strength it can exert in single bite..

    It’s basically combination of those factors that made authors place Pitbull as the “most dangerous”… I repeat DANGEROUS, DANGEROUS, not AGGRESSIVE, EVIL or TERRIBLE..

    Even if Pitbull doesn’t have the most aggressive character, then simple fact that this breed’s temperament makes it more likely to bite person than St Bernard and fact that is more physically capable of human than Chihuahu… fusion of these makes Author acknowledge Pitbull as most dangers.. and indicator used for it is number of fatalities on humans, by ‘jaws’ of these dogs…I think indicator used here, was chosen quite logically..

    I mean by logic of some people here, one of most dangerous ANIMALS SPECIES would be mosquitoes, since they tend to bite us far more often than bees or snakes.. but simple fact that human can take more of its “attacks” of this bug than those of other creatures disqualifies that notion (I am not talking here about malaria possibility, just like author isn’t talking about rabies).. I am pretty sure that I can thirty bites of Chihuahua and come out fine.. but thirty bites of Pitbull?… I don’t have such confidence.

    Being more ‘Dangerous’ doesn’t mean automatically evil, it means more risky…

    Aha and someone said that it’s unfair to use number of fatalities as indicator, since it doesn’t take into consideration number dogs owned… The Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Doberman, Husky and Great Dane are more popularly owned breeds than Pitbull, yet numberw of fatalities associated with them are smaller… thus I think argument is quite weak..

    • Pit Bull Advocate

      Please read the post below which explains the importance of COUNTS vs RATES, a simple but important math concept that escapes you as well as the author. Scam artists like relies on the ignorance of the public to believe that the mathematically-predictable fact that the dog with the highest population will have the highest bite COUNT makes it the most DANGEROUS DANGEROUS DANGEROUS breed or type of dog. RATES are the ONLY valid comparison between two of anything – breeds, cities, schools, age groups, etc. Anyone failing to understand this concept falls victim to the pit bull demonizer propaganda cult, whose one-trick pony they repeat over and over is “pit bulls have the most fatalities” and sucker in the schmucks over and over. They will quote a the percentage of pit bull bites to total DOG BITES (which is as irrelevant as the COUNTS themselves) with a corollary that usually states “while pit bulls make up only [insert some tiny fake percentage here] of total dogs”. Each of those calculations are irrelevant to begin with, and comparing them makes even LESS sense. What they DON’T tell you is they count every dog and mix that remotely resembles a pit bull in their ATTACK counts, but change their definition to only UKC-registered American Pit Bull Terriers when reporting the percentage of total dogs.

      When you have seen the lengths pit bull haters, who are TINY in actual numbers, go to try to cause mass hysteria and fear against pit bulls, one becomes intensely protective of the millions of innocent, friendly family pets that they are mercilously calling for the deaths of via breed-specific regulations, breed bans to outright seizure and murder.

    • Betsy

      I am a pitbull owner, and I agree with you. Some people are simply not using any reasoning skills when they read this article. Pitbulls can be dangerous. They are extremely strong. Mine are rescues and are very very sweet and friendly, but I’d never leave them alone with a child. I wouldn’t leave my lab mix alone with one either. You never know what can happen, and a child could grab the dog the wrong way, take a toy or a treat and the dog gets defensive, etc. If a pitbull bites you, it’s going to do damage simply by virtue of its athleticism and strength. Pit bull owners need to be realistic about this instead of having this blind devotion that probably leads to more dangerous incidents since they aren’t observing the proper precautions.

  • don

    Wow everyone is so upset about this study… First define danger… Looks like the editor was just defining danger as likely to result in fatality.. once that was established they took the numbers the cdc had on record and compiled the top ten.. take this article for what it is.. not aggressiveness but pure danger of fatality… Yes Chihuahuas r probably the most aggressive but r they really dangerous??? Geez guys come down off your soap boxes n enjoy life.. we personally have a dane, a boxer and a bulldog and they are all big babies… But that doesn’t mean if they were to attack they wouldn’t kill…

    • mady

      even if it is about danger buddy,the facts arent right!!! what what do u have a chihuahua, if a chihuahua bit someone they wouldnt show it on the news and you know that!!! they only show pitbulls!!!! thats why this world takes pitbulls so wrong and any of these animals. they are harmless!!!

      • Editorial Staff

        Yes…I’m sure the media is going out of their way to cover up the epidemic of Chihuahua related mauling fatalities in the United States. Must be all those chihuahua owning media moguls, up to their no good conspiracies.

        I’m just going to download a bot to automatically post this in reply to every comment that uses the word “Chihuahua”:

        “How often are healthy adults mauled to death by Chihuahuas?”

        The answer is that it has never happened in the history of mankind.

        The number of Pitbull lovers who seem to think that Chihuahuas are some sort of fearsome predator is really staggering…

        • Teejay

          They were using as an example dum dum. Open your eyes before you write something. Saying that any other bread probably won’t be reported in news. Pit bulls are a target.

        • James

          i know a lady missing half her face from a chihuahua, i know a boy with a scar from his hip to his knoee from a chihuahua, I have been mauled by both a chuihuahua and a bichon frise. I have been bitten many times as part of my work, and only ever by small dogs who are treated like toys by there owners. I know many pitbulls and have only ever met 1 agressive one, it was abused an beaten constantly for its 2 yrs of life and unfortunately became a dangerous dog and needed to be put down.

  • Kimberly

    I would like to put my two cents in. I have had many dogs throughouty life. I’ve had black labs, yellow labs, a Dalmatian, an Australian Shepard, a chow/aus shep/lab mix, a min pin, a German Shepard/lab mix, and most recently, a pit bull. Currently, we have the chow mix, a yellow lab, and the pit bull. Out of the three we currently have, the most vicious one we have is the chow mix. She had to be separated from the lab and pit bull. The chow had pinned down the pit bull and the bull was unable to fight her way out of the hold. Before too many people get the wrong idea about pit bulls, I would like them to do a study on the behaviors of pit bills raised both in bad and good environments, and let people decide whether it is the dog’s fault, or the owner’s. I live in a middle class family and most of my extended family lives just above the poverty line. Most of them have pit bulls themselves. All of them are very sweet, loving dogs. Why? Because their owners taught them to act civil. Before you think “anybody that has a pit bull and is middle class or lower has a vicious dog.” This is simply not true. Sure, many studies show that there are vicious pit bulls out there, but where are the studies showing that there are bad owners out there? Show me that list, please.

    • chris gent

      Are you like married to your Pit Bull? I’ve never seen anyone go on and on and ON so much in defending a dog. I own a Doberman and for God’s sake, they were listed as the 7th most dangerous dog regarding fatalities but you don’t hear me whining about it. It is what it is! These are facts that are listed here – it’s not a campaign against Pits. Get over yourself.

  • Jaymi

    The reason why this study is flawed is because in recent study conducted 100 people were asked to pick out the real pitbull out of a picture of 25 breeds/mutts/mixes only 3 people correctly identified the apbt. As a American Staffordshire owner my dogs are constantly mistaked for pits my parents have a lab/mastiff mix that many people have called a pitbull. So therefore without blood samples and dna tests to prove it is a true pitbull this is flawed. Many of the bites deemed pitbull are truly not because any dog with a block head and muscular features are called pitbulls. Just like a story recently in Kansas where a story was published about a pitbull attack was debunked because a few caring people investigated and paid out of thier pocket paid for a dna test and found the dog was a mutt with boxer/american bulldog/lab bloodlines. This is why your list is flawed and most “studies” are wrong.

    • Karen

      Whoever paid out of pocket for a Breed DNA test for a dog got DUPED. There is no such thing. Check with the U.C. Davis and the AKC. It’s not possible to determine breed through a DNA test (only direct parentage of one particular dog). And your “Am Staff” is a pit bull, the most pure bred there is darling.

    • Karen

      The “Find the pit bull” website is what is Near extinct breeds from other countries and pit mixes with fancy names. Some people may be gullible enough to repeat this stuff without checking, but the politicians banning pit bulls right and left are being shown the truth and they’re not falling for it any more.

  • Kimberly

    Now that I take another look this site isn’t a very reliable or educated read.

  • Kimberly

    I don’t know why I even look at these pages. It’s really sad. Rottweilers are a prime example; they have been voted in the top five family dogs with various different reliable sources and are amazing dogs. All of these breeds are good dogs if owned by the right person. Dalmatians are the bite more often than any other dog breed; why don’t we here more about them? One of my good friends has one of the sweetest dogs in the world and hes a Pit Bull. A lot of the homeless dogs in shelters and rescue centers are Pit Bulls, if they were mean tempered they’d be put to sleep but even after abuse a lot of them still come out unscathed. My dog was attacked by a lab last year while we were walking by the river…. the problem is the people that buy some of these dogs; instead of being selected out of love they are selected because of there lock jaw, fighting ability, and intimidating features… it’s really sad; poor things 🙁

  • Merritt Clifton

    Of the 4,190 dogs involved in fatal and disfiguring attacks on humans occurring in the U.S. & Canada since September 1982, when I began logging the data, 2,614 (62%) were pit bulls; 534 were Rottweilers; 3,369 were of related molosser breeds, including pit bulls, Rottweilers, mastiffs, boxers, and their mixes. Of the 510 human fatalities, 258 were killed by pit bulls; 84 were killed by Rottweilers; 380 (69%) were killed by molosser breeds. Of the 2,435 people who were disfigured, 1,521 (62%) were disfigured by pit bulls; 307 were disfigured by Rottweilers; 1,929 (82%) were disfigured by molosser breeds. Pit bulls, incidentally, inflict about 10 times as many fatal and disfiguring injuries on other pets and livestock as on humans, a pattern unique to the pit bull class. Surveys of dogs offered for sale or adoption indicate that pit bulls are less than 5% of the U.S. dog population; molosser breeds, all combined, are 9%. Just 81 large retrievers, including all Labs, goldens, and mixes exclusive of pit mixes, have been involved in fatal or disfiguring attacks over the 30-plus years I have tracked the data, resulting in 8 fatalities and 26 disfigurements. Large retrievers are 7.4% of the U.S. dog population.

  • Beth

    Gives me me a little more insight into why so many cannot graduate high school…lack of reading comprehension.

  • danny

    I believe that pitbulls are very dangerous and i believe this study..but people now a day are ignorant even when the facts are presented to them…I love pitbulls and was a pitbull owner but its not a family dog and would never have them around my son ever…

    • Teejay

      Pit bulls would hurt you or your son if you treat them bad like any other dog. All breads are dangerous if u treat them to attack or fight. Put bulls are just fine for being a family dog. I bet you that high percentage of the fatalities are of fighting dogs and those owners need to be thrown in jail.

  • Karen

    …and they always want to talk about “bites”, when someone starts talking about “deaths” from Pit Bull attacks. Airlifted to ICU and a band- aide and Neosporin are NOT the same thing no matter how loudly pit bull defenders yell. This is a report of DEATHS and they don’t want to talk about deaths and critical maulings.

  • Karen

    Appreciate the Editorial Staff patiently addressing the circular logic of the pit bull defenders. These are the same arguments and slurs thrown at reporters every time there is a critical mauling by pit reported in the media. The Nanny Dog,(followed immediately by, why did you have a dog around your child?) Coconuts kill more people, the reporter should be fired for incompetence, the man killers were culled, you’re a hater, it’s all in how you raise them, This is Breedism!

    • Mike

      so you will go for dog responsibility law your dog kills or maims you go to jail like you did it. I and my basset will sign how about you and all the pitt owners?

  • Max Gold

    Falling coconut deaths are often used as a comparison to shark attacks; but now Pitbull Nutters, a group who bases all their attempts on resisting BSL on myths and lies are commonly repeating the LIE. Pitbull Nutters naively believe everything told to them and expect that others will also buy their nonsense.

    The claim is often made that a person is more likely to be killed by a falling coconut than by a shark (and now Pitbulls), yet such evidence as there is would suggest the number of deaths due to falling coconuts is small. This Myth originated from a U.K. travel insurance company, It was used so the insurance company would cover you for coconut damage, if you travelled with them to Papua New Guinea. Coconut palms are an integral part of life in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, given the widespread dependence of subsistence agriculture. The Travel Insurance company cited research done by Dr. Peter Barss and his 1984 study while practising medicine in Papua New Guinea that was published in 2001 by The Journal of Trauma entitled “Injuries Due to Falling Coconuts.”

    But nowhere does DR Barss say that 150 people get killed by coconuts each year. He provides an anecdotal account of one such death and in a separate paper estimates that over a four-year period five deaths in his hospital’s service area were related to coconut palm trees (including climbers falling out of them). Dr Barss has stated, “I am surprised that someone has come up with an actual number for such injuries. It must be a crude estimate, and you would have to ask them what methodology they used to verify whether it has any validity.”

    Conclusion: Somebody pulled the figure about 150 deaths per annum due to coconuts out of thin air.

    A more recent report for the years between January 1994 and December 1999. This study is considered the largest review of coconut-palm related injuries (Mulford et al, “Coconut Palm-Related Injuries in the Pacific Islands,” ANZ Journal of Surgery, January 2001), The results were Eighty-five patients fell from the coconut palm, 16 patients had a coconut fruit fall on them, three patients had a coconut palm fall on them and one patient kicked a coconut palm. The majority of patients who were injured by falling from a coconut palm were young (aged 6-25 years). Eleven of the 16 patients struck by falling fruit were under 25 years of age. The majority of injuries sustained were fractures. Patients falling from coconut palms sustained mainly upper limb fractures (60.1% of all fractures) or spinal fractures (16.3%). Patients injured by falling fruit sustained skull or upper limb fractures. All skull fractures occurred in patients under the age of 10 years.

    In the 5 years that the report covers their were ZERO FATALITIES. REPEAT ZERO FATALITIES!

    Only a real NUT could believe that Coconuts kill more people than Pitbulls. But I guess that’s why they call Pitbull Apologists “Nutters”

    • HOD

      THANKS MAX!!! For providing real, sensible, scientific data. The discussion here is very similar to that of firearms. Pitbulls like Firearms are not dangerous by themselves, the problem arises when they fall in the hands of criminals, sociopaths or just careless, ignorant, stupid people, then innocents are wounded or die.
      Dont’t take me wrong, I’m 52 and have known hundreds of people that posess firearms and never anyone known to me have been damaged by one of those guns. But I feel shivers down my spine if I see someone, not in uniform, walking on the street with an arm in his hands.

      • KDW

        I like how pit bull owners are nuts for defending their breed of choice and all others are activists.

  • Max Gold

    Look at the Pit Nutters frothing at the mouth, ready to attack anyone who points out the obvious. Pitbulls have killed more people than all other breeds combined. It isn’t to hard to confirm, read the ongoing report Dog attack deaths and maimings, U.S. & Canada, this report clearly shows that Pitbulls are responsible for 48% of fatalities, 62% of maimings, and 62% attacks causing physical injury while only constituting less than 5% of the dog population.

    Not only this, the Pro Pitbull study “Are-Pit-Bulls-Different-An-Analysis-of-the-Pit-Bull-Terrier-Controversy” determined that pitbulls are six times more likely to attack their owners.

    One of the most damning recent studies called “Mortality, Mauling, and Maiming by Vicious Dogs 2011” concluded that “1 person is killed by a pit bull every 14 days, a person loses a body part to a pit bull attack every 5.4 days, 2 persons are injured by pit bulls each day, and 1.5 pit bulls are shot to death every day in America. The study concluded that If the risk of fatal pitbull attack is normalized to Labrador Retrievers and Labrador-mix breeds (the most common registered dog in the United States), the relative risk of death related to pit bull attacks is more than 2500 times higher.

    You only need to look to this years dog bite fatalities, so far this year there have been 14, 13 of which were by Pitbulls. For reasons unknown to me, people have trouble believing that a dog that has been purposely bred to fight to the death in a pit for the past century, that has excelled in killing whatever it targets, human or animal, isn’t a suitable breed of dog for a civilised society. It comes as no surprise then that two studies confirm that those drawn to dangerous breeds are disagreeable and 10 times more likely to have a criminal past.

    I welcome anyone to confirm what I have written, I have provided the relevant links below.

    • chris gent

      Thanks for the stats. Did anyone else notice that the pro-pit side seems to be lacking in rational thought and argument? Not saying there are not exceptions, but could it be that, on average, people of lower intelligence are drawn to this type of dog?

  • Joseph

    The list is really wrong, and now I should make a new website that I should make it, and the tittle is called top dogs rating I should make it right now.

  • Joseph

    That is wrong because there are 1 dogs is missing and it’s a Turkish dog, it’s a Kangal that is the King of the dogs, the dog it can kill a lion completely check in the Image or in Youtube, then second is Pit Bull, Rottweiler, German Shepherd and some other dogs.

    • Sue M.

      The list is NOT for the most dangerous/aggressive breeds, it is dealing with bite fatalities in the U.S. Even if Kangals are more aggressive, or more likely to bite, or more capable of killing than any breed on this list, it’s entirely possible (I suspect likely) that they have not killed a single person in the United States. They are a rare breed in the U.S., probably very rare; most people have not even heard of them. Probably very pricey, too, and it’s likely the few breeders around thoroughly check out prospective owners to find out if they’re competent to deal with such a powerful animal. There’s very few of them around; and the same situation probably explains, at least in part, why some other large molosser breeds like the Dogo Argentino and Fila Brasileiro are also missing from the list.

  • Amelia

    Just an interesting fact about pitbull attcks: you are more likely to be killed by a falling coconut than be attacked by a pitbull. all those pitbull haters out there: do your research instead of just believing media lies.

    • Editorial Staff

      What media lies are you referring to specifically? What research? This is a perfect example of what GeneRipper was talking about in the previous comment – you don’t have to be a “pitbull hater” to acknowledge that pitbulls are inherently more dangerous than chihuahuas. Are you a “car hater” if you state that cars are responsible for more pedestrian deaths than bicycles?

      Also, the interesting “fact” you’re quoting is:

      1) A red herring. You’re more likely to die riding a motorcycle than driving a car, but that doesn’t make car accidents any less real.

      2) Proven 100% false (or at the very least unfounded). Read

      • keith carey

        Nice debate.I love rottweilers the most versatile dogs ever created. You are wrong about pittbulls and you fail to assign any responsibility to humans. Lies. Dam lies and then statistics. Dog racism is all you editorial staff are promoting
        you are sick ignorant liars! Period

        • caveman73

          And you are a simple mined tool if you think all dog owners are equal. Pit Bulls are dangerous and in the wrong hands lethal.

        • chris gent

          Dog racism?? Now there’s one for ya! The intelligence of some people is so low, it’s almost not believable. LMAO

      • Sue Vasquez

        While I acknowledge that ‘Pitbulls’ have a certain danger factor built in (A chihuahua will never do the kind of damage a pit can, regardless of temperament), I do take exception to one main thing.

        If a Chow mix… or a Great Dane cross… or a mixed Shepard kills someone, it is a ‘mixed breed’ kill. This is appropriate.

        However, ANY dog that looks like a pit, will be so named in every report about the attack. The legal definition of a pit is based purely on looks, not genetics. Someone killed by a Lab/Pit? Pit/Boxer? Dobie/Pit? ALL were killed by a Pit, NONE by a Lab, Boxer or Dobie. This is a major problem with dog attack statistics, whether based on bite or kill.

        The National Canine Research Council has an excellent article about studies done proving that visual ID, even by experts, is eminently fallible.

        As an aside, media DOES ‘lie’ about Pitbull bites, in a manner of speaking. If a Cocker Spaniel bites a child an article tends to be titled something like, “Dog bite on 5th St.” Same kid bitten by a dog that looks like a pit is far more likely to be written up as, “Pitbull Attacks child.”

  • adam

    chihuahuas are hands down the most aggressive dogs. lol. i hate those little rats.

  • james

    Hey u not so smart people there are only bad owners look in the history they were called nanny dogs Awsome with kids anything with teeth bite in case u didn’t know think before u say stupid Sh** thanks

  • Your list is just plain wrong. The top ranking dog breed, out of the 33 dogs surveyed, to be the most aggressive is…the Dachshund. Wow! I would never have thought, much less, consider it the most aggressive dog breed. The study found that “one out of five dachshunds have bitten or tried to bite strangers, and a similar number have attacked other dogs; one in 12 have snapped at their owners.”
    The second highest ranking for most aggressive is the Chihuahua with Jack Russell ranking in 3rd. Researchers claim that “the bite statistics that have been released in recent years are skewed because most dog bites are not reported. Big dog bites are more likely to require medical attention, but this does not mean that those breeds are doing the majority of the biting.” It is also duly noted that aggressive levels in these breeds is alarming because the percentage keeps rising with rate of and attempted bites.
    The breeds that scored the average or below average rate of or attempted bites are Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. The breeds that are the most docile with the utmost least aggression are Bassett Hounds, Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Siberian Huskies (my favorite breed) and Greyhounds.

    • Editorial Staff

      “Your list is just plain wrong. The top ranking dog breed, out of the 33 dogs surveyed, to be the most aggressive is…the Dachshund.”

      Given that this article is about dog bite fatalities and the study you’re referring to looks only at aggression (likelyhood to bite), how can one disprove the other? A dog can be the extremely aggressive based on biting behavior, while still being responsible for 0 fatalities due to their size and build. On the other hand, a dog can be extremely unlikely to bite (low aggression), but extremely likely to cause serious injury in instances where they do.

      Furthermore, while I can’t examine the study itself since that article just links to another secondary source, based on the information given, it seems that the study you’re citing is based on self-reporting by 6,000 dog owners. In other words, the researchers just asked current dog owners about their dog’s biting behaviors. This means its vulnerable to a couple of very obvious and major flaws:

      1. Dog owners willing and available to participate in a research study about dogs aren’t necessarily going to be a representative makeup of all dog owners. They’re more likely to be educated, middle-class, and unlikely to represent those individuals on the fringes of society.

      2. Since this study is looking at self-reported data from current dog owners, it stands to reason that you’re not going to get as much reporting of aggressive behavior from larger dogs. That’s because when larger dogs viciously attack strangers, family members, or other pets, they will get removed from the owner and put down. The owners of those dogs wouldn’t be included in the study. Not surprisingly, big dogs will score lower on the aggression scale in a study that only surveys current dog owners.

    • bdc629

      The list is NOT about AGGRESIVE dogs, its about dogs that have KILLED the most.

  • Kaitlin

    “To anyone who knows dogs, the American Pit Bull Terrier is no surprise at #1 on a list of deadliest dogs.”
    This makes it sound like Pit Bulls are terrible. They may have caused the most fatalities, but pit bulls are also commonly trained as fight dogs more than other breeds. So the real question is what were the circumstances of those fatalities and were they fight dogs. Because Pit bulls are very sweet. But they can be hurt to the point of meaness or trained to be mean and since people judge them, sometimes they hurt them and so the dog eventually fights back.

    • Editorial Staff

      Nothing about that particular statement implies that Pitbulls are inherently terrible, but as you stated yourself, they are responsible for more dog bite fatalities than any other breed – a fact that most people are aware of.

      It certainly doesn’t mean they can’t be loving pets, or that the vast majority of Pit Bulls raised by loving owners are no danger to humans.

      • Kimberly

        Then that needs to be portrayed in the article. This article is an unfair attack on these animals. Your readers are offended and disgusted.

      • Mary

        Reported bites by the breed of dog. No real stats on the other millions of bites from breeds. Ignorance is bliss…. so they have said. Before anyone says anything about one piticular breed they need to raise one first and find out just how loving and wonderful they are. Yes a Pit Bull is part of My Fmily and I will protect her as though I gave birth to her. She is my child to and a Mommas instinct is to protect. Im I a dangerous breed too?

        • Editorial Staff

          Reported bites by the breed of dog. No real stats on the other millions of bites from breeds.

          What does that even mean? For the 100th time, we’re talking about fatalities, not bites. It’s right there in the title!

          Before anyone says anything about one particular breed they need to raise one first and find out just how loving and wonderful they are.

          Again, for the 100th time, how does raising and loving a single animal give you information about every single member of that breed across the nation? No one is claiming that every single pitbull has killed someone. How exactly does it contradict statistics gathered from institutions like the AVMA or CDC?

          She is my child to and a Mommas instinct is to protect. Im I a dangerous breed too?

          Actually yes, you are a dangerous breed – humans are the most dangerous animal on Earth by far, based on the sheer number of animals and ecosystems we destroy. But that particular fact doesn’t necessarily make you as an individual dangerous. See how that works?

          • Justin

            hope you realize that CDC is Center of Decease Control. Nothing to do with dogs or even animals at that.

          • Jarlath Healy

            Dispatch (the person that gets the call) puts PITBULL even if the caller is an idiot and doesn’t classify the breed correctly. That information transmits to whatever agency before the CDC for processing. Listen, talk to someone that fills in information about these animals before reading statistics. Statistics are false as hell, because I can tell you that I’ve put PITBULL in the system when I knew IN-FACT, the caller had no clue what they were talking about. But had to do it because of regulations.

          • Mario

            A search of the AMVA website – who were supposed to have conducted the study – reveals absolutely nothing about a 20 year study of dangerous breeds.

          • Mario

            …and Justin – the CDC keeps a database of every kind of death and it’s cause. Search CDC and WISQARS. The Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System is an interactive database system that provides customized reports of injury-related data. It is managed by the CDC. It includes deaths by animal attack.

      • devrie

        “known for their extremely aggressive behavior,” is what you wrote that seems “inherently terrible.”

        I think were people are becoming incensed by the language you use about pit bulls is this:

        1. If the American Pit Bull Terrier is one of the top three dog breeds in 28 states, they stand a chance at having higher statistics for anything compared to other breeds.
        2. The American Pit Bull Terrier is by far the most popular dog for dog fighting and protection of illegal activity in the United States. It stands to reason that there are a large number of people who will opt to breed these dogs who are not responsible dog owners.

        With that said, you came to the conclusion that the pit bull is aggressive, yet in your comments you stand by an accurate assessment that aggression does not always correlate to deadliest.

        Personally, I think it would be beneficial to update your description to add that, while the American Pit Bull Terrier is responsible for the most number of fatalities, there is little evidence to suggest that the breed is any more aggressive than other breeds when cared for by responsible pet owners.

        Furthermore, the “pit bull” is not a breed, so it is difficult to know if all the statistics classified ALL mixed breed dogs with certain characteristics as a “pit bull” or not.

        The truth is that any dog that looks as though it has “pit” characteristics is generally classified as a pit bull, and as such, that breed garners more attention than the other breeds, which, if were identified in the same fashion, may in fact be considered even more deadly.

        Pit Bull bans have resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent family dogs. It’s no wonder people are sensitive to wording such as “aggressive” and “deadliest,” when the statistics may even be skewed attribute more fatalities to this dog than others.

        I’ve been told to “watch out for pit bulls,” but I’ve been around a good deal of them. We took in a pit-mix when I was a kid, and my mom refused to believe he was a pit-mix, even when the vet confirmed it. –because he was very gentle.

        I’ve been bitten by a great dane, a chow, and a shepherd mix. I’ve been chased by a German Shepherd and some long haired mixed breed dog. After learning about “pit bulls,” I realized that my neighbor’s pits who wandered into my yard and gotten scared of the cats…the pits my friends have had, the others I’ve encountered during walks have not attacked me so much as other breeds. When I was chased and bitten by the Great Dane who’s teeth marks are still in my thigh 20 years later, no one reported it to the news. No one cares unless it looks like a pit bull, and after learning how many of those dogs have died for fear that they are ALL “aggressive by nature,” I can’t help but think you need to reword what you’ve written to clarify that there is no proof of their inherent aggression.

        • Joshy

          I believe that you have just silenced the EDITORIAL STAFF with this statement. They flat out ignored your comment…How is the dog Known for its extremely aggressive behavior? where are the statistics on that statement?

      • helen

        to the editorial “staff”
        after reading your replies sounds as if you are against these breeds. Therefore your are an instigator and have no clue what you are saying. Now if you want to project an honest profile on your article it would be beneficial to quote other sources. Such as Rescues who work with these animals. No one knows these breeds better than the rescues that work with them. This article is horribly one-sided.

      • Judith Freeman

        The bad thing about the statement pointed out by Katlin is that it is an opinion that has been added to what otherwise is being put forth as factual information. With all due respect, it is also an uneducated opinion. When presenting facts on a topic that most people know little about it is most ethical to stick to the facts and avoid adding such statements in an attempt to give extra credibility. A fact is a fact! Of course, the only way to know for a fact would be to DNA test every dog who kills a human to verify the breed. Where I live several dog bites have been reported to be pit bulls. I personally know some were not and one appeared to be some kind of Dachshund Mix…not even close! I really believe you should throw Katlin a bone and admit she is right. Being a person who knows dogs, it really doesn’t skew my perception at all.

    • GeneRipper, PhD

      Not just trained to fight, but BRED to be fight dogs from the origin of the breed. All of the dog breeds were created for specific purposes, and used to bring out certain behavioral characteristics, NOT just physical ones, in these dogs.

      People who complain of “breedism” etc are often science deniers or those acting on emotion rather than reason. In denying some breeds are more prone to aggression (inherently) and blaming animal behavior all on bad owners, they are in denial of the scientific facts of biological (genetic) determinism.

      They may be uncomfortable with the idea because what is true for one kind of animal would be true for others, including HUMANS.

      • Kimberly

        Bred to fight??? Bred to fight what??? Pit Bulls were originally bred for dog fighting, bull and bear baiting… not to attack people. Further more my mini Schnauzer was bred to kill (rats and other small rodents) but that doesn’t make her more aggressive toward people. What about the dogs crossed in order to make this number one killing breed? They’re not even on the list; wouldn’t they be just as dangerous or close? If this dog was bred to kill people I think there would be many more fatalities don’t you? There are more Pit Bulls in the United States than the number of fatalities they’ve caused and a large number of them are in the hands of the wrong people, If their instinct was to kill people we’d be in trouble. The most aggressive dogs in the U.S. are actually the Dachshund (one in twelve have actually bitten their owners), Chihuahua, Jack Russell, even the Dalmatian is on that list somewhere as it held the record for most bites one year. A pekingese bit my upper lip half off when I was a child. For the most part, if the dog is raised with the proper care all is well. The problem with the Pit Bull is that he has lock jaw so if he does decide to bite it is more likely to cause harm than another breed; never the less these are still good dogs and its not based on my emotion that I have this opinion; it’s based on fact.

        • Mike

          You need an anatomy and physiology lesson. There is no such thing as a lock jaw, what they do have incredible gameness a don’t stop or quit attitude. Fact is in the end pitts and rotts kill and do serious damage more than any other breed. You can own one just like any other breed but please take the resp. to

        • chris gent

          Ya lol, I’ve been reading your posts, you’re most definitely not emotional.

      • Brett

        I own a doberman. I have no problem with people who say dobermans are prone to aggression and have killed people. I don’t live in some delusional world that because I love my doberman and she hasn’t attacked somehow this article is bias against dobermans, The people who continue to make uninformed statements about the dog with the most fatal maulings are a part of the problem. I don’t trust any owner who continues to refute statistics again and again. If you love your breed so much be honest about the fact that kills too many innocent lives and maybe you’ll start being a part of the solution.

  • Joe Tubbs

    The casualty numbers look like it is from the CDC study back in the late 80s. This resource is clearly outdated. In recent months, I have adopted the number one most dangerous breed, a pitbull, from the aspca shelter. I will say that the dog is extremely even tempered and great with other dogs and children. While taking it out to the dog park it has been bitten more times that I can count by smaller, pocket sized dogs that I can count. The training and obedience comes from the owner. At the end of the day we are dealing with animals that can snap anytime.

    I would like the next CDC or Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association study to include data about the owners to see if they have a criminal record from a class 2 misdemeanor or felony.

    • Editorial Staff

      I agree that would certainly be an interesting study.

      At the same time, keep in mind that your single anecdotal experience (or many anecdotal experiences for that matter) is insignificant next to hard data gathered across the nation – even if that data may not be perfect.

      Also, keep in mind that “danger” isn’t simply defined by aggression – the physicality of certain dogs makes them more dangerous (at least in terms of fatalities or severe injury) purely due to physics. After all, even the most vicious chihuahua is extremely unlikely to kill a human adult, while the same certainly can’t be said for larger, stronger, breeds. Even if smaller pocket dogs are more likely to bite (again, not proven based on your anecdotal experiences in the park), that hardly makes them more dangerous if we’re looking purely at fatalities and severe bodily injury.

    • Kimberly

      LOL, I love your reply its so true! There are so many Pit Bulls in shelters; It makes me happy to hear that some of them do get happy homes.

    • Mike

      Your individual exp. aside their has actually been a huge increase in pitt maimings and fatalities since this study. Again not saying a pitt in the right hands can’t be a great dog, but when and if it snaps the consequences are so much worse then say a basset hound. I simply advocate that any breed owner goes to jail if their dog kills or maims like they did it. I’m feeling pretty safe with my dog are you? Do you know your dogs breeding it is both nature and nuture!

  • Krystina

    Your research is not only wrong, but also very biased. If you would read up on the so called breed ” Pitbull”, you would find that Pitbull is actually not a breed. The category of Pitbull is made up of any dog that is bulky in body and muscular. Did you know studies have shown that many people mistake the Chocolate Labs and Cane Corsos as ” Pit bulls”? But the ASPCA closes breeds to what people refer to as a “Pit bull” are American Pit bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier. These breeds are small in size. Now, if you look up on any search engines on the web. You can notice that the Pit bulls are all different sizes, different markings, as well as other distinguishing traits. Answer one question, Now adays with the Kennel Club and other organization to set the standards for different breeds, why is there not a Standard for a Pit bulls as a breed?

  • gail barringe

    Is bull terrier dogs an aggressive dog?

  • Juan

    pit bulls are really nice if you raise them right i owned one, nicest dog in the world their the most loyal dogs iv ever seen

  • Leonard Brantley

    This article is not very accurate German Shepherds were being bred before WW2 and a large male can weigh over 110lbs.

  • Lyndsey

    I’m not sure if its a mistake on your end or the study’s end, but German Sheppards are *not* a “new” breed. They’ve been around since the 1800’s. You might want to correct that on the article.

  • pitbullluv


    • franc black

      Pit bulls are killers. Isn’t that why all the wannabe badasses have those damn things? They should be a banned breed everywhere. Round them up and gas them!

      • Jarlath Healy


      • salmon

        Let’s round up stupid people and gas them also….yeah, franc-you can volunteer first. Ignorance is bliss!

      • Phillip


      • helen

        franc black is a hack. he doesn’t have a clue to what he is talking about. I’ve been a dog control officer for a county for 19yrs. Know what breed bites the most? Labs. Why? because they are the most owned breed. also these are reported I’m sure through news reports. Never once have I seen a Lab being on the news for biting, but they do. What the report fails to say is how these fatalities occured. How many people own guns (i’m mot against them) and how many fatalities they have caused. How many people own these breeds listed and out of the THOUSANDS there are only that many? People like franc black need to use their brains.

      • Kensiey

        Wow, yeah….just …really? I mean did you honestly post that? Look, genius, Pitts are NOT killers they are just animals. You know who is actually killers? People like YOU. You descriminate against something just because you dont know anything. Its like saying a gun is a killer. The gun did not pick itself up and kill someone without any outside disturbance. It was the human who killed! People are the cause of it. The only true muderers in the world are humans. I have never heard if an animal just randomly killing without reason. I may not have been alive long since Im still considered a minor but I know for a FACT that the causes of Pitts related deaths are due to human stupidity and ignorance. A Pitt has yet to be reported for randomly attacking and killing someone. Im not saying that they arent dangerous but then again everything nowadays is dangerous. Therefore, if you want an ENTIRE species to be killed due to your own ignorance then we might was well kill all people, too. Oh wait that wouldnt be humane right? And that would be stupid, right? We would be killing ourselves. But, with your logic that is essentially to what it can relate to. You have no idea what can set off a Pitt just like with a human being. You dont know what can set off a person and make them a murderer. Just like any other living thing on this planet! You DONT KNOW what can set them off and cause them to kill. So, i suggest that the next time you have such idiotic thoughts, you munble it to yourself. That would be great 😀

  • B. smith

    That should be 1895 on the German Shepard, not 1995.

  • Anonymous

    All these dogs mentioned as dangerous dogs , are really not dangerous at all . It all depends on your way of raising the dog . If you train a dog and influence it to be vicious . It will be vicious , train it to be social and it will be social , it’s as simple as it gets . I personally have been bitten by a Chihuahua . Don’t look at the breed , look at the owner and what they encourage the dog to do .

    • David O

      I have a dog listed on this study— a malamute. And despite all of the training and love and socialization I’ve given him in 12 years and the fact he’s never attacked anyone I would *never* say he’s not dangerous.

      If I had small children in the house, I would never own the breed. They’re just too large and animals are unpredictible.

      Believing your large-breed dog is not dangerous because he likes *you* and your family members is a terrible idea.

      • Mike


      • Love My Dog

        I agree with you, David O. While I disagree with many of the things said in this article, I will not argue that SOME pits, rotts, shepherds, etc. have the potential to be aggressive.

        HOWEVER, if you make the choice to have one of these types of dogs, you have to do research to make yourself aware of the responsibilities you will have toward the dog you choose, and further, learn about your dog’s individual personality. I happen to have a pit mix. She is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever come across. She loves people, and most children, and she can be around other dogs in a controlled setting.

        I would never let her loose in a dog park, nor would I leave her unattended with other dogs. That would be completely irresponsible. I have also come to learn that in regard to her individual personality, I would never allow young children near her (young being under the age of 8). Their high-pitched voices when playing or when excited, combined with their natural urge to run fast when playing, would set her off and frighten her. She is very sound sensitive, and reacts negatively to young children as a result. I am therefore very careful when I bring her places, and I make sure that it is devoid of boistrous children. That is her personality. Yet she is fine with quiet children and older children.

        I still would not ever take her somewhere where I think there is a chance of their being young, shrieking children. I try to be as responsible as I can. That is the key. Being a responsible and informed owner. I can’t do anything about other people’s ignorance, I can only do something about myself and my dog, and keep her out of potentially “bad” situations.

        As to legislation that would hold the owner responsible for the dog? I am for it. At the same time though, I feel that if a dog does bite/maim, the situation needs to be looked into, because 9 times out of 10, the dog was likely provoked in some way. Most dogs (including pits) don’t/won’t bite a person unless the person provoked them somehow. And it is entirely possible that the provocation was unintended (a scent, a movement, SOMETHING).

        The point is, the breed should not be solely blamed. It IS the owner too. If the owner is irresponsible, they should be held accountable.

    • Mike

      don’t try and argue nature vs nuture it is both. Any breed can be aggressive and some much more often then these breeds but they are the ones that actually kill and maim pure and simple. read my comments on dog resp. act I’ll sign how about the owners of all these other breeds?

  • Phyllis

    German Shepherds date back to only 1985???? I think that is impossibles my husband had two of them when I meet him in 1979. Maybe you meant 1885?

    • Susan

      It says 1885, maybe you need some glasses.

  • chloe

    I agree with you

  • Jess

    I challenge the author of this page to educate themself on Pitbulls. First off there are far more aggressive breeds of dogs. Secondly they were not originally bred to be fighters they were bred to be a working class dog and as a matter of fact their demeanor towards children earned them the nickname “The Nanny Dog.” While there is no debating the hard numbers on fatalities (due to negligent owners.) They are not an aggressive breed of dog.

    • David O

      ” Secondly they were not originally bred to be fighters they were bred to be a working class dog..”

      Um, what? You’re contradicting very well documented historical evidence that points to otherwise. Even the most pit-friendly page points to their past as fighters.

      While pit bulls as fighters are well documented, pit bulls as “Nanny Dogs” is not. The earliest known reference to the phrase being applied to pit bulls is around 1970. Sure, there’s some vintage photos of kids next to pit bulls but there are also vintage photos of kids next to lions, alligators and chimpanzees.

      In other words, if you went to London in 1885 and asked what dog was used to watch over children, you’d get a blank stare.

    • Mike

      Please educate yourself while similar in many regards the STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER WAS KNOW AS THE NANNY DOG. It has been a seperate breed from the large American Staffordshire terrier (akc) and the american Pitt Bull (Ukc) for many years. and why do people keep bringing up these catch phrases that were developed decades if not over a century ago to apply them to a breed problem that has largely been developing over the past 20 years.

    • Lauren

      I agree with this 100%! There is a documentary called “Beyond the Myth” that educates about Pit Bulls. According to Colorado Injury Hospitalization Statistics in a one year study, Golden Retrievers had topped the list with the highest number of bites.

  • knowledge

    I question the validity of your study. Example: Akitas aren’t even on your list.

    • Editorial Staff

      We didn’t conduct the study. Its based on dog bite fatality statistics from the CDC.

    • Ady

      And not even a mention about the Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasiliero and the Japanese Tosa?! All breeds deemed dangerous under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (19997 amended order) in the UK. Would that be because these breeds are banned in the UK so therefore much lower in numbers?

      As a pitbull owner myself I for one can verify that they are not a dangerous breed and are one of the most human loving dogs that I have ever come across. I concede that they are not as friendly in all cases to their own kind yet I am in disbelief that dog / dog statistics are used in the making of this ‘report’. It would be like saying there are more child attacks in a family residence by Labradors and Dalmations. Of course there would be! The ratio of ‘family pets’ would make it more realistic than someone pleb jumping on the band wagon and using statistics taken from an illegal trait such as dog fighting.

      Geez! When will people do some real research before making unjustified claims without actually knowing the breed?

      • Editorial Staff

        “Danger” can be defined many ways. In this article, we specifically chose to define it in terms of dog bite fatalities in the United States, because those numbers are reliable and readily available. Obviously if a dog breed is banned then within our definition it can’t really be a dangerous to someone walking down the street, though it may be dangerous if you define danger in another way. If you define danger as some sort of hypothetical “battle royale” situation where dogs fight to the death, or try to maul as many people as possible within a given timeframe, then its very possible that the dogs you mention are more dangerous – but where are you going to get the data to prove it?

        Besides, I would have thought as a pitbull owner, you would know better than anyone to turn to legislation as a way to measure the dangerousness of a breed. If a dog is more dangerous simply because its banned by law, would pitbulls suddenly become more dangerous if legislators decide to ban them? Or does this only apply to dogs that you don’t personally own?

        Also, with all due respect, are you really criticizing our “lack of real reseach” while at the same time generalizing your personal anecdotal experience as a pitbull owner to every single pitbull in the world? You might want to read this:

        • Kimberly

          Dear supposed editor, … I don’t think you’re a professional, lol. The article says “Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds Based on Bite Fatalities;” it doesn’t say “in the United States” or “Dogs most likely to attack you in the streets” etc etc. Ady is 110% correct and you are 99% wrong. Your reply to Ady is weak as well. Delete the article; it sucks.

          • Editorial Staff

            You’re right, it doesn’t say United States, but we’re based in the United States, with a mostly American audience and American writers. Also, shouldn’t the fact that it says right up front that the article is based on a study by the American Veterinary Medical Association clue you in?

            It’s interesting that you critique that particular detail, but then say that it doesn’t say “Dogs most likely to attack you in the streets”. You’re most definitely right – it says “Based on Bite Fatalities”, something you just quoted 1 sentence earlier. You can’t see it, but I’m face palming right now.

          • Jim

            I read the replies to the article and shake my head in amusement. The article is clear and is simple. The list is composed by the number of fatalities reported to and by the CDC over a 20 years period. It does not take into account bites or aggressiveness….note to the idiots: is not a list of most dangerous bog breeds based on bites. Morons, a fatality by a St. Bernard could hav been because it sat on a baby. And the stupid questions like why aren’t Akitas on the list? Because they registered less than 7 fatalities in the 20 year period you twit. Why not poodles? Same answer….geez. Just because you don’t like the list, that’s based on stats…..doesn’t make the article false. But wait Editor, don’t you know that _____(enter any breed here) bites more of my neighbors than a pit bull? Who cares. That’s not what the article is about, I forgot for a moment I could read. I applaud the Editor for trying to address the moronic postings, for I don know why, with these comments, anyone would post any attempt at educating en mass by way of factual info. Rest assured that every breed on this list has many people that own the breed that can attest how sweetvand lovable they are. I’ve owned 4 on this list and not one of mine caused a fatality but that doesnt change the facts #learnt read #getalife #youareidiots

        • Kathleen

          Are people not grasping what this article is all about? It’s about dog bite fatalities. It stands to reason large dogs or one with strong jaws such as a pitbull are going to be on the list. While little dogs might be nippers & biters, they’re not going to kill you unless they’re rabid. Aggressive guard dogs are just going to be on the top of the list. No one says they’re ALL bad dogs. We had a soft coated wheaton terrier who for some reason turned viscious…all dogs are capable of it.

      • David O

        The research I trust most is from insurance companies that have paid actuaries to do nothing but crunch numbers all day. If insurance policies are telling me that it’s too risky to insure pit bulls because it’s a losing proposition for them that’s good enough for me. They don’t have a horse in this race and could care less about dog breeds; they just care about cold, hard stats.

        • VPB

          But cancelling one homeowner’s insurance because other people’s pitbulls have bitten people is akin to a type of racial profiling. It assumes that all pitbulls will be dangerous and attack. Yes, my pitbulls will defend me if they detect that I am threatened, and at the same time, I can guarantee you that I will never have to file a theft claim with my insurance as long as I have a pitbull. People cross the street when walking by our house b/c they see a pitbull in the window. But anyone who has been in our house as our invited guest loves our pitbulls. What is not considered here is the context in which the bite fatalities occurred. Since we have established through many posts that there is a criminal element involved with pitbull breeding, how many of those deaths occurred in drug-related or crime related situations? My friends visiting my house will not be harmed by my pittie. A criminal breaking into my house will be harmed by my pittie. This is not to criticize the article, but is a point to consider.

      • Kimberly

        I agree with you and the ignorance is frustrating. These stupid articles and such are the reason people are so afraid of these dogs and that so many of them sit in cages without a home. I saw the cutest sweetest Pit Bull in the St. Patrick’s Day parade here in Cedar Rapids Iowa. He was one of the many representing the local shelter and was so excited to do so; I thought he would lose his voice and his tail from all the wagging, wiggling, and barking. If I had the space in my home I would have happily stopped the parade just to adopt him. I’m always happy to hear of good Pit Bull owners ready to defend the breed 🙂

      • Mike

        Dog responsibilty act not breed specific your dog kills or maims and owner goes to jail the same as the owner did the act. Sorry but almost all going to jail will be from dogs on this list esp.pitt and rott owners. Met many a friendly pitt and rott but almost all the pitts would try and attack any dog they met. Since they and rotts kill and maim more than any other breed I don’t follow your logic. and argue with the insurance actuaries all you want.

      • Kris

        They are probably under the “pit bull type” Which classifies like 19 different breeds or something.

      • banpits

        Every 19 days someone dies from a pitbull stats mean facts keep your landshark on a leash and out of dog parks please!

  • Michael Forecast

    The comment about pit bull temperament is not accurate by any means.when raised right, the pit bull would be one of the safest breeds by far as during its creation, attacking humans was actively bred out due to the fact that handlers would be in the rings with the pit dogs during the breeds fighting days.they would have to be taught how to attack people because its contradictory to its instinct. Statements like the one above takes away accountability from stupid people that buy these dogs to be weapons.

    • Sophie Cairns

      Michael Forecast: you are absolutely correct: the trend is to use these dogs for intimidation/protection/attack by drug dealers, in domestic violence incidents and home invasions. They do this because there is no legal enhancements for doing so as there is if felons bring guns to a deal/invasion or within the home.

      What ‘normal’ people forget is that there is a large underground breeding network by criminals. They connect in and out of correctional facilities. They are the ones responsible for outbreeding with Dogo Argentinos, Presa Canarios, Boerbels, etc. to produce a bigger, more muscular, more aggressive, larger headed PitBull mix. These dogs never see a vet for vaccinations or health checks so there is really no reliable way to count their population…. until the culls are dumped in shelters, where they are adopted out to relieve the tremendous shelter overcrowding. San Diego charges no fee for this type of dog, thus contributing to the problem and Southern California is one of the hot beds of PB bites.

      Having taught in correctional facilities, I’ve learned about this first hand and well as having degrees in psychology, sociology and Criminal Justice. The overwhelming dog of choice is the PitBull… virtually the only one. I”ve yet to see a criminal taking a GSD to a fight… a Rottie or MAstiff rarely, but done but 97% at least the choice is a PitBull.

      • Jamone

        If you have all this education then how did you post that ridiculous info above?

      • Jason Schneider

        you stated it on the nose which backs my statement up, any dog attack by any breed is 90% done by mutts, not pure bred dogs, case closed

    • Kimberly

      I can’t agree with you more. If the breed was that awful it would never be recognized by the AKC nor would it be allowed to show.

      • Mike

        Ah but there is the rub that is why the American Pitt bull owners of the ukc and many others won’t/don’t purchace registered dogs from good breeding backgrounds (AKC). “It takes the gameness out of them” They are afraid the akc reg. dogs won’t live up to their thug images.

        • Jason Schneider

          I’m not afraid of anything and my dog is registered under ukc. so your statement is false yet again. ukc has nothing to do with temperaments of any dog it registers, once again it’s the owner

      • Jason Schneider

        you have no dog knowledge, if you did you’d know that the American pitbull terrier is only recognized by the ukc (United kennel club), the Staffordshire terrier is recognized by the American kennel club, they are not the same breed of dog

    • Mary

      Thank you. Some folks get all up in arms when they see one or are in a dog park. My take on this…. if you were taught to fight before you were off the teet you’d be aggressive too. Hungry and going after what some idiot taught you to do for money in thier pocket. It does Notmean every pit, rottie, shepard or any other ” so dangerous” breed. I will say even a chiaqua will leave one hell of a bite if aggitated enough.

    • Carole Hughes

      You are quite correct in your response to this article. In fact one of the most known breeds for “biting” and “nipping” is none other than the Jack Russell Terrier – yet it is not even in the top 10! At the end of the day dogs are like children -none of them are born bad – they are brought up to be “bad” by the one breed that there is no BSL written – the human!

      • Sue M.

        How could the Jack Russell be in the top 10? The article is about bite fatalities, not about frequency of bites.

        A Jack Russell in the U.K. did kill an infant earlier this year, but that fatality would not be included in U.S. stats cited here.

    • Mike

      Yes but unfortunately they still have a huge amount of dog aggression and I have seen many a pitt friendly to the owner but try and tear apart their dog. this leads to human bites as the dog owner tries to protect their animal. And unfortunately what you say has gone down the tubes in the last ten to twenty years because of poor breeding and the criminal element.

    • caveman73

      More people die from Pit Bulls than any other breed of dog.

  • Sasha

    Huh. According to SEVERAL published, peer-reviewed, research-backed journals, most dog bites (fatal and otherwise) come from other dogs (such as mutts).
    Where did you get your info?
    I would LOVE to see some references!!! 😀

    Until then, get your facts straight before you post trash all over the internet. Ok??

    • Editorial Staff

      Hi Sasha,

      I believe the author based this article on the following report by the CDC. Feel free to share any relevant studies you have uncovered as well.

      Obviously when it comes to these types of numbers the answers will differ based on how the data is collected and how its interpreted. Note that the studies in the report above don’t actually indicate a specific breed’s likeliness to bite or kill, its simply an accumulation of statistics collected by the CDC in regards to fatalities associated with dog bites.

      • Kimberly

        Then why post unless your going to post the entire truth. The way this page is set up is disgusting; it’s aiming to strike false fear and hatred towards an animal that can’t defend itself. Whether the partial info on here is accurate or not it remains a LIE until ALL the necessary information is given. Thank you very much editor but you need to do some reediting… better yet remove the entire article.

        • Editorial Staff

          “it’s aiming to strike false fear and hatred towards an animal that can’t defend itself.”

          As opposed to all of the other animals that can defend themselves via the written word? I guess we should stop writing anything potentially negative about any living creature.

          “Whether the partial info on here is accurate or not it remains a LIE until ALL the necessary information is given.”

          Lady…I don’t know how to respond to this. You literally just said you don’t care about accuracy, and that you would consider accurate information a “lie”. I guess logical discussion is out the window…

          • Jarlath Healy

            What she meant was like, 45 dogs out of 100 could have been “seen” by pedestrians as pit bulls. But, there’s no proof that they were actually pit bulls. Like, for me as a dispatcher, a call that came across like this: “a dog that sorta looked like a pit bull attacked this kid,” we HAVE to put PIT-BULL in the archives. I never seen the dog, I just relay the message to animal control/police department that a Pit-Bull attack had taken place at a particular place. They don’t mock it up either to be “mixed,” its PIT-BULL, even if was a rot/dalmatian/coyote, whatever. And guess where my lovely information goes to? The CDC.

          • Jamone

            Reveal the numbers and take time to respond to the legitimate responses from some of the people that post. You chose to include the “but this has been linked to poor training/obedience issues as Huskies rate as one of the most intelligent canines in the world” So are German Shepherds and PitBulls? Nice convenient omission. =)

          • JonO

            What an absolute waste of time! Your “study” make no comparison between the number of members of a particular breed and the number of deaths caused.

            If there are 1,000 Chow-Chows in the U.S. and 100,000 Pit-Bulls (not a breed, by the way. There are at least three breeds that are commonly identified as pit-bulls) and one out of 100 Chows kills someone over a ten year span, and one out of 1,000 pitties kills someone over the same time period, which is the most dangerous breed?

            This is a hatchet dog, and totally inaccurate, in spite of your claims.

          • KPhilly

            To the editorial staff, what I think the previous comment from Kimberly was attempting to say is that without presenting a pro and con side to the argument you are leaving out pertinent information to provide a balanced and unbiased position on this topic. Kimberly is clearly stating (over emotionally maybe) that your “accurate” information is misleading given how it is presented.

            The argument about dangerous and deadly dogs has shifted from different breeds; from german sherpards, to huskys to dobermans and now to pit bulls. It should be clear that behavior regardless of canine or homosapien is based on a mix of nature vs. nurture. By determining one type of canine breed is the deadliest might be possible, but the better question might be to ask whom is responsible for this occurrence and what factors have lead to this occurrence. It is not fair to vilify anyone or anything especially a domesticated animal.

          • Kensiey

            Editorial Staff person….how do I explain this…Kimberly was actually saying that any ‘facts’ no matter how accurate are not REAL UNLESS ALL THE FACTS ARE GIVEN, not just the bits & pieces that benefit the article! Learn to read the words properly. So therefore any chance of a logical discussion with YOU is gone due to your inability to actually read simple words.

            Everyone else saying this is inaccurate because your dog is sweet and nowhere near vicious: read the title! It says Top Ten Most Dangerous Dog Breeds Based On Bite Fatalities. It does not say Top Ten Most Vicious Dogs.

            Now for the author. References would be great especially to the study you mentioned.

          • James

            so itas ok to write fear articles that lead to the persecution and destruction of animals. hrmmm im supposing you think that its ok to cull sharks as well..

            logical discusion came back in the window. read what she said, it was not “i dont care about accuracy” it was “if the information is incomplete then it has the potential to be as incorrect as a lie”

            the CDC report focuses solely on deaths, it is a very statistacally biased report. as mentioned earlier, PB’s have a lot higher per capita ownership than most other big dogs. the report only recorded “Pitbull -LIKE dogs”,(seriously, just read the first few lines of the wikipage on PBS) which becomes even more of a problem when you take into account the fact that the accounts were largely taken from media reports(the media loves a vicious PB story, saw a pure breed english staffy on the news the other night classed as a dangerous pitbull) the CDC report only focused on direct deaths, not deaths caused by infection from an attack. it did not make mention of number of non fatal attacks. and it also did not make any effort to inform people that of those 66 deaths caused by PB’s how many were attributed to the owners as much as the dog.

            imo any form of legislation is just a knee jerk reaction that is succeeding in only employing a few bureaucrats than doing anything positive and is actually creating more problems as stated by the American Vet Medical Association

          • spring

            What a very unprofessional response editing staff. I just got done reading the 10 misconceptions about pitbulls. It contradicts what you have posted on your Puppy Toob site. I appreciate that you did and kept mentioning that this info was only statistical and Puppy Toob wasn’t trying to force anyone to make a decision on a certain breed. However, the information was vague. Did I miss a Bibliography of sorts to show where you got your information? Even if it was from 20 different books, trainers, scientists, etc., at least the public could look it up for themselves. P.S. I hope your not as rude to me as you were to Kimberly.

        • strawberry robot

          OMG you are so boring!

      • fbrze

        “There is currently no accurate way to identify the number of dogs of a particular breed, and consequently no measure to determine which breeds are more likely to bite or kill.”

        • David Frank

          I’ve read the author’s source article, and while it may have a point, a flaw exists right there in the first page of the source article: “Although fatal attacks on humans
          appear to be a breed-specific problem (pit bull-type
          dogs and Rottweilers), other breeds may bite and
          cause fatalities at higher rates. Because of difficulties
          inherent in determining a dog’s breed with certainty,
          enforcement of breed-specific ordinances raises constitutional and practical issues. Fatal attacks represent
          a small proportion of dog bite injuries to humans and,
          therefore, should not be the primary factor driving
          public policy concerning dangerous dogs. Many practical alternatives to breed-specific ordinances exist and
          hold promise for prevention of dog bites. (J Am Vet
          Med Assoc 2000;217:836–840)”
          This, unfortunately, isn’t the first time vital facts have been left out of an article, out of the few articles that I’ve read on this issue.
          Since the beginning of time, society has been looking for easy answers to its problems. That is one of the problems with life in general: there are no easy answers. You can’t ban and eradicate a whole breed of dogs and expect the whole issue to just go away. The people who made the dogs that way in the first place, as your article suggests, will just seek out the next aggressive breed of dog.

      • joe

        I have no problem in my reading of this article or of the CDC source you cited. Albeit, wrongly. You specifically stated in the 2nd to last paragraph ” the American Pit Bull Terrier is no surprise at #1 on a list of deadliest dogs”. However, I reviewed the report from the CDC that you linked. It does NOT list “American Pit Bull Terrier” anywhere in the 15 year old study you referenced. Please, show me were I am wrong. And also, pit bull type, is not the same. Similar, but that would include dozens of different dogs, and including mixed breeds. Please, provide other references, or this article should be taken as it is. Propaganda the sway public opinion against bully breeds. (and no, bully has nothing to do with personality, but of the old use of the dogs in bull baiting”. As a side note, the bull terrier (spuds McKenzie, the target dog, and the winner if the Westminster dog show in 2006) would be included in that list. Please, feel free to rebut my points.

      • Jason Schneider

        sorry but misidentified dogs do not count, once again everyone blames pitbulls for attacks and its just not the case

      • CaitS

        I can’t believe I’m replying to such an old post, but while I wasn’t expecting to see a fully educated, objective article, I found myself dismayed by the perpetuation of half-fiction of the mass hysteria-inducing kind. Read the CDC report again here is what they admit: “we collected data from media accounts as well as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) registry of fatal attacks.”
        well, the HSUS condemn Pit Bull – related hysteria, that means these numbers are not based on statistics, but they are based on media reports, by ignorant “writers”, you know, people whose motto is “never let the truth stand in the way of a juicy story”. I’m sure that sort of “reporting” looks familiar to you. The CDC reports also reiterate the JAMVMA’s position: “Although fatal attacks on humans appear to be a breed-specific problem (pit bull-type dogs and Rottweilers), other breeds may bite and cause fatalities at higher rates. Because of difficulties inherent in determining a dog’s breed with certainty,enforcement of breed-specific ordinances raises constitutional and practical issues. Fatal attacks represent a small proportion of dog bite injuries to humans and,therefore, should not be the primary factor driving public policy concerning dangerous dogs. Many practical alternatives to breed-specific ordinances exist and hold promise for prevention of dog bites.” You also failed to mention that Pit Bulls are,Bulldog + Terrier mixes. Good luck determining which breeds and behavioral traits are involved in each Pit Bull. And you’ll need another miracle to determine exactly how each “evil dog” became “evil”. My 7 years’ experience with Pit Bull rescue, have shown that most “bad owners” are well-meaning people who don’t have the experience and knowledge needed to own powerful dogs, with equally strong territorial and hunting drive. That can be addressed with more strict ownership requirements. And finally, maybe you genuinely are biased and believe these dogs are hopelessly evil, another way of saying: I’m too stupid to become an educated, responsible dog owner. And maybe you are, but I’m not and I’m not alone in this. Now go take a calm down pill and try to write a logical article for a change.

    • Rachel

      I think that they are more focused on fatalities for obvious reason (it’s connection with being labeled most dangerous). Other dogs can ‘bite’ (in fact, all dogs); however, they are designating the most dangerous with strong prey drive, inbred aggression, and statistics (from news reports and hospital/death records). You have a larger variety of any type of dog not on the list–and yet, pitbulls have a much higher ratio of fatalities even among the other top 9 breeds on the list! Pitbulls are capable of not single bite and release ‘bites’, which most ‘mutts’ and smaller breeds could manage (those not even requiring stitches)……….they, on the other hand, ‘maul’ (multiple bites/holding on). They weren’t even bred for ‘guarding’–they were bred for ‘fighting’. And, every day we see news stories about them attacking people–so it isn’t random journalists posting trash. So the danger of pitbulls, in particular (as #1 on the list) isn’t wiped away by the generalized claim that ‘all dogs bite’. That’s a no-brainer. But can all dogs do the same type of damage–or cause as many deaths, by nature? No. That’s left to the pitbull breed, which is WHY legislation is being written to stop the breeding of them. I agree with that legislative action. It’s smart.

    • Isaiah
    • Mike and if you don’t like this site why do you think many insurance companies won’t give home insurance to certain breeds. They employ acturaries who go through rigorous exams to gather data on risk assesment. I am against BSL so don’t say I am anti-pitt. How about a dog responsibility law -your dog kills or maims and you go to jail like you did it? Shouldn’t be a problem for any dog owner right? I have four dogs and I would go for it but I bet many pitt and rott owners are not gonna want it.

      • Pitbull owner

        Oh my goodness…please DO NO Tmention as any kind of relevant website. This site was started by one woman who was out jogging alone in a rural environment and was attacked by what was reported as a “pitbull”…she was so traumatized that she started this HUGELY-BIASED website whose sole purpose is the eradication of pitbulls! And based on the site name, it comes up every time when searching for “dog bite”! If someone wants to look at a “biased” site, try – the following is from their site:

        Created in the UK
        A dog (Olde English Bulldog) that looked much like today’s pit bull was originally used in the 1800’s in the British Isles to ‘bait’ bulls. These matches were held for the entertainment of the struggling classes; a source of relief from the tedium of hardship. In 1835 bull baiting was deemed inhumane and became illegal, and dog fighting became a popular replacement. Soon, a new bulldog was created by crossing the Olde English Bulldog with terriers to create smaller, more agile dogs. The best fighters were celebrated and held up as heroes for their courage and fortitude during battle. At the same time, bite inhibition towards humans was encouraged through selective breeding so gamblers could handle their dogs during staged fights. Partially because of these early breeding efforts which frowned on “man biters,” pit bulls gained a reputation for their trustworthy nature with humans.

        History in America
        Immigrants brought their dogs across the ocean along with their families and prized possessions. They soon became a fixture in a developing nation. In early America, the dogs were valued for much more than their fighting abilities. They were entrusted to protect homesteads from predators and worked as vital helpers on family farms. Homesteaders depended on their abilities to help in hunts and as hog catchers (hence, the common title “catch dogs”). They were constant companions to the young children who were entrusted in their care. Pit bulls earned their place as an important part of the fabric of a developing nation.

        As cities sprung up, Pit Bulls remained a prominent part of the American culture. The USA admired this breed for qualities that it likened in itself; friendly, brave, hardworking, worthy of respect. Pit Bulls were thought of less as pit fighters and more as ‘regular dogs’. They show up in hundreds of turn of the century photos, flanked by loving family members. Early advertisements, posters, and magazines began to use the image of the All American Dog, including Buster Brown, whose companion was a Pit Bull.

        World War I posters displayed illustrations of APBTs as proud mascots of neutrality and bravery. This was Sargeant Stubby’s era! The pit bull was also a favorite dog among politicians, scholars, and celebrities. Helen Keller, Theodore Roosevelt, and the “Our Gang” Little Rascals all had pit bulls. Many reading this website may have grandparents and great grandparents who kept a favorite pit bull as a pet. Today, this tradition continues with countless numbers of Americans who love and cherish their family pit bulls.

      • salmon

        I will gladly go for it. I’m not worried about my 2 pits. I take responsibility for them everyday, this is no different. It’s just like if i were to drive my car into pedestrians on the sidewalk, it’s not the cars fault. It’s my fault. Just like it would be my fault for not properly training and socializing my dogs.

      • Jamone

        I agree!

      • JonO

        I’ll tell you why, Mike. Because of the deliberate lies and false statistics like this article.

      • Jason Schneider

        they won’t give homeowners insurance because of the ignorant public who once again knows nothing about the breed and once again misidentifies the breed in unfortunate mishaps, so why not just feed bs to those who will believe it

      • Risa

        At this very moment, I have a rottweiler and a PB in my home (just pet-sitting the PB). I would absolutely go for a law like this. I think it’s a great idea! I have no problem taking responsibility for my dog and I know she’s been trained and raised right. However, if someone tries to mess with me or mine, I’m sure she would/could do some damage.

    • bob

      And some thing that was not taking in to account is how old was the dog, what was the owner doing and what health was the dog in?

      • Jason Schneider

        the dog is not to blame or how old it is our was, it’s the owner for training it that way period 100% of the time. teach your kids to kill and steal, who’s at fault, nobody other then yourself, the same goes for dogs of any breed, not just pitbulls


      I agree you can’t post lies all ove rather Internet!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bry

      I would assume that the “mutts” you are talking about are put in the breed category pertaining to their most dominate characteristics. You can usually tell what breeds a mutt came from just by looking at them.

  • jose

    I have 2 pit bulls and they are some of the most friendlyist dogs I have ever seen in my life. my aunt has 4 and they are just awalys excited and there are attacts by pits because they are over protecttive and pits are mean some times because that is how thire traner teaches them and rotwilers and german sheperds are more fearful so before the creator made this list they should have done your research first

    • morgan

      I have had 2 rottweilers and they were the most friendliest dogs ever and so caring,also when me and my brother used to fight she would bark to make us stop. My uncle had 2 rotties (bear and sassy) bear was 150 lbs!

    • me

      exactly,i had a pit bull and a great Dane,and great Danes might be big but there nick name is the genital giant,and she was around me when i was a new born and never hurt me,if i fell shed stand over me like an umbrella and lick the cut if i had one,the pit bull lived for 12 years and that was the best 12 years of my is true that pit bulls grab and not let go…but what they grab and not let go of is your heart,not your arm,anyone who says that pit bulls are mean or viscous obliviously never had one or spent time with one and all of those dogs that are listed up there are kind loving family pets and if any one thinks different it is simply because you are thinking of when stupid ass people put dogs the fight each other or what you have seen in a movie,not what you have experienced with the breed your self…

    • Mugglemama

      I’m curious to know where it is legal to own FOUR dogs in one residence. I live on an acre in a rural area, and we are, by law, limted to 3 here. Can’t help but wonder if these four pit bulls your aunt owns are all legally registered.

      • susan

        In the city I live in [ Hot Springs Ar ] it is legal to own 4 dogs in one residence.

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  • be

    I wonder if these statistics are per capita. Because I know dozens and dozens of pitbull/mix owners and zero owners of any of the other breeds mentioned except a few Shepard and husky. It seems obvious that if there are more of a certain breed of dog around that there would be more fatalities. But the article doesn’t mention that. It’s like saying that driving is more dangerous than flying in the space shuttle because more people have died doing it.

    • Sophie Cairns

      This for for DEATHS, not just biting. So far this year 14 of the 15 DEATHS from dogs have been PitBulls and 9 of those have been deaths to family members, primarily children (6) and 3 seniors. PitBulls have EIGHT TIMES the deaths and bites that the next three culprits COMBINED.

      No, not all PitBulls bite or attack in their lifetimes/ but the risk is ALWAYS PRESENT and with 200 years of breeding to attack WITHOUT WARNING WITHOUT PROVOCATION and to not give up until the target is dead or they are.

      Dogs are bred by humans and have been for specific traits. Retrievers RETRIEVE. Pointers POINT out game. Hounds TRACK. Corgies, collies and shepherds HERD. PitBulls attack and hold on to the death. ALL DOGS ARE NOT ALIKE. Most breeds can be worked with love and good treatment but not with PitBulls. Of the 41 deaths by PitBulls last year 4 were rescuers who raised the dogs that killed them from puppy hood. It is not always how they are raised unless those PBs who kill family members were raised to be that way, which makes no sense at all.

      WHY don’t people choose less risk dogs? It’s because they have a degree of sociopathic disregard of their own family, their neighbors and their community when they DELIBERATELY CHOOSE a dog that has the highest propensity to attack. If you MUST have this kind of dog, at least have insurance to cover the potential damages. Many PB owners escape the horror of having to face up to what their CHOICE of dog caused to some innocent victim, the trend is that more and more are having to deal with seeing the the ripped scalps, the loss of an eye or limb or ear caused by their dogs. They are totally at fault. No escape yet they try every false statement to avoid responsibility…. again a sociopathic trait.

      • Mike

        Yay someone with common sense. I have had my nose in dog books for 40 years, been to shows, owned and bred responsibly (health tests etc). Any dog breed can be good or bad but why when the fatalities and severe injuries are what they are, why people take the risks they do is beyond me. I have met friendly rotts and pitts but I would never own one, just not worth the risk. And I am tired of the PB lovers blaming the owners(and yes sometimes it is their fault), that wasn’t a pitt etc (am staff, american pit bull, unregistered but clearly the body type and characteristics) etc. In the end like gun ownership it takes a level of committment and resp. to own any large breed esp. PB, rott, GS, etc Problem is such a large % of these owners are not up to the task, no way are all these owners of pitts doing the right thing for their breed, themselves or their families.

        • Matthew Bambarger

          But your gun never gets out of the house, runs down the street and kills someone.

          • Adam

            There are plenty of people who shouldn’t have guns on the streets, that kill people. I was a paramedic in New Orleans so I have seen it once or twice. So yes, there are guns running down the street killing people. It happens everyday. So should we just make guns illegal??? They kill people right??? Thats why people have hand guns right??? I hope you are actually reading this and haven’t just looked away yet, because I also own guns. I also own a pit bull. I have owned four of them. Its the same principle. If the breed wasn’t targeted as a fighting breed then there wouldn’t be nearly as many issues. Same with guns. If people didn’t have them solely to go kill someone, rather than protection from said people, then there wouldn’t be a national issue surrounding guns. Its about responsibility. If the breed was so bad, it would never have been given the nickname The Nanny Dog. That was the breeds handle in the early 1900s. The dogs are very loyal to their owners. So if their owners have certain intentions for the dog then the dog will probably act a certain way. Even with that being said though, the majority of fighting dog rescues have been successfully rehabilitated and put with families. Its the same with a gun, but just because some jackasses are killing each other with guns doesn’t mean its the gun that the problem.

          • Lance

            Adam, Pit Bulls are not a breed that was targeted. It is a breed which was created by man. By selectively mixing animals with violent tendencies and capabilities the aggression is in the breed’s genes. Sure ALL mammals are capable of being loving and loyal and gentle. That includes Lions, Tigers and Bears. But most people are smart enough to know that no matter how gentle a Lion is, it is still dangerous and should be handled with extra caution. No matter how gentle a Pit Bull no matter how loving the environment it was raised in is, the possibility for the genetic violent instinct to be triggered is ALWAYS present. This has been proven many times with many of the resulting fatal dog attacks. Unlike guns, which can be confined to a safe, or locked and incapacitated, dogs can not be equally confined/locked up without negatively affecting their quality of life and causing them mental anguish.

          • Jacob Bryant

            Pit bulls are number 1 the best number out of 10 so get over it and guns are not living so i don’t know who taught you! }:(

          • Jacob Bryant

            Matthhew Bambarger, your probaly a fancy gay guy and dont want that breed to hurt your adopted children!

          • Lisa

            Unless someone breaks into your house, steals your gun and then shoots someone with it. That happens quite a bit actually. Much more so than dog fatalities.

        • Mary

          Well said, Mike. I couldn’t agree with you more.

        • KDW

          Can some one explain to me how the men who fought pit bulls stood in the ring with their dogs and never received a single bite even if they was breaking dogs several times in a row. If you really want to know about a pit bull then you have to own one other wise its just an uninformed opinion.Not trying to make lite of the bad dogs that do bite people but if you don’t truly know the breed then how can you say its not bad ownership.Some people just make statements based on media hype and public perception.Just speaking as a DOG lover witch some people seem to forget these are still Dogs that we humans created for a purpose(to hold down bulls so butchers could bleed them out) why HATE them for merely existing.Do some research people.

          • Danivoros

            Even IF we give the benefit of the doubt to you and all others who praise the PB as a dog who just LOVES people, your statement alone acknowledging that they are bred to fight other dogs still illustrates the danger of them. They kill and maim so many innocent pets and all the PB lovers want to talk about is how nice their dog is to people. Fine, it might be a great people dog and “lick you to death” but it will NOT lick other dogs/cats… No one has a right to own a dog that kills other loved pets. I had a dog shredded almost to death by 2 PB’s, one had her neck and one had her hind end and they were tugging her like a chew toy. I had her on a leash and their owner just let them run and they jumped out of her car and ran straight toward us like they were on a mission to kill! Years later my neighbors daughter moved home and brought 3 of the tyrants with her and they just let them roam the neighborhood and twice one of them had my dog on his back (IN MY YARD) with his throat in her mouth. I finally had to get police involved. I’m sick to DEATH of worrying about my dogs being killed by them in my own yard! Just recently 2 PB’s entered a womans home through HER OWN DOGS DOOR and killed her 3 dogs in HER HOUSE!! UNBELIEVABLE!! I have developed a sixth PB sense like you wouldn’t believe and if I’m in a dog park and even see one coming toward me on a leash I gather my dogs and leave. There is absolutely NO denying from anyone that these dogs were bred to kill other dogs, whether you think they are lovers of all things human or not, none of you can be so ridiculously ignorant as to ignore the fact that they were meant to kill each other and no one has the right to own something that is such an unpredictable threat to lives of all other creatures unless you can 100% guarantee 100% control, 100% of the time of your dog.

          • Bryan

            Well my customer would have said the same thing before her pitt turned on her ripping her face open. BTW she is a trained dog trainer.

          • Ice Star

            Pit Bulls were bred to be dog aggressive, not human aggressive.

            The criminal element of society has unfortunately done damage to the breed once called “nanny dogs”.

          • Terry

            Many people do not want to know the facts. Like the MI politicians who passed the wolf dog law that eliminated wolf dogs in MI. They based their decision on pressure from a lady who’s little girl was killed by two dogs. Contrary to what she was told by some one who looked at photos of the dogs, neither dog was a wolf dog. The politicians didn’t bother to get the facts and so far have been lacking in conscience to pass the bill repealing the wolf dog law. We owned a wolf dog who slept with my wife, Me, a Doberman, and a Labrador in our king size bed every night for over 6 years until cancer and an incompetent veterinarian took him from us.

          • Susan

            The breed is lovable, but yet dangerous. As are certain breeds of cattle, horses, etc. Let’s just not continue to breed this type of animal, because unfortunately, someone buying your puppy, may not have the intentions that they make you believe. Thus, the “dangerous” pit bull becomes a truth.

          • Lance

            KDW. I seriously doubt your statement that no dog handler ever received a bite from their pit bulls. If you did your research, you’d discover professional dog trainers have been unexpectedly bitten by the pit bulls they’re training. Have you ever interviewed an experienced dog trainer on the subject? Talking to the pros, especially guard dog trainers might give you a little insight. I don’t HATE lion nor do I HATE tigers. I actually love tigers – think they’re cool. But I wouldn’t want to live near someome who kept them in their yard either.

          • Angel

            Right on with your statement, I have currently 5 males ; pit/ staffy ,American bull dog/ pit , canne core so/ pit, and a stafford terrier. All rescues it might add, the most happiest dog in the bunch was a former bait dog and he is the the one who is happy to great any stranger an lick you to death. And at any givin time I have fosters co habitating with my boys. These guys are amazing. I’ve been sitting my nephew sines he was 7 weeks old and my boys did nothing but lay with him and as he got. Older they played with him and where carefull not to knock him over as he learned how to walk. The even took baby steps as he hung on too them and tried walking. Dangourus my arse. Really what I’m getting at ( for all the haters out there) is this any dog can be aggressive breed two aggressive lined parents and your litter will be filled with that dominate gene vise versa breed two non aggressive parents an your will be filled with that dominate gene. I strongly suggest you read ‘Lost Dogs’ and absorb the information. Read the pit bull magazines at pet co , or pet smart; they are very informational. And in the end I realize this breed is not for everyone. They need strong disaplined parents. And not every breed is for every person. Respect my decision to own, rescue, foster what I choice. As I will respect your choice is to own or not to own any breed of your choice.

      • Hope

        You do know that Pitbulls were known as “Nanny Dogs” up until very recently, when dog fighting gained popularity…people chose them specifically because they were the perfect dog to leave their small children alone with. They would look after infants and toddlers with no problem and would also withstand any and all teasing and provocation from the child. To say that aggressiveness has been bred into them for so long is just idiotic and wrong. In fact, temperance tests show that the pitbull is the second most tolerant dog breed out there, coming in after the GOLDEN RETRIEVER. Many people, mostly including DRUG LORDS, train their pitbulls to attack people as a form of security for the illegal things they’re doing. Furthermore, pitbulls can easily become aggressive if trained that way because they are intelligent and complete people-pleasers. They will do whatever they understand will make you as the owner and master most happy with them. If you can’t properly train a pitbull, you probably can’t properly train any dog and shouldn’t own one at all. No, all dogs aren’t the same, but they tend to begin pretty damn close. We have a history of demonizing all different dog breeds, many of which appear on this list. Have you ever considered that German Shepherds are used as seeing-eye dogs? This list is clearly very basic and doesn’t go into detail regarding the upbringing of these animals or the circumstances under which they caused human fatalities. Pitbulls do not deserve the bad reputation they’ve received and are actually one of the sweetest, most patient, and most easily trained breeds out there, if you have any idea what you’re doing. I’m tired of people constantly trying to justify the general feeling toward them when in the past they’ve only been seen as worthy of watching over small children and the like.

        • Madison

          Pit Bulls were never “nanny dogs”! They were originally bred to be used in Bull Baiting. After this, they were used as Ratting and then Dog Fighting in the 19th century.

          • Dave

            Pitts Or Amstaffs were indeed nanny dogs, in first half of the 20th century they were the most poplular family dog because of there sweet temperament and loyalty to their owners and children. These dogs were NEVER bred to be people aggressive. They were bred to Bull and bear bait that is why they can be animal aggressive if not socialized properly. The era of scum thugs training for dog fighting is what turned this tide. They are naturally calm and loving to humans. They were bred to be so. As with any dog it is owner responsibility and training. We all have seen mean nasty small dogs as well as labs, beagles etc. The Pitt is strong and will do more damage. But that is true with any large dog. It is sad that a few low life scums have destroyed a breed in a couple of decades. If you buy from responsible breeders and socialize and train they are the most giving dog in the world. Playful and loving.

          • debi glen

            Maybe you are not old enough .. Lil Rascals .. this is a reply to snapdragon that is on my link .. you need to get off you i phone and start reading .. no thy did not have 911 when pit were popular .. thing were a lot different before you were born .. TV came around the time I was born .. Unless you owned a Pit . Keep your opinions to your self .

        • I LOVE MY PITS

          Someone with a brain… thank you HOPE
          And YES they were Nanny dogs. Look it up
          I have had pit bulls for 10 years. The breed has came a long way since then. People 10+ years ago were breeding these dogs for fighting, ect. But now they are being bred for pulling and showing, ect. My first pit was a dog bred to fight, his mother was from Alabama. He is now 10 years old and is the BEST dog I have ever had. My entire family was against pits until I got Ozzy. Now they ALL own one.
          People cannot judge a breed because of stupid owners. I have 2 children who were raised with ozzy when they want to ride their bikes on the sidewalk, ozzy goes. why is this? because I LOVE my kids and people are way more dangerous than my “vicious” pit bull
          When I saw this I went crazy. Pits love their owners and like ‘hope’ said they do the things they do because they want to please their owner that’s all they want no matter what the cost, even if its their life. That is an amazing dog an anyone who says otherwise has no idea what they are talking about.
          Hell only last night, my new 6 month old puppy protected my 6 year old daughter. My father was playing around and was pretending to whoop her she screamed, playing, Atilla(my pup) didn’t know that and came running and barking to protect HIS child.

          • Rick

            I have owned many dogs, including 2 Pit Bulls. The Pit Bulls were the only dogs I have had to euthanize because they killed the neighbors dog and one bit my nephew, requiring 27 stitches!. Pit Bulls are unpredictible. If you own a Pit Bull and move next to me . …. can I say Anti-freeze.

          • Cliff

            Yeah, if you killed my dog regardless of breed, I’d end you. Sick twisted son of a bitch, you don’t kill a dog because you’re afraid its going to hurt you, especially if you don’t even know if its aggressive. Hope you’re mauled to death by a dog.

        • Lex

          Thank you, Hope! Finally, a thinker. Do you people realize how absolutely stupid you sound saying that aggression is a trait? Are you kidding me? That’s like rationalizing that black people have the aggressive gene because they have caused the most killings in NYC in 2013; therefore, let’s just stop having black babies. WHAT?! People, do yourselves a favor and stick your uneducated asses in a bio class, or animal behavior class, or put yourself through vet school where you actually learn how the dog body and mind works. Oh, just kidding. I guess you’re all experts in Pitties without ever having owned one…

          • Connie

            Your analogy is insulting eventhough I understand the point that you are trying to make. But why would anyone pick on blacks for being more aggressive when statistics show that whites killed 500 milion of their own people in 2 world wars. But I’m being facetious, of course. Humans of whatever ethnicity are not bred for particular temperaments. Aggression is a shared characteristic of our species. Picking on one group and claiming that it’s more violent than others is bigotry, which many Germans suffer on account of the Holocaust.

        • Trinity

          SAVE THE PITS! The most abused, mistreated and misrepresented dogs need to be saved! Anyone who thinks otherwise is heartless! These dogs need to be saved from a life of dog fighting, chaining and abuse! This is why the pit is the only dog I will ever own!

        • Le Hunt

          That crap about pit bulls being ‘nanny dogs’ didn’t come about until 1971, when some ditzy female who adored this repulsive breed named them that.

        • andrea


      • Jarlath Healy

        I own two rescue Pits and have never been attacked or have felt scared. You’re a real fuckin’ idiot, I’ve been bitten by a chow, a shit ton of mixed dogs, and a dalmatian for walking too close, but never a pit and I volunteer at a shelter FOR PITS ONLY. It doesn’t matter what breed, it matters the situation. Besides, we all know that any dog “looks” like a pit to an idiot, like yourself. Save your bias remarks for statistics, from people like you who’ve only put your two-dumb cents into. Pits are here to stay, there’s no “extinction” or “law” that’s gonna stop their breeding. Deal with it like you’d deal with walkin’ in front of a God damn bus, because anything can happen. Dumbass

        • spring

          I like what you said Jarlath. And to Danivoros, Im sorry about your pets. I truly am. But Pit Bulls, American Staffs, Bull dogs, etc. do have relationships wit other animals such as cats. Just look it up on Youtube or google it.

        • Jill

          My brother took in a rescue pit had it for over a year . His grandmother was visiting and she had been around this dog for that year . For no reason the dog attacked her and ripped her top of her hairline off her skull This child was 10 years old and has been brought up with pitt’s Her Dad and her have two . And her Uncle has two also. I would never own one and I have trained big dogs I had a wolf Shepherd. My son was bit in the face buy a ChowChow . But I think Pits that have been passed on to shelters should be destroyed unless you know there back ground . I wish you with pits all the best . God Bless

      • Michael

        Any dog can be a good dog, any can be a bad dog.. I would like to let you know that my aunt had a pit bull for a therapy dog… And my friends small little Yorkie has attacked three people. Yes they have the most fatalities but guess what, a bite from a pit is different than a bite from a Yorkie, and FYI i have met about quadruple more little dogs that are babied and protective to their owners that carry them around in their little purses, and show aggressive behavior rather than bad pits. Have you ever owned a pit? Or are you just jumping on the bandwagon?

        • spring

          Well said. A lot of these smaller dogs attack more often than these big dogs. I for one love pit bulls. We raised them. Yes, we’re country, redneck folks, but not idiots. My parents made sure to buy their puppies (that they would breed) from reputable and responsible owners who showed proof of the dogs bloodlines. A lot of people buy pit bulls from some regular Joe in some neighborhood or off Craigslist. Then they want to turn around and breed their dog, sell the puppies, and say “Yaeh, these are from the Gotti line, or Razor edge, etc”. Yes, with Pit Bulls or Rotties, or Dobermans, etc. we have to be careful. My parents carried insurance on both dogs because they realized that it was a possibility, I said a possibility!, that something could happen. It never did in the 15 years they lived. I will say that our male hated cats. He had a pet chicken (a rooster broke her back trying to mate her) that slept on his back and then one day a cat attacked his chicken just out of his reach. After that, any cat that came around was fair game to him. Also, there are plenty of articles on how to differentiate possible tempermental or aggressive puppies from the more docile ones.

      • FIONA

        Very well put. In NSW today, another 2 year old child has lost their life after being mauled by a Pit Bull. Yes, the onus is on the owner and they should be compelled to accept that general society does not endorse their excuses to have these dogs as pets.

      • ChezzaAU

        I can’t agree more Sophie. I don’t care what breed of dog, what temperament the dog has and yes I firmly believe any dog needs to be well trained, loved and cared for. However, once any dog kills a human being, or attacks so viciously as to leave its victim lamed, should be immediately put down, no questions asked.

      • Mary

        But are they true “pit bulls”? So many dogs are thrown into the pit bull category that it skews “research” like this. The general public usually cannot even distinguish a pit bull terrier from an amstaff. I don’t believe studies like this because they don’t site legit sources. If Am. Staffs, APBTs, Bull Terriers, etc are all in the “pit bull” category of course the number of “pit bulls” in this “research” are going to be higher. They separated Malamutes and Huskies, they should do the same for all the dogs who everyone mistakes for pit bulls

      • salmon

        That is absurd. Your opinions doesn’t mean it is fact. You stereotype and generalize as if you have experience raising or training pit breeds. Why don’t you let people make their own decisions on what type of dog they want as family pets instead of saying people are sociopaths for the type of pet they choose. Complete ingnorance! I have 2 family pets and they are both adopted. One is an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier (from England) and an American Pitbull Terrier. Both are excellent family pets. Never an issue with my 17 month son. However, I can attest only for MY dogs, I trained them right. I take care of them properly. I don’t allow them to roam the streets. And you probably think I fit a certain stereotype also because I have 2 bully breeds. I’m guessing you think I’m a drug dealer, ganster, thug type don’t you. I’m the complete opposite. I have a decent paying military job, I pay taxes, I own a house in a nice neighborhood, I get along with all my neighbors. For you to say and I quote, ” Most breeds can be worked with love and good treatment but not with PitBulls”. is the most ignorant comment I’ve heard in a long time. On the verge of stupid. Worry about your own shortcomings before you try to label me as anything. Thanks.

        • spring

          AMEN Salmon!!!! I couldn’t stand the fact that they called us sociopaths for wanting to own or owning a pit bull. That ticked me off more than anything.

      • Sam

        And did you know that there are over 30 breeds of dogs that get confused for the pitbull breed! That being said pitbulls, am staffs and other pitbull mixes on average score higher on their temperment tests then: dalmations, daschunds, cocker spaniels, colies beagles, golden retrievers, and the list continues. So you should get your facts straight before posting.

      • Jamone

        Sophie, you like many other biased and uneducated dog owners have a false perspective. When you read about the other big “dangerous” dogs like the Malmute, its followed by they just need to be trained because they are smart. Two of the three top offenders are smart dogs. If you ever take the time to actually observe a pit bull you would see that. However there are many factors that inflate that number.
        Those stats comprise all bully breeds which include but aren’t limited to pit bulls. Two, pitbull owners of a higher socioeconomic status would furiously dispute those numbers. Third, Pitbulls are trendy cool dogs and great puppies and people don’t take the time to research their breed. They are sold on the side of the road and improperly bred. These dogs herd as well the pit fighting was something that PEOPLE subjected these dogs to. Fourth, any dog with an ounce of pitbull is considered a pitbull and that inflates the numbers. 5th and most importantly PITBULLS ARE NOT PEOPLE AGGRESSIVE! They are dog aggressive, ANY PITBULL that attacks a person needs to be put down and has been taught to do so by their owner because they are extremely loyal dogs.
        I have owned a chow, golden retriever, pitbulls, and a Rottwieller. Out of those breeds the Chow and my current Rotty are the only ones I worried about. Pitbulls grab and chew or “grip and rip” that is how they play. They are energetic and must be loved and cared for. The fatalities cannot be denied, they are still sad, and too frequent, but you cannot see that and fail to consider the owner, the number of abandoned mixed pit breeds and location of these breeds. They have the character and brains of small dogs but the strength of a St Bernard, again you see a big dog you think a dumb dog, Pitties are not this way.
        Finally, if these dogs were good enough for our soldiers then they are good enough for us. Pitbulls are used in senior homes to comfort the elderly and abandoned. Its not the dog, its the owner. No false statements Sophie, just unbiased education.

      • Tiffany

        YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME PEOPLE!!! Number 1! I have had dogs ALL of my 38 years in life,MANY different breeds and not even ONE time has ANY one of my dogs in any way attempted to bite myself,my kids,their friends,a stranger,or another family member or ANY other animal! WAKE UP PEOPLE! People are doing this to their own animals,the way you talk,YELL,HIT and soo many other things…NOT taking your dog for a walk to get rid of all that energy! TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! Look at your animals the SAME way you would a child! How YOU RAISED THEM! Currently I have (YES) a WOLF! He will be 8 years old in January(never has had an angry bone in his body I also raised him since he was 3 weeks and he has never had any kind of red meat,again,RAISED GOOD)I also have a PIT/Boxer mix who is over 5 years old and have taken in MANY beaten Pits,strays,abused in every way shape and form and not ONE has even attempted to bite me,even a beautiful one i rescued from her abusive owners last year that hung her up by her tail and whipped her with a metal chain with a fishing hook at the end of it,SHE didn’t attack me and I poked and prodded her for four days and hand fed her,gave her meds until we had x-rays done and she had to be put to sleep because she had a shattered pelvis due to her SICK owners! ALSO! I have a great dane who is 6 years old,her name..get this people,MINDY LAZY LOU! AGAIN she would NEVER attack in any way,I also have a black lab that has tried biting one other dog 4 years ago because she had a litter of puppies and my kids brought all of them out to our front yard and another dog came in our yard,never did she bite the other dog,but she damn well let it know to get out of our yard and away from her pups! I have owned Malamutes and Huskies ALL of my life and THEY have the BEST temperments in the world… I also live in a small town that everyone knows everyone and we all get along but just recently a family moved here that was breeding Germain Sheps and MAKING them aggresive! 2 of their dogs had to be put down because they bit. Tell me people if ALL 63 of Michael Vicks dogs can be in homes with children,nursing homes and with FAMILIES with OTHER dogs..then how the hell does any one person get to say in any way that ANY dog is dangerous??? I just watched a disturbing video of some little punk kid beating his bulldog over the head 27 times people! REALLY!!! AND YOU ARE GOING TO BLAME DOGS??? OUR DOGS CAME FROM THE WOLF! REMEMBER THIS PEOPLE! JUST LIKE OUR CATS CAME FROM TIGERS…..NEED I SAY MORE? REALLY…

        • Vee

          It’s funny that you say you should raise a dog the same way that you would raise a child, but I know plenty of assholes that had fabulous parents. I think we all do. I don’t believe that all pit bulls bite, but I do think that all dogs, no matter the breed, have personalities and minds of their own; like people. Sometimes people just get mean dogs, regardless of how you raise them. Sometimes people get shitty children, regardless of how you raise them. But I suppose that’s just my opinion.

      • HeidiKaye


        Any dog is potentially dangerous. Any human is potentially dangerous. Z’all’s I’m sayin’.

        • spring

          True. LOL

      • Maya

        Can I just say that it isn’t a sociopathic trait. These dogs (PBs) need serious help. Hundreds are dieing everyday. People see this and understand it and will get a PB over a Labrador because they want to save the breed. Also, they were bred to attack DOGS not HUMANS. They had to be completely loyal if not the dog fighters wouldn’t be able to break up a fight. They were also used to protect the dog fighters children – another reason why they were bred to be so human loving.

      • Jason Schneider

        I disagree with what your feeding the public due to the fact I have 2 pitbulls and I’m damn proud of owning my 2. my dogs are not mixed breed which is where the problem begins having said that statistically 90% of people can’t correctly identify a pitbull so stop blaming a breed that nobody seems to know anything about. I’ll bet 1k that of you brought your kids to my house that my dog would lick them in the face besides that fact, you knowing nothing about pitbulls in general should know they were breed as Nanny dogs to guard children, look the facts up before you talk trash

      • penny

        I am so sorry you will never know how wonderful a pitty is. At one time these amazing dogs were the top family pets. Your inaccurate depiction is sad. Well I guess I am sociopath as well as Jack Dempsey, Teddy Roosevelt and Jack Johnson. It is called research & I suggest you try it. Whatever you do don’t watch The Dog Whisperer, as millions have, you might learn something. I am quite doubtful though.

      • randi

        i just want to say please dont judge the breed. see this is the problem with people that own pitbulls. 1. they do not ever do there reserch on the breed. 2. they get the dog cause they know they are good protecters. 3. they can make money off them. well here those people are the ones that should be fed gun powder, and raw meet, and beat cause those are the ones that usually fight there dogs. now then u have people like my self my mother raised 20 pitbulls at one time. 18 puppies and 2 adults they were the best dogs in the world never bit anyone or anything. why because my mother was one of the select few that is a responceable pitbull owner. and my self and husband have raised 3 pitbulls in the last 10 years and not one of them have ever bit anyone or anything actully one is a farm dog in texas now, one is a cop dog now and the other is a shop dog in omaha now greating customers daily and he is 9. he was also used in obietance claces there because he was the best well manered dog there so they used his as the lead dog. so please stop knocking the breed they are only what THERE OWNER makes them. key words there read them.DONT BLAME THE BREED! BLAME THE OWNER!

      • Marcus Salmeron

        you have to realize though that pitbulls are the most susceptible breed to grown illnesses that can blur their vision and change their smell. Not one pitbull responsible for a death has been tested for the symptoms to see if the dog was just sick. Yet people go on to say they are the most dangerous dog.

      • Phillip

        There are 10 times more pitbulls than any other dog breed in the USA. More dogs of the breed more problems with the breed. Plus, every mut that looks like a pitbull is a pitbull. These dogs are some if not the most friendly breeds. You are totally disconnected with the real world. Owners fight these dogs for a reason these dogs are loyal, brave, and a protector of families. These dogs Are most of the time if bred well, will be dog aggressive. Pure bred APBT are the best dog on God green earth without question. Simply you can say what you don’t know obviously You have never had one or been around one. Responsibility has everything to do with it that’s the truth people who exploited this dog and still do have ruined it reputation and its true traits. APBT don’t attack people as often as say golden retrievers who’s temperament is scientifically proven to be less stable. APBT were bred to fight and could be handled by People amongst Literal Mortal Combat. You sir are a coward and don’t have a freaking clue what you are talking about. But, yes APBT are a considerable threat if provoked because of there shear strength alone. Let’s get it right PEOPLE who do horrible things to these dogs should be punished and if you don’t understand something then keep your mouth shut. But, yes if you come into my house and you intend my family harm you will pay the price because my dogs will protect my family just like any other dog. PEOPLE alone are destroying My breed of choice not the breed. The APBT will live forever because no law can take all of them. And if someone try’s and take mine I will show the same loyalty to my dogs as they have showed me APBT owners stand up your there voice. Spay and neuter backyard pitbulls to save the breed. Don’t sit idol and let people like this destroy your dogs rep. Blame the deed not the Breed, educate people, stop the sickening dog fighting of exploiting a dogs loyalty to fight and die for its owner, your dog lives for you respects you, loves you and would willingly give his life for you without hesitation, so help him with your voice and stop BSL and the idiots who don’t have a clue!

      • Deborah Prather

        Some of us adopt pit bull mixes because they are wonderful companions and are by far the dogs that need homes the most. One issue I did not find addressed in the article is the prevalence of identifying all mixed-breed dogs that may be part pit or staffie as pit bulls. Also, I believe the quoted study dealt in raw numbers by breed with no scaling for population of each breed – I see dozens of pits/pit mixes weekly and a St. Bernard once every few years. They are as ubiquitous as labs.

      • Nilah

        I want to address part of your comment ” and with 200 years of breeding to attack WITHOUT WARNING WITHOUT PROVOCATION and to not give up until the target is dead or they are.” I’m not to sure where you are getting your information, but I have news for you….that is NOT what this breed was bred for. They were bred to help keep unruly bulls under control until the butcher or livestock person could take over. The dog would bite down on the bulls nose and hang on. It wasn’t until the early 1900’s when people would start fighting the dogs for sport.

        Your total comment as a whole is not fact worthy at all. Pit Bulls WERE NOT BRED TO ATTACK that is just media hype against this breed. You have NO CLUE as to what you are speaking of! Let me suggest something because you are making yourself look foolish and ignorant…RESEARCH THIS BREED before you make comments.

        • Nilah

          My comment is directed to Sophie Cairns

      • Dean

        People train pit bulls to do that. Not all pit bulls are bad. There are more fatalities because it’s a large fucking dog. I’ve been around big dogs all my life and the only time I’ve ever been bitten was by a stupid fucking ankle biter. If they did a study, I will bet anything that the MOST BUTES are from those stupid little dogs. Of course there are more fatalities for large dogs with powerful bites. Those tiny little shits bite a hell of a lot more, large dogs just catch crap because they have power to back up the bite. They bite LESS that small dogs. And they never said under which context these fatalities occurred. Was it a random stranger or family friend or an attacker/intruder. Don’t just be narrow minded on pit bulls. It’s people’s fault not theirs.

        • spring

          Thank you Dean

      • Liz

        Misinformation. This is based on opinions not actual facts. Too bad the general public listens to facebook and top ten silliness instead of actual research and data. In that CDC study in the 20 year period a “pitbull type” dog was responsible for 66 deaths. Rottweilers and “pitbulltype” dogs were responsible for 60% of the deaths. Pitbull Type is not a breed. It is what people believe they see. There are over 40 different bully breeds that are mistaken for pitbulls. Try it yourself and see if you can pick it out, sitting quietly, judging at home. Even more difficult when being attacked. This list forgave all breeds except for the “pitbull”. Inaccurate reporting at it’s best.

      • Asa

        The pit bull is not the highest proponent of attack, The Sheppard and doberman and rottweiler are. Most people don’t even properly identify pitbulls, when genetically tested lots of so called pitbulls are not pit bulls.
        This study shows deaths over 20 years (of reports to Hospitals). 66 deaths over 20 years, that’s less than 4 people a year. You know more people are killed by Cows attacks each year the PitBulls?

        Some studies on the number of human deaths caused by dog bite trauma have surveyed news media stories for reports of dog-bite-related fatalities. This methodology is subject to potential errors, as some fatal attacks may not have been reported, a study might not find all relevant news reports, and the dog breed might be misidentified.

        Pit bulls don’t have a sociopathic trait to violence they don’t have jaws that lock, these are myths debunked by science.

        I would challenge this website to create a list of dogs that Bite (not fatalities) and get the breads in order. You will find Pitbulls way down that list.

        With any animal you have to take precautions around small children but I can tell you most children are safer around a home kept pit bull than any other dog breed. I have seen more poodle attacks on children than I have ever seen from a pitbull.

        I don’t think top-10-most-dangerous-dog-breeds-based-on-bite-fatalities is solid statistic because it only references one study.

      • Asa

        Oh an a follow up, the study shows the most deadly dog from bites is a Mutt. Unspecified breads were the most kills in this study.

        The most deaths came from dogs where they didn’t know the breed.

      • Mike

        its the Owner not the Breed All dogs will bite,and all dogs can do damage! Granted Some are inherently more prone to do mare damage that others do to size,and or physical structure, but its the Owner not the dog. that can make the nature of the personalty of the dog. In America I can remember it was the “Shep” that was the “DEATH DOG” then the “PINCER” ,Then the “ROT” Now its the “Pit”
        We still have the afor mentioned dog even though the “Shep” is now banned in its own Birthplace. But this is America! So lets yet again look at the problem wisely!.

      • Adrienne

        Pit Bulls are Terriers. If you research the history of Terriers you will learn: Most terrier breeds were developed in Great Britain and Ireland. They were used to control rats, rabbits, and foxes both over and under the ground. Some larger terriers were also used to hunt badgers. In fact, the word terrier comes from the Middle French terre, derived from the Latin terra, meaning earth. Terrier is also the modern French for “burrow”. The Kerry Blue Terrier and Airedale, however, are particularly noted for tackling river rats and otters in deep water. Not long ago many terriers were also herding dogs, such as Wheaten Terriers. Different localities raised terriers suited to their hunting or vermin control needs. Terriers were crossed with hunting dogs, fighting dogs, and other terriers. In the mid-19th century, with the advent of dog shows, various breeds were refined from the older purpose-bred dogs. All of today’s terrier breeds are bred primarily as pets.
        As noted: there is nothing in this Wikipedia information that mentions, Pit Bulls were bred to attack humans. In addition: the name Pit Bull was given to the breed because it really did not fit into a specific terrier breed. It would be interesting to see, if bite statistics were kept on small dogs, what the ratio of small dog bites vs large dog bites would be. Finally: all dogs can be aggressive, unfortunately for the bull terrier our society has chosen them to be the breed of choice of the thug mentality. If they were not portrayed as human killers, it seems logical the fatalities would decrease. As a last note: before “Pit Bulls” became popular (I’m 48 yrs old and this took place when I was in high school), a friend of mine had one. There were five children in the home from infant to toddlers. The dog never once growled, snarled or even showed his teeth. Friends were able to go into the house without knocking, he greeted everyone with a wagging tail and kisses, just as mine do.

      • Will

        why did Americans for over 100 years have pit bulls as babysitters/nannies if this was the case? o that’s right, you’re just talking out your ass. When the news covers a pit bull attack, it’s omg front page another pitbull attack. Meanwhile when it’s a german shephard, dalmation, chow, etc. it’s below the fold and just says dog attack in it’s headline.

      • Molly

        You are obviously a complete idiot who should certainly not even own a kitten for fear it might scratch you… Some people just can’t seem to think or experience things for themselves but would rather base their opinions on hype from the media.. Any animal can potentially be aggressive but for you to label pit owners as sociopaths is completely ridiculous. My parents raised us with a pit who saved me from a Dalmatian that brutally attacked me while walking home from the bus stop one day. I now own a malamute who loves my family completely including my cats..and has never once shown aggression toward anyone. Honestly I am so irritated by you I am moved to say something like this to you… F$&k off you absolute dipshit!

      • David

        I have a Pit Bull in order to kill intruders in my home. I agreed to a Pit after agreeing to sell my guns. We consider all safeties with this dog just as we did my guns.

        I agree that these dogs are not meant to be around children or the elderly unless supervised. They (Pitbulls) seem to know when someone is in fear of them and they take advantage of this situation.

        I love my dog dearly. She sleeps with us in my bed and even on me when I nap. I wouldn’t want to relay on any other dog for protection. People however, should be aware of the dangers of any dog similar to this breed. Always have a choke collar on them in the house. Always have them leashed when outside, even in your back yard as they can easily jump a 6′ fence. Never leave a door open where they may get out.

      • Lidia Baker

        I agree. I own a pitbull. Although I care for my dog, I would never assume anything with this breed. I also have a Boston Terrier who I would never leave alone with the pit. He is very sweet and does not show signs of aggression, however he is a constant work in progress. A lot of people who vouch for their pitbulls non aggressive, calm and loving children, are naive or in denial. One cannot get into the psyche of a dog. The best thing to do is never assume. Pit bulls should be owned by extremely careful owners, aware owners, no children under 12 in the household, and smaller pets, or regardless of size, no pets should be left alone with this breed, including other pitbulls. So if someone wants to own a pitbull, to own one responsibly, it takes a lot of work and dedication. Also they need to be exercised daily, regardless of weather. A bored pent up pitbull is even more unpredictable.

      • Nick

        your argument is null and void for trying to say what they do is based on their name, so chihuahua says the dog is a city…that’s odd. all dog breeds can attack for no reason, I got attacked by a dog when I was younger. Was it a pit bull? NO it was a dog not even mentioned in here. So based on this logic should we put up a list of people who are most dangerous, let’s put blacks or mexicans at the top of the list, or say muslims now. Treat this as if it was another Human being, not just an animal people seem to think is dangerous because of the bad rap they got. Pit bulls and german shepards were bread for attack, because of defense, not really offense. Look at the police and military forces using german shepards as offense…sp stop blaming the dog breed 90% more than you do anything else.

      • debi glen

        You never met the Pit Bulls I know , They would not bite anyone .. for they were never near People who train them to do such things .. sorry Yes they are strong and they don’t let go .. So Stop your BS .. well if I have to take insurance on my Pit .. you need to Insure your Chi’s as well for I have been bitten by Chi’s while in the Rescue Business for me and my study Chi’ 8 Pits 0 Happy Easter !

    • Bonnie Abram

      Right on, Michael! Ive had my rescue female Pit Bull,Kaia for 7 years, 7months old when she was given to me by my oldest daughter, Xandra. She thought I needed company since I was newly divorced and she didn’t want me to get lonely. LOL

      I love animals. Of course, I fell in love with Kaia as I’m telling Xan I didn’t want a dog or any animal right now. Kaia has been raised with infants, toddlers (small children of all ages), other dogs have lived with us. My 12 yr old grandson Tyler, has played, rode on her back, used as a pillow & snuggled with her since he was 4 years old! I have many friends & family, who feared the PB and now would write letters or whatever they could do to protect Kaia from human ignorance about her breed! Her only set back is squirrels & cats(!!!), birds now and then. That’s the terrier in her,the ONLY out of control miss behavior I can’t seem to master! U have to be a good dog owner especially with the breed! I can’t say enough about how well mannered she is, besides her hyperactivity when she first meets with people or animals…………..Kaia is the sweetest ever! For those who are judging the Pit Bull they DON’T OWN. Yes, you have to be very strict and on top of it at all times. All terriers need a firm hand and consistent rules at ALL times. Of course, otherwise any dog without boundries will miss behave!

      Thanks for listening and thanks for your positive input about the Pit Bull! I totally love mine.

      • Pitbull owner

        Bonnie Abram presented a well-written and honest portrayal of the pitbull terriers. So often the reputation as fighters of bulls in pits (hence the name) overshadows their terrier roots! All terriers were bred to hunt out vermin (i.e. small, furtive animals) and shake them by the neck till dead. As Bonnie so eloquently put it: All terriers need a firm hand and consistent rules at ALL times! The other aspect that contributes to bad or aggressive behavior is BOREDOM. All terriers are very intelligent and need activities and stimulation to keep them from acting out…whne terriers are fenced in a plain yard or cooped up inside, they tend to act out in a destructive or aggressive manner. Lots of chew toys, a radio or TV, and someone interacting with it will all help to make for a happier and more well-adjusted dog in general; even more so with pitties. Regarding the AVMA study, I have read it and often this study is used out of context or without consideration to all the facts. While there may be a higher number of bites related to pitbulls, there is a huge difference in the estimated populations of the breeds; i.e. way many more pitbulls in our society in comparison to other breeds like in be’s April 1 comments about statistics of driving versus flying. Lastly, any dog is capable of acting out and can also relate to the age of the dogs…at our complex we just had an 11-year old Corgi attack and almost kill a 4-year old Chihuahua…and most puppies have yet to learn not to be overly-rambunctious with senior dogs (much like people?). Alas, responsible owners are key – that’s why my 10-year old pitbull has never created a problem and is an ambassador for the breed!!

        • Nick

          Thank you for shedding light on the truth about this.

      • salmon

        Thank you. A bully breed owner with experience that understands. Thanks for the positive ownership.

      • elayne

        right on!had red nose pitt for 13 yr she was raised w/ kids
        went to work w/ us loved people in PUBLIC
        NO WAY TO REPLACE HER,its been 3yrs & I still miss her
        you could talk to her & she understood,ready? she could talk back
        very plain,she was special

    • lindsay Releases: 2011 Fatal Dog Bite Statistics;
      Pit bulls are 5% of the dog population and 71% of fatal attacks.

      88% of the fatal attacks were done to owners.

      • Molly

        I call bullshit on this one… Nice try idiot..

    • tori bowie

      I do not believe this in any way. Where are your stats to prove this?

    • Bill

      You don’t know anything about dogs very little the Kangal Caucasian and Central Asian Tibetan mastiff all kill pittbulls so Kangal 1 cao 2 3 Caucasian 4 Tibetan. South African mastiff presa cane corso that,s the fact jack

    • Bry

      Good question and I laughed out loud at the analogy. That being said, when reading this list consider some of the fatalities arent from bites. I have never heard of one biting anyone but it would make sense that if you have your child and Great Dane running around the backyard at the same time a collision could end in a fatality. My cousins always had Great Danes and never had to address their aggressiveness when training but one time one of my cousins, when he was 24 and not small, got in the way of one of their Danes at full speed and it looked like he got hit by an NFL linebacker.

      • Bry

        oh geez, dont I feel dumb. just relooked at the top of the list and saw it does say “bit fatalities”. Very surprised Great Dane is there at all. anyway….oops

    • SPACKlick

      Definitely not per capita.

      I don’t still have the figures for per capita but I have the figures if all dogs attacked at the rate of individual breeds.

      Rank) BREED, attacks / maims / deaths

      1) CHOW, 20,789 / 13,978 / 2509
      2) PRESA CANARIO, 16,936 / 9839 / 2419
      3) HUSKY, 3,641 / 1,106 / 1,152
      4) CANE CORSO, 4,147 / 2,535 / 230
      5) MALINOIS, 4,516 / 2,581 / 0
      6) PIT-BULL, 1,501 / 902 / 141
      7) MALAMUTE, 699 / 269 / 269
      8) BULLDOG, 922 / 645 / 46
      9) ROTTWEILER, 829 / 474 / 131
      10) SAINT BERNARD, 484 / 282 / 40

      The next ten dogs, without numbers are Wheaten Terrier, Airedale, Akita, West Highland Terrier, Briard, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Alsatian, Coonhound and Boxer. It’s worth noting that the boxer has a lower ranking that all dogs combined.

      Also worth noting that no other dog has a heigher count in any stat than all dogs combined.

      • mark

        your figures are totally wrong. the pitbull is responsible for more fatalities than any other dog, and that includes wolf hybrids.

    • Lu Pensinger

      I hate when they do these studies. We need studies done on the owners of these beautiful animals. Pit Bulls have been ruined by the back yard breeders that are breeding them to fight. The take the most aggressive dogs and breed them together. If the puppies don’t show enough spunk they become bait dogs or they’re given away or sold. Person getting that aggressively bred dog has no idea what they are getting into. It’s not the dogs that are dangerous it’s the owners. Don’t ban the dogs, ban the owners….

      • mark

        German shepherds were bred for police and protection work. Border collies were bred for herding. Thats why these dogs are so good at what they do. Pitbulls were bred to hunt wild pigs, and in some cases to fight. They have to be aggressive to do these jobs. It may be humans fault that they are aggressive, but the reason is moot. If you are not highly experienced with dogs, a pit is just trouble. Don’t buy a dog just because you think it is a badass. If you do, you deserve what you get.

    • BRETT Verlen

      I am a Pitbull owner and resent it being described as a sociopathic trait. Sorry if your tired of hearing the public blame irresponsible owners when terrible things happen, but in many cases this is the cause of incidents. If you were trained to protect/ used as bait /fought/physically and mentally tortured almost to death, you may in fact blame your handler for how you perceive the world and your reactions to outside stimuli. Most people on this forum don’t seem to be familiar with history of the breed, training, temperament,etc. If you don’t like a breed of dog, don’t own one, its that simple. Why not put your hatred towards something productive, like getting laws in place for animal abusers? Heres an idea that requires you to be a thinker, not a follower of media hysteria. Why not seek out a reputable trainer or professional who can educate you hands on about this breed? Instead of making broad generalizations about owners of a specific breed, and the dogs themselves, challenge yourself to be open to a new experience with this breed, meet responsible owners and various dogs from different backgrounds, learn from someone who has been deeply immersed in this topic for years, a knowledgeable individual who has handled hundreds of dogs in their lifetime. If your open minded not only will you learn a few facts you didn’t know before, you will indeed gain a different perspective on this topic and Who knows, you may surprise even yourself.

      • Niki

        I have to agree with Brett. Very well put. I also have to say I am not too sure where all of these statistics are from and just how accurate they are. I don’t think I would trust a “survey” or “study” that has a resource of Wikipedia either…SPACKlick, spot on with your research, Thank You.

    • Steve Jobs

      We are working on laws to ban all Pit Bulls. To the owner who always say…oh no..they are soo sweet. I ask you to face the father and mother of the child that is now dead or disfigured because of Pit Bulls. Come on…I dare you…all Pit Bull owners are COWARDS!

      • rob

        Yes, we’re all cowards “STEVE JOBS”… You pathetic, scared, little pseudo wannabe! Let me know what your working on and how I can get involved…unless you’re the true coward.

    • Benita

      I think the only reason that the pit bull gets the worst rep is because so many owners have raised them to fight and then they don’t take care to make sure they don’t get out. How many people do you know that buy any of these other dogs with the sole purpose of fighting them or training them to be mean.I think this is really bull!

    • Melenie

      I have a blue noes pit bull and her is so awesome