The 10 Largest Armies in the World


Numbers may not be everything, but being able to overwhelm an enemy with sheer size does lend a certain advantage. There are a lot of other factors to consider when you’re trying to determine the strongest military on the planet (like firepower, technology, training and more), but if you’re curious about the largest armies in the world in terms of active personnel, read ahead.

Keep in mind that these figures are combined totals, incorporating not only army personnel, but also navy, air force, special operations, marines, and other branches.

1. People’s Republic of China – 2,285,000

People's Liberation Army

Marine’s of the People’s Liberation Army (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It shouldn’t come as any shock that the largest army in the world belongs to the People’s Republic of China, also the most populous country on the planet. China has a population of 1,354,040,000 according to an official estimate at the end of last December. In theory, all Chinese men are required to serve a term of military service if called upon in the People’s Liberation Army, but there are enough volunteers that there has never been a need to call on conscripts.

2. United States of America – 1,429,995

us army

The U.S. Army’s 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The U.S. has the second-largest army on the planet, and as you can see, it has substantially fewer active members than that of the world’s largest army. Interestingly enough, however, there are actually more reserve personnel in the U.S. military than there are in the Chinese military. There are also more military personnel per capita in the U.S. than in China.

3. India – 1,325,000

indian army

Madras Regiment of the Indian Army (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may not think about India when thinking of the largest army in the world, but it does come in at number 3 as far as active military personnel are concerned. This isn’t surprising in light of it being a hugely populous nation. There are almost twice as many reserve military members as active members in India.

4. North Korea – 1,106,000North Korean Soldier standing guard

North Korean soldier standing guard

North Korean soldier standing guard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not far behind India comes North Korea. North Korea is a small country which literally cannot afford its sizeable military. North Korea already has a tiny budget, but chooses to allocate around one quarter of its financial resources toward its military. In a country where a lot of people can’t even eat, many agree this is pretty pitiful. Incredibly enough, North Korea has a reserve military force of more than 8 million personnel. It may not have the biggest active military on the planet, but it does have the largest reserve military on earth.

5. Russia – 1,027,000

russian army

Russian soldiers in Bosnia-Herzegovina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The current incarnation of the Russian Federation’s army originated with the Russian Federation itself in 1992 after the Soviet Union’s breakup. Along with the million or so personnel in the active military, Russia has over 2 million personnel in reserve forces.

6. South Korea – 687,000

south korean army

South Korean soldiers commemorating the 62nd anniversay of the Korean War (Photo credit: USAG-Humphreys)

The South Korean military is much smaller than the North Korean military, but being as South Korea has long received assistance from the United States, this makes a lot of sense. Naturally South Korea’s budget is a lot more balanced than its belligerent neighbor to the north. South Korea is preparing to come into its own over the next couple of years and assume independent control of its military forces. As such, it is directing more of its budget toward its weapons systems and technological upgrades.

7. Pakistan – 617,000

pakistani soldier

Pakistani soldier on watch in Swat valley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pakistan has long has bellicose relationships with its neighboring countries, particularly India. Pakistan imports many of its weapons from the United States and China and continues to work closely with the two largest armies in the world to develop new technology and maintain the security of its borders.

8. Iraq – 578,269

Iraqi Army

The Iraqi Army 9th Mechanized Division (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Iraqi military forces have collapsed and been rebuilt a number of times over the years. The most recent crisis in Iraq was the invasion in 2003, which overturned the rule of Saddam Hussein. After Hussein’s downfall, the U.S. assisted the Iraqi government with the rebuilding of its forces into the current incarnation of the Iraqi military. Currently, the military in Iraq is overseen by the Iraqi Armed Forces and the Ministry of Interior. Iraq has 0 military reserve personnel.

9. Iran – 523,000

iranian tank

Iranian Zulfiqar tank (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Right behind Iraq comes Iran. Iran has contentious relations with its neighbors, with the United States, and with pretty much everybody else, including its own populace. This figure does not include the Iranian military police force, which includes around 60,000 personnel.

10. Turkey – 510,600

turkish army

Turkish soldiers during a NATO exercise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Turkey fought as one of the Central powers in WII and fought counter to the Axis powers in WWII. After WII when NATO was formed, Turkey joined up and started to revolutionize its military forces with new technology and cutting-edge weapons. Today it is the 10th biggest army in the world, ranking ahead of Egypt. Yemen and Vietnam, the next two countries down on the list, have comparable active militaries, but massive reserve forces numbering more than 4 million personnel each.

Now that you know the 10 largest militaries on the planet, you may be curious which countries are at the other end of the scale! There are eight countries with zero military personnel, some of which are territories belonging to other countries: Vanatu, Panama, Palestine, Monaco, Mauritius, Iceland, Haiti and Costa Rica. Some of these countries have alliances with neighboring countries, while others simply have no standing military and rely on other tactical forces. Countries with fewer than 500 active military personnel include Tonga, Seychelles, Antigua and Barbuda, and Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Finally, one more interesting measure of military size is the total per 1000 capita, which measures the density of military forces against the total population. For reference, the number for the United States military is 7.3. Topping the list is North Korea, with a total of 386.7 military personnel per 1000 residents! Not far behind are South Ossetia and Yemen, with 256.9 and 200.7 personnel per capita respectively.

Having a large military is definitely a great asset, but in today’s geopolitical sphere, technology is becoming increasingly important. The countries which will stay on top in the coming epoch will be those which not only have large militaries in terms of personnel, but also invest in developing technology which reduces the need to field those forces.

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  • Chief khan

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  • Jawaan A Hind

    Pakistan attacked at several places along India’s western border with Pakistan, but the Indian Army successfully held their positions. The Indian Army quickly responded to the Pakistan Army’s movements in the west and made some initial gains, including capturing around 5,795 square miles (15,010 km2)[25][26][27] of Pakistan territory (land gained by India in Pakistani Kashmir, Pakistani Punjab and Sindh sectors but gifted it back to Pakistan in the Simla Agreement of 1972, as a gesture of goodwill). souce: WIKIPEDIA


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  • Rubin singh

    I am neither in support of India nor with Pakistan.Every country has problems.This doesn’t means you start making fun of other country.India has got chiefs for Pakistan and Pakistan too is our friend.But some foolish people are making our relationship worse.Dont use abusive language.You are the new generation. Try to make things better.In this symbiotic relationship, Both India and Pakistan will get benefit.Dont repeat the mistakes our ancestors did. We have to act smart.Try to develop your country but don’t criticize other countries. In this way we can prevent WW3 and think of a safe future of our children

  • Bilal Akbar Sohro

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    • Mayank

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    It’s a sad way of life for the babies born into poverty. The haves must protect themselves, otherwise there would be no world order.
    The poorer countries use their army to commit genocide on the poorest of the poor. The civilized countries have morphed into crooked governments, so they use their army to stay in power from their own kind, and pretend some country is going to invade them, in order to maintain their status.
    There are exceptions. North Korea eats or drinks strange brews. Turkey wants to be the Ottoman Empire. Their turbans aren’t wrapped right. Saudia Arabia is still in the 600 AD mentality. The king criticizes everyone for lack of freedom, when they never had an election.

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  • khan g

    India lost in 1947 when Pakistan help liberate part of what is now called Azad Kashmir. In 1965 despite the Hindu Indian army having ten times more troops the Muslim Army of Pakistan demonstrated with patritiosm and defended the land of pure. Indian casualties and losses in terms of downed air crafts where llargely more than Pakistan. However in 1971 Pakistan lost due to lack of understanding. In 1999 Kargil Pakistan had taken the hindus by the throat but had it not been for Indian agent Nawaz Sharif Pakistan were declared winners Pakistan but that it ended into a draw. Muslims are never afraid of death. A few nukes and the Hindu population will be gone off the face of the planet back returns mo ghulGT
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  • Brahman

    O behen ke lodon pakistaniyon. Saalon bahut 1965 1965 laga kar rakha hai maa ke lodon. Bhool Gaye kya munh Mein tumhare hi aaya tha. Theek hai. Bhosdo walon aane wale saalon Mein kabhi bhi as Jana tumhare munh Mein vaapas dekar kamra bana denge Randi ke beejon.Haan ek aur baat pehle tum ye batao diqqat India se hai ya Hindu se. Hamari army Mein Muslim bhai gain.tum logon Ki army Mein kitne Hindu hain maa ke lodon
    Apni aukaat Mein rehna hamesha.jyada America ke dum par china ke dum par mat kudo bhikaariyon.abe Saale ye batao tumhare desh Mein he kya.anpad gawaar toh cup Mein toh thumari maa chodi.aatankwaad ne tumhari hi le rakhi hai.tumhara desh nahi hai.zameen pe ka tukda hai jise narak bhi keh sakte hain

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    • Zaheer Abbas

      apna mind main 6 september 1965 ko yaad rakh kar ana larna ko kiun larai bathoo sa ni hoti

    • Zaheer Abbas

      india na khud 11 tukra hona ha muslmano na yahan 1000 saal hakoomat ki tum un ka nookar raha ho ya to wo jaga ha jahan par muslman sirf thori si foog lakar aya tha aor buzdill hundion ko mar bhgaya tha

    • ghazan

      thats why india is not peacefull
      and by the way pakistan’s nuclear is larger than any of the asian country

    • ghazan

      pakistan ka nuclear tu india ke 1000 tukda karsakta hai

      • Indian

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      • Indian

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        Abe tere ek nuclear bomb k brabr hamara ek hand granet hai ek barr tumhare pakistan main gir gaya na to puri grmi nikl jaegi.

    • ghazan

      1965 war main pakistan ne india ko bhagadia tha aur pakiistan ka nuclear itna bara hai ke ajj indian intelligence us ko hasil karnay ki koshesh kar rahi hai.pakistan ka nuclear kam se kam adhi country ko tabah kar sakta hai

    • indians ka papa

      abbey ooooo saly mere behn chod gandu PAKISTAN K tukron ki bat KARta hy MADr chod bhul gya tumahara PNJAb hamare sath hy SIKH bhai sary hamare hn jes pehn yakk ne maa da dudh petya ay ik vari blochistan al vekh k vikhaye salyo bund vch baan war k ty munh raah hath kad k khol dena ay mein pehn chod sali gaaye da peshab peeny aali kaum saly mootr vich naha k kehndy ne arrey o raamoo ganga mein naha liye hum ab paak ho gaye hein salyo paak ty tusi odon v nai c jadon maa dy pait vichon nikly c o pta nai twady kinny peo ne salyo twanu ty eda v pta nai

  • rajesh

    china economic growth slowing down ab tumko bhikh nehi dega pakistan ke suar ke pilo tum log kahinka nehi rahoge iraq jese halat he tumhare desh me JO Nuclear bom he wo pakistan me hi blast hojayega jese terrorist ke tarha india ka ek ek mandir me jitna khajana he tum jese pakistan ko kharida jaa sakta he jada fadfadao mat map se hi mitjaoge

  • Mansoor Tariq

    Indian koto I want to tell u only one line
    U remember 1965 September kayya hal hova tha Indian
    Army ka

  • Indian

    Pakistani Mullo! Jab tk tum kch krne ki sochoge utne mein hamari Air Force Tumhe World Map s hta skti h!

  • Iamindianandiamacoward

    I’m an Indian and ima coward :'(

  • Ur nightmare

    India teri maaaa ki chut . BC this is fr u _|_

  • peter

    my army is the best….

  • SSG

    Why Pakistan is always in back…..?
    I researched on it and my conclusions are…
    -people of Pakistan donot have sense of responsiblity
    -more then 56 intelligence agencies are working against Pakistan and only ISI is defending Pakistan from CIA, RAW, MI6 etc which make ISI no. 1
    -lack of resources
    -lack of education
    -afghan migrants

    If half of these problems are solved……Pakistan will be a super power….

    Analyzing the indian side……india is also going to be unstable as there are many freedom fighting groups have evolved….14 bigger and about 70 smaller…..keeping this aside the clashes between hidus and muslims can cause a huge destabilization. …if india stop such an extremism it can be a peaceful country. ..

  • SSG

    Why Pakistan is always in back…..?
    I researched on it and my conclusions are…
    -people of Pakistan donot have sense of responsiblity
    -more then 56 intelligence agencies are working against Pakistan and only ISI is defending Pakistan from CIA, RAW, MI6 etc which make ISI no. 1
    -lack of resources
    -Talibani zation

  • W.Gill

    Pakistan army is the best army in the whole world and we fight for our homeland and we fight for our Quran .
    Indian army is the dick sucker army of the world.
    Indian army di pehn nu lun.
    Indian army is the coward army of the world.

    • Samuel chmela


  • Tarush tiwari

    Abe jhaatuon jisse tum kafir kehte ho na vahi tmhare baap bhi vahi the saale saare qatue rajao ne hi jabardasti convert kara diya

  • Mehul yadav

    ye pak ke mulle samjete hi nai ke baap ke samne sar utha kar nahi sar juka kar bat karni chahiye,ham america ya chine je samne hath nahi felate woh tumjeae ggand fattu ka kam he
    -jay hind

  • Luke fig

    The United States of America is the
    Greatest damn country on the face
    Of the planet no question about it

  • Luke fig

    The United states of America is the greatest damn country on the face of the earth no question about it

  • juel

    bangladeshi army is best bcoz it proved buly un

  • juel

    bangladeshi army is da best army in da world

  • aryan thakur

    pichle 800 salo se rose subah 5 baje udhke yahi sawal puchte hain allah who akbar……

    Are akbar wo tha jo marte dum tak maharana pratap ko nahi jhuka paya tha

    indian army is the best of in the world..

  • aryan thakur

    pichle 800 salo se rose subah 5 baje udhke yahi sawal puchte hain allah who akbar……

    Are akbar wo tha jo marte dum tak maharana pratap ko nahi jhuka paya tha

  • Atr

    Pak army is the one of d madar chod army in d world.

  • haider

    o hello indians can'”t u see the situation in kashmir.can even u compare ur uindian army with the gr8 pak army it is bcoz the indians fight for themselves while the pak army for pak bcoz ALLAH can never be with the kafirs

  • raju kumar

    the best army of world my indian army

  • indian

    Kashmir is belongs to india.dont come to occupy it otherwise pak face severe consequence

  • Jeesmon Jacob

    Im proud to be an Indian… dear pak brothers,,pls remember that pakistan used to be a part of India.It was becoz of Jinnahs greed that u got seperated from us.If India and Pakistan becomes one nation again….USA and China will be nthing but ants to us

    • Zaheer Abbas

      pakistan na kabhi phala india sa koi larai nhi ki lakin phir bhi ki taraf sa hamesh pakistan ka khilaf zaihar ugla gaya

  • Mohd Danish

    indian army will be the strongest in next 20 to 30 years when it become technically advance and rich due to its highest gdp growth jai hind

  • ajay

    I m proud of our Indian army they have to good for out nations to save to all people who lives our nation

  • Tej

    Well the fact u can’t believe but Indian army soldiers have to passed from longest time duration & one of the hardest training period in this world.. Our soldiers are there to defend our nation from devil’s, I didn’t mention perticular name of any country.
    Very important thing is we don’t need to beg for anything. Our country is working on standards in each field & this thing very well knows our wise friendly countries that we are able to face any country in war. Please try to accept this universal truth

  • Russo

    Nobody can beat russia

  • American gay

    i love pakis 😀

  • Proud American

    Indian army is the strongest .
    Jai Hindi

  • Anonymous

    Iraq isn’t the best army in the world- ISIS made them shit a brick, even though Iraq had them hopelessly outnumbered. Iraq also is using out-dated US tech for the most part.
    India and China are capable of rivaling the US in the coming decades, but as for right now, nobody could put forth an intelligent argument as to how any military except for the US is the most powerful. I see a lot of people stating their opinion “my Pakistan is number one” etc etc and its just their opinion, no thought went into it. Do a quick google search, America spends more money on its military than the next 15 countries combined. I’m not saying its a good thing, having a powerful standing military isn’t even necessary in today’s world. But facts are facts people, the US is the most powerful nation the world has ever seen. That is apt to change by mid century, of course. And that will probably be a good thing for the US. Being number one is nothing but a drain, and whoever supplants the States will find that out the hard way.

  • Jeff minlal

    india is the best.

  • hamodi


  • baap

    80 crore Indian youths ek baar foonk marenge to pkistan toofan me ud jayega…

  • Maumoon Abdul Gayoom

    Maldivian Army Is The Best In The World!
    30 Years I Create Big Army.
    No Country Defeat Maldivian Army.
    Proud To Be Maldivian!

  • khan

    Kya re sale India aur Pakistan ki gaand Mar rahe ho dono phattu h

  • Ankit INDIAN

    aye Pakistani mullo ye kan khol ke sun le

    abki kadam badhaya to aukat dikha denge
    MAA kasam is duniya se Pakistan hata deng

    Aye parvez mulle tu. kan khol sun le abki bar yuddh hua to tere Ghar me khus Ke marenge aur pure Pakistan me. khoon ki nadiya baha denge
    Indian ARMY is the best in the world

    जय जय श्री राम

    Jay shri Ram

  • American

    Actually the worlds largest army is the gun owners of the United States of America with 250,000,000 people. Then the U.S.

  • pakistani

    I am a pakistani. and i wish. k world mein sirf peace baki reh jaye. aur hum sab log mil kar rahen . hum logo k yaha par comment krne aur apus mein larne se kia faida hoga? aur ek dusre ko bura bhala kehne se apni zuban hi gndi hogi kisi ka kuch nahi jaye ga. i love my pakistan i love my pak army and i wish all the outher countries should love their armies because they compromise a lot for our peace . stay bless all.

  • uniqueudai

    paki are slaves of muslim arab rulers having no dignity and coward peoples even after shamefull defeat by india not one but three times do proxy war by sending coward terrorist as they lack to confront indian army at border
    shame on you paki people and convert to Christian for better living and knowing the good perspective of living

  • Malik Rehman

    Specially for Muslim’s

    you will get respect and honour in India, Not in Pakistan

    • Alizey

      Oye India walon Kabootar bhejooo kafi h tum bloody idiots k liye funk u India pak army is the best Kabootar se Dr Jane waale

  • Sal

    Pakistan is worst and failed state in the world

  • sarfaraz

    chutye log pahle to yeh pak word use karna to band hi karo kyuki yeh bhagorastan hai to yeh bhagora word use karo.. hmmm hum indians jo hai na hamesha dusro ki pharne me yakin rakhte hai.. beta shukr mana ki humlog parosi ka khyal karte hai nahi to morning potty Beijing me aur night potty lahore me karte…

  • Vaibhav

    Pak ki koi army bhi hai wahan to sb terrorist rehtr hain.
    Pak wale terrorists Ko palte hain woh hi sb milkar pak walon ko hi maarte hain. Jab saanpon ko paloge to saanp katenge hi. Jaisa Peshawar mein hua tha bughunah bacho ki jaan gyi fir bhi oak wale kehte hain hum talibaaniyon k saath ladte hain bhi sb inki maa ch*d dete hain

  • Roshaan safdar

    Pakistan pak-army is Best and our ISI is on top…..!!!!!

    • shubham

      pak wale tumarhe desh k jitne bhi teriest are hai unhe mar diya jata sarm. karo Indian gad. Mar denge

  • Spencer

    Pakistani army lol they house terrorists and haven’t got the intelligence to detect another country flying into their airspace or the ability to counter itit. They’re about as affective as a wooly condom.

  • Rajat

    One indian soldier equal to hundred paki soldiers…. So pakissss go away form our country….wrna hum dil me ate hai smj me nhi…………

  • hafiz usman

    india is best only in the words…. but pakistan is the best all over the world……. geo pakkistani……:-( 😛 achanak software expert

  • kamran ansari

    INDIAN army k samne koi kuch nhi…chahe wo america ho ya china ya koi bhe ..hmare pas aise aise technology hai jo kisiko bhe btane k zarurt nhi hai sb jante hai k kon kitna powerfull hai aur inshaallah power dikhane ke zarurat nhi padegi..mai aisa isliye bol rha hu qki jung k shuruwat kbhi bhe india nhi doosre country ke respect krte hai lekin iska ye mtlb nhi ke hm kmzor hai..aur agar power dikhane k zarurat padegi to puri duniya khud he dekh legi…k INDIA kya hai…jism faulad iradey buland…ekdam HULK k tarah..

  • india jindabad

    World cup me INDIA ko koi nhi hara sakta..!! & jai shree ram

    • Bilal Akbar Sohro

      pak army is best in world……pakistan zinda bad

  • Tarun Shrotriya

    bhosdiky pakistaniyo phly world cup main to hraa kr dikhao border pr jeetna to tmhri spno ki bt h

  • dev

    India sabka baap

    • ali haider

      india ka baap pakistan


    My India is the best

  • satish chandra prasad (NALANDA)

    Our India is very Best

  • Jatin Raikwar

    Pakistan hm se h hm Pakistan se nai , baap baap hota h or beta beta

    • ali haider

      fathers always big than son pakistan get independence before fucked india so pakistan is father

  • Awesome Ass Kicker

    In 1961 only after 14 years of Indian Independence we kicked the asses of bloody Portuguese and kicked them out of Goa and other parts only in 36 hours.India is a peace making country but whenever someone tries to mess with us they all paid.Americans are supplying weapons to Pakistani assholes and trying to be very good with us.Americans may have the strongest army but they are just trying to make war between India and Pakistan.I’ll not say anything about Pakistan because their country’s pride has already been gangraped so many times.



  • basil


  • prathap reddy

    oh God …what happens to our Indians pakis…everybody has saying I’m proud to be Indian,Pakistani n Elsa…each n every single person loves there nation there is no douwt abt DAT..but here a lot of comments makes me so funny cause commenters says Indian military n Pakistani army are great but while going into point view where is superpower Russia n rogue north Korea n Britain,France n ect u ppl forgots abt this nations.
    u know till now Russia can destroy half of the world even one other super power USA had never goes battle with rival Russia Cuz two powers had a high level technology devices…this two powers no need to do war with there human army.only just use of technology…n one other question still Russia had a father of all bombs n tsar bomba so on..don’t be forgot DAT..India buys 60% weapons from the Russia n paki buys from USA..
    I think India n paki never makes battle with other countries how can we say we r the best….as Indian Russia n USA,china n other NATO r powerful

  • prathap reddy

    oh God …what happens our Indians…everybody has saying I’m proud to be Indian,Pakistani n Elsa…each n every single loves there nation there no douwt abt DAT..but here a lot of comments makes me funny cause commenters says Indian military n Pakistani army are great but while going into point view where is superpower Russia n rogue north Korea n Britain,France u ppl forgot abt this nation.
    u know till now Russia can destroy half of the world even one super power USA had never goes battle with Russia Cuz two powers had a high level technology devices…this two powers no need to do war human army.only just use of technology…n one other question still Russia had a father of all bombs n tsarn so on..don’t be forgot DAT..India buys weapons from the Russia n paki buys from USA..
    I think India n paki never makes battle with other countries how can we say we r the best….as Indian Russia n USA,china n other NATO r powerful

  • kc

    You Pakistanis Stand no where before the Indians.Porkistanis have always been defeated by Indians.The grain from which you eat food comes from Indian fields and you bitches dream of defeating our Great India.Jai Hind! BHARAT MATA KI JAI! HINDUSTAN JINDABAD!

  • kc

    You Pakistanis Stand no where before the Indian.Porkistanis have always been defeated by Indians.The grain from which you eat food comes from Indian fields and you bitches dream of defeating our Great India.Jai Hind! BHARAT MATA KI JAI! HINDUSTAN JINDABAD!

  • basil

    I am an Indian boy from Australia I think the Indian army is one of the best in the world! but the army of Christ lord Jesus will devour all nonbelievers! :0h

  • shad

    You guys are all jokes the us has the best army we don’t even have to send men in can you say drone strikes and if we do have to you still don’t even know we were there can you say stealth fighters bombers and helicopters And if that still don’t work nuke your sorry ass and turn and turn that shit hole of a place you guys call home in to a sheet of glass

  • sara

    Long live Pakistan n long live pakistani army …. Allah ho akbar !

    • Bilal Akbar Sohro

      Allah HO Akbar pak army zinda baad

  • sumedh sukhdeve

    all those people who were talking about only pakistan’s army, they are totally evils of religion because in INDIA, there are also muslim’s majority people and they live freindly and independently in INDIA, so there is not any fault in INDIA or INDIANS,truely the fault is in the thinking of those pakistani people and all army are very great,they must fight against terrorism instead of fighting with each other’s army in the world!:);)

  • chris munene

    no country in africa??????

  • zaheem khan

    Pakistan is the best….Pakistani SSG commandos can single handedly kick Indian armed force’s assholes….Long live PAKISTAN ARMY…Long live PAKISTANI nation…!!!!!

  • Matthew HardY

    i’m from india but i don want to be indian i’m not proud to be bloody indian
    i want to be chenese men,

  • johnson

    ever heard of the para commandos of india, pak bitches ?
    the world compares them with the US marines , SEALS and the Delta Force.
    But leave alone the paras of India. The Gorkha regiment is more than enough to scare off the pakistani side.
    Not because of the number of MEN in the army. But its capabilities that can reach any point on tge planet accurately.
    BTW india , even after being so large in number and so strong with the capability , promotes world peace as an initiator of the Non-allignment movement.

  • Sovon Pal

    Agar Indian Army pak broder pa susu kar denga pak pupils mar giyenghi barrish ke tufan pa…

  • Sovon Pal

    Indian Army always best and no.1 position in the world… doubt…

    • Anonymous

      Prove it. When has India seen combat action? Want to talk about the last time India’s armed forces were
      tested? Baseless opinion unsupported by fact. India’s propaganda machine works pretty well.

  • kc

    Indian army is the best in the world! so just shut your mouths haters.

  • Hindustani

    India Mahaan tha Mahaan hai aur Mahaan rahegaa….. Jai Hind

  • Jas

    thanks for all the help. USA has backed India and a shit ton of players in this and other wars and proxy wars. I have yet seen one country thank us. or its citizens. you are welcome world.

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        I meant thank you for pointing that out

  • Rahul sorout

    My India.s army is the best in ever world. So i want to become a soldier

  • Indian

    I just wanna wish best of luck to all the armies, all over the world may be small or big. let them be in peace and the countries too. but let’s do fight against anti- humanism.

  • Chirag Prajapati

    Bhai army to army hoti he chahe kisi bhi desh ki ho.
    Har desh ka soldier apana sab kuch chod kar apane vatan ke liye marata he.
    jai jawan jai kisan
    ham apane desh ko bahot pyar karate he
    aur karana bhi chahiye hamaari maa jo he.
    bhagavaan kare mera har janam bharat me ho.
    aur har janam me soldier banakar mere bharat ki mere hindustaan ki raksha aur sheva kar saku.
    jay hind ki sena.
    satyamev jayate.
    jay brahmani maa.

  • sam lambiase

    what do u mean

  • sandip mupde

    INDIA is a contry that have the macho and worlds yonger people so dont try to show eyes to my India…..
    JAI HIND…..

  • asim kashmir

    pakistan is the best army all around in the world.pakistan ki army kay sath allah ki power ha.yah pakistan ki army he ha jo talban kay sath lar rahi ha ager pakistan ki army ki jaga indian army ho to ak month nahi lar sakti indian army shrab pee kar larti ha ta kay khof na ho jab shrab ka nasha utarta ha to bahg jati ha

    • Gaurav kulkarni

      Hey guyzz the problem is that both countries pak and ind hate each other and other countries use this thing as a chance to export their weapons… no use to compare power of both nations until they builld their indigenous weapons they have to rely on western powers or russia for weapons and problem for pakistan is they are using terrorism as a weapon against india and investing large amount on it instead of improving their economy the world is changing and the possiblities of war is almost negligible even though we hate so much so the key is to improve economy even than western countries and the americans are just a shit…..holy shit…terrorism problem is because of usa only in 1980s to conter russia’s influence usa started aiding terrorist activity in afghan and whole this terrorism shit aroused from it……

  • Asad

    pakistan is the best army than all other armies like mout se ni darte india walo tm to kafir tm to marne se darte ho. kashmir ma beguna logo ka qat karte ho sham on you to be an indian.INSHAHALLAH ak din pore india pr pak army ho ge..r u understand indian dog

    • Atr

      Pak army is the one of d madar chod army in d world.

  • Alan

    As always if you want the maximum number of people killed in the least amount of time with the least amount of casulties you call the USA as always bitches!!!!!

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  • dhiraj yadav

    india”s army is the best world all armyws so thanks & well done our india army good bless you

    • Indian

      I love my india hindu muslim bhae bhae

  • Sushil hindustani

    India is the best in all over world narendra modi zindabaad..

  • Nahashon njuguna

    The lords protection as part of the covenant.

  • Nahashon njuguna

    THE LITTLE SCROLL .Revelation chapter 10 and chapter 11.


    The word of God to the nobles and kings of the world Revelation chapter 10 and 11 .The apocalyptic cloud action is indicative the coming of the son of man. Even the trees and all nature display the power, righteousness and the faithfulness of our God on the skies. Accept the lord’s request for a greater agronomical economy and his protection as stipulated in His covenant He is a supreme God you will be a superior country with Him the skies will be yours with the high priest .He shall replenish your people and their land he will support your military ventures he will protect you and help you secure your borders .He commands the sky the snow is His word as quoted in Isaiah chapter 55:10-11 .The lords Gold.

    A copy to that which is genuine from heaven.
    First reading:
    Jeremiah chapter 5:4-10.
    I will go to the people in power and I will proclaim the message surely the leaders know what God wants and seemingly honorable to pass good judgment and not ignore the lords authority. The lord’s word says, “I will go to the people in authority, and talk with them surely they know what their God requires, what the lord their God wants them to do”. But all of them have rejected the lord’s authority and refuse to obey Him. I hoped you shall say yes to the lord’s request; I can’t change the word of the lord its pure and true, I hope you shall grant thee grace to read this short account of the true word of God as pertaining God and governance in the republic of Kenya and other nations. Amen.

    Warning against rejecting God and abandoning His covenant.
    Jeremiah chapter 22.
    The lord sends me to the kings and the countries officials, to tell them that abandoning the lord’s covenant is a disgrace and injustice is a malady that cripples government and its jurisdiction. The count on injustices is: Doing what is unjust and not right, not protecting who is being cheated from the one who is cheating him, ill-treating foreigners, widows and killing innocent people in holy places .The lord has commanded the chosen ones, the descendants of David to continue to be kings .In Jeremiah chapter 11:16; The lord says I will destroy the unjust rule he will cut it down and throw it into the fire. Many foreigners will pass by and ask why I the lord has done such a thing, it’s because they have abandoned the covenant of the lord. Your leaders will be blown away by the wind, your allies will be taken as prisoners of war, and your city will be disgraced and put to shame because of all the evil you have done. Do building beautiful houses make you better leaders; while the lord’s temple stands unbuilt? Doomed is the man who enlarges his house by dishonesty and builds it by injustice and who makes his countrymen work for nothing and does not pay their wages.
    Give the poor a fair hearing and do not see your selfish interests, do not kill the innocent and violently oppress your people.
    I had seen us fail in past requests to government because the government set standards and requirements for God even when he requested them not to set standards for his servant like academics, but no requirements were set to receive the lord’s replenishments and offerings, it’s God who justifies someone to receive offerings on His behalf. So am filled with great hope that this request will go answered since it affects the livelihoods of all the citizens, it has great impact on the economy and the standards of living of the general populace, it determines whether our sovereignty will stand to the end or our country shall become a whore and be adulterated by everyone like an invaded and taken one. You risk starving the whole country if you reject this request to establish a covenant through offerings for the people of Kenya, indelibly true is my account over this issue and its social political importance.
    In Jeremiah chapter 11 the lord sends me to warn the people not to disobey the terms and instructions of the covenant ,it’s the covenant that he made with them and with their ancestors when he brought them out of Egypt, the land was blazing like a furnace .
    The people are still doing evil do they think they will be saved by making promises and making animal sacrifices they have no right to be in his temple. So I will bring the punishment described in it –the punishment described in the covenant of disobedience –on them. I the lord have brought upon them disaster even though I planted them, they have done wrong. I will set its leaves on fire. I will punish them their young men will be killed in war and their children will die of starvation .I have set a time for bringing disaster on the people none of them will survive.
    The lord has spoken.
    From Deuteronomy chapter 18:14-21.
    God sent a prophet so that when you obey him you shall prosper and do the lords will. Sure thee shall prosper and emerge victorious in everything that you do. Speaking on the lord’s authority, I requested the people to fear and respect Him. The penalty for being a false prophet is death for the false seer and punishment to the disobedient. His intervention will greatly improve the security situation in this country as prophet and as high priest will restore the country’s rainfall and eradicate famine, hunger and poverty. This offering shall be submitted to the high priest Nahashon every seven years to restore the land and its properties and to re affirm commitment and allegiance to the almighty God for His protection and replenishment. This offering can be offered at intervals to establish a covenant of obedience with all peoples of Nations as per the instructions of the lord in Isaiah chapter 42:6 for the countries security, rainfall and sustenance. It’s the fairest deal to a country as mighty as this.
    It’s a covenant with all peoples so every citizen will be offered for to become a member of the lord’s family in his covenant and to build the temple. This will restore food security and afterwards the prophet shall be clothed with majesty to help solve the security puzzle. It’s the lord’s authority to shut up the sky so that there will be no rainfall during the time this message is proclaimed if the lords wish is rejected and ignored there shall be severe drought and famine. Like in Haggai the lord will do this so his edifice can be built by the high priest. He will halve the harvest and eventually fully engage drought, hunger and severe famine.
    If you live according to my laws and obey my commands, I will send you rain at the right time, so that the land will be sowed and will produce crops and the trees bear fruit. Your crops will be so plentiful that you will be harvesting grapes when it is time to harvest corn, and you will be harvesting corn when its time to pick grapes. You will have all you want to eat and you will live in the safety of your land .I will give you peace in your land and you will sleep without being afraid of anyone. I will get rid of dangerous animals in the land and there will be no more war there .You will be victorious over your enemies five of you will be able to defeat a hundred and a hundred ten thousand .I will bless you and give you many children .I will keep part of my covenant that I made with you. Your harvests will be so plentiful that they will last for a year and even then you will have to throw away what is left of the old harvest to make room for the new .I will live with you in my sacred tent, and never will turn away from you. I will be with you and you will be my people and I your God. I will break the yoke of slavery and let you walk with your heads high. In the book of Galatians chapter 3 verses 15 to 20 the law through which the covenant came is greatly exalted by faith through Christ Jesus who made us believe. Abraham believed God and through his faith God accepted him as righteous. Abraham was blessed because of His faith, we should believe in that the promises of God are true. Amen? We shall harvest as plenty as the covenant stipulates and the lord almighty shall protect the country if we honor His official and solemn request to reward a true high priesthood and prophet hood in Kenya. I beg you to have faith for the spiritual law justifies the promises in the covenant. The law through faith justifies the promise of God.
    God has greatly exalted his law and has chosen a man from amongst ourselves to be high priest in his rule for many years .We should be proud and thankful to God for his great favor with God we are a super power. When the high priest sits before God you as a nation shall be secure and well fed if he is rewarded as per the lord’s request. If we deny him he will also deny us for he is true to himself, he cannot lie. Let’s have our sense of belonging and hire a prophet of war and offer to a high priest for our nation, Africa, and other continental zones where the lord has sent him.
    My calling to be a high priest.
    A high priest is a man called from among men to offer sacrifices acceptable to God for other people’s sin and for himself since he himself is human. Just as Aaron was called so was I, no man chooses for himself the honor of being a high priest it’s by Gods call that one becomes a high priest. In Hebrews chapter 5:1-6 and In Zechariah chapter 3, the branch who is the high priest seer is revealed as the chosen one of God for Kenya and the world .In Daniel chapter 9:24 -30 .The chosen one was to be revealed over and during the jubilee year and the lord requested him to prophecy a flood and yes he send a flood during the jubilee year as authenticity of His chosen one, he granted him power to rule the storm. His war is international to serve mankind and God around the world. The two witnesses who are him are later mentioned in revelation chapter 11:6; and their hermeneutical cloud command affirms them, look the clouds have brain and soul they can hear and respond to His commands; the two have been given authority over the sky. They can establish peace through hermeneutical sending of rainfall as a high priestly order for peace and replenishing the earth instead of causing strife and suffering .The high priestly order was started in Kenya by the archangel 49 years ago under the guile and protection of the highest God. After seven Sabbaths seven times, 50 years after its inception the jubilee government took post during the jubilee year and the chosen one prophesied a flood to Kenya on March 12th 2013, and the lord flooded Kenya In one month as His authenticity to a true servant of the most high God a high priest to all the peoples of all nations. The revelation was brought by angel Gabriel the angel of annunciation in Daniel chapter 9:20-27.The chosen one was to be revealed during this year of jubilee with a storm since he is the rightful heir of God to the high priestly offering of all peoples of Kenya .The flood was affirmation that it’s the will and wish of God for the high priest to send replenishment from the stores to the people at the right time of the season. The people claim to know the season but they don’t. In Matthew chapter 16:1-4 it says;1.some Pharisees and sadducces who came to Jesus wanted to trap him, so they asked him to perform a miracle for them ,to show that God approved of him.2.But Jesus answered them “when the sun sets you say ,we are going to have fine weather ,because the sky is red.’3.And early in the morning you say ,Its going to rain because the sky is dark .You can predict the weather by looking at the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs concerning this times! 4. How evil and godless are the people of this day! You ask me for a miracle? No! The only miracle you shall have is the miracle of Jonah”. So he left them and went away. The weather is Gods command and if you look closely you will see abnormal cloud action or the sky behaving out of normality sending unto the Faithfull’s affirmation of the signs of the times. Jesus wanted us to decipher these signs and as high priest I have compiled a report on apocalyptic cloud study and its cosmic action as revealed to me by the heavenlies, my hermeneutics. The issue of offerings as conflict resolution between God and man as the causality of war and strife is introduced in this chapter; it is later mentioned in Leviticus chapter 26:14-46, and the covenant of obedience as the covenant for the lords security, peace and rainfall replenishment. In Leviticus chapter 26:14-46.A disobedient nation shall be punished with war and hunger, diseases and dangerous wild animals shall attack its people.
    We should follow the lords decrees and obey his laws so we can live safely on our land in and with his abundance .Obeying the lords covenant is living at peace; it is a high priestly peace and conflict resolve to obey the law of God .This wars would come to an end if we sign the covenant of obedience with the high priest Kenya, look he can send rainfall for peace, sustenance and reclaim the desert lands for the establishment of the lords kingdom and rule.
    Look for the sign of a consecrated priest during the jubilee year .And in this year the high priest will be forgiven his sin and restored. In Zechariah chapter 3:3 it says, in another vision the lord showed the high priest. Joshua standing before the angel of the lord. And Satan was already accusing him before the lord and the angel intervened and condemned Satan saying, “This man is like a stick snatched from the fire” .The angel of the lord gave him new clothes to wear and renewed him for his toil. The angel said “if you obey the lords commands and perform the duties I have assigned to you then you will continue to be in charge of my temple and its courts and I will hear your prayers as I hear the prayers of angels in my presence, the archangels; am placing in front of you a single stone with seven facets and I will engrave an inscription on it on a single day I will wipe away all their sins and restore the land. The repentance and governmental offering presentation gathering shall be held and during the signing of the covenant with all peoples the country they shall be saved. When that day comes I will restore each of you, each of you will invite his neighbor to come and enjoy peace and security.
    (It will be during the dry season for I can smell the dust maybe blown by a vehicycle surrounded by your vineyards and fig trees on the roads). The truth is I’ve been in repressive entity but the lord has rescued me and the angel has intervened for me and awarded the high priestly rule to me represented by the corner stone with seven facets, the high priest Nahashon. The scripture says “Listen then Joshua you are the high priest and listen you fellow priests of his that are of the sign of a good future .I will reveal my servant who is called the branch he is in charge of the high priestly rule and the earthly tabernacle. The lamp stand that is made of gold at the top of it where there is a bowl for the annointing oil .On the lamp stand are seven lamps each one of them with places for seven wicks .There are two olive trees on either side of the lamp stand and one on each side of it. The seven lamps are the eyes of the lord that see allover the earth. The two olive trees are the two witnesses of the lord that have been chosen to serve God allover the earth. They shall succeed not by military strength but by my spirit and by the spirit of the lord. Obstacles as great as mountains will disappear before you and you will rebuild the temple and the people will shout beautiful. Amen.
    The lord has warned us not to be like other people. Do not join the people and their evil schemes, do not be afraid of the people and the things they do and fear. Remember that I the lord almighty am holy; I am the one you must fear because am like a stone that people stumble over; I am like a trap that will catch the people of Judah and Israel ,many will stumble, many will fall and get caught in a trap. But people will tell you to ask for a message from the fortune tellers and mediums that chirp and utter, that tells people of things to come. After all people should not ask for messages from the spirits and mediums, what they tell you cannot keep trouble away. The people wander through the land hungry and discouraged .In their hunger and famine they will curse their God and their king. They will look up at the sky or stare at the ground but they will see nothing but terrible darkness and trouble. Their heroes and their soldiers ,their judges and civilian leaders, military statesmen, political leaders and everyone that uses magic to control events will die in the war and suffer starvation. The lord will let the people be governed by immature boys .A time will come when the members of a clan will come, when the members will choose one of their numbers and say to him be our leader in this time at least you have something to wear, so be our leader in this time of trouble. You are doomed !You get up early in the morning and start drinking and spend long evenings getting drunk .At your feasts you have harps and tambourines and flutes and your music , but you don’t understand what the lord is doing .And so you shall be taken away as prisoners .Your leaders will starve to death and the common people will die of thirst .The world of the dead is hungry for them, it gulps down the nobles of Jerusalem along with the crowd of common people .You are doomed heroes of the wine bottle .You are doomed heroes of the wine bottle brave fearless when it comes to mixing drinks .But for just a bribe you let the guilty go scot free and you prevent the innocent from getting justice. So now just as straw and dry grass shrivel and burn in the fire your roots will dry up and will rot and your blossoms will dry, look what the lord almighty of Israel has said about it and taught us.(The above excerpt emanates from quotes in Isaiah chapter 8:11, Isaiah chapter 8:18-20, Isaiah chapter 5; 21-25, Isaiah chapter 30:19-26, Isaiah chapter 5:11-14, Isaiah chapter 8:21 22 and Isaiah chapter 3:2-6). The lord had made a wise request, he had chosen a man from amongst you, his people .He would tell him what to do and say and he will tell the people everything God said, God would punish anyone who refuses to obey him. Am I an enemy if I gave you victory east and gave you a date for your victory up north; I still haven’t deleted all national food stock as this message is being proclaimed to you. My servant isn’t an enemy because you brought this suffering upon yourselves he was and is willing to protect and flood the country daily if you honor the lord almighty’s request .Right now you are in deep hunger and famine in some parts communities are becoming extinct e.g. The el-moros, the enemy still causes terror every now and then. Your food security and national security is at threat and this is the way to solve this crisis .God and the high priest have offered you a lasting solution , your teams of experts are wrangling in skillful debate to secure their positions in government. Subtle is the lords resolve your ignorance your pain, your obedience your joy. In Deuteronomy chapter 18:18-21.Victory belongs to him and as thee shall forthwith lead, so shall their victory be. When you go out do not be afraid of them. The lord your God who rescued you from Egypt will be with you.
    Before you start fighting a priest is to come forward and say to the army, men of Israel listen today you are going into battle, do not be afraid of your enemies, or lose courage or panic .The lords chosen has power to do this. The lord God your God is going with you and he will give you victory.
    Then the officers will address the men as in Deuteronomy 20:1-19.Lets go candela and sing,” am a shinning star building direction, I am the pillar of fire lighting the seas” .The prophet hood will build the church and reveal the war times to the end .This is the little scroll and a diurnal charter on Kenya, eastern Africa, north Africa and the middle east (Persia) as delivered to me by angel Gabriel and Michael. It is a special hermeneutics and exegetical count of events shaping the future into the end .This exegetical hermeneutical account accounts for the years shaping the future between year 2006 to 2034.This includes governments of the world, their wars, conflicts’ and relations the solutions to this conflicts and my religious perspectives as prophet priest between those years .
    Indelible will be my peace and conflict resolution to a war between Gog and God, powers that rule this world. The biblical quotes are chapter by chapter ; Ezekiel 38:5-16,Isaiah 18 ,Isaiah 17:3 ,Isaiah 19 ,Isaiah 21:13,Isaiah 30:27,and Isaiah 41:25 which is our incursion east unto Somalia with the Kenyan defense force upon the Al Alshabbab militia a war of the lords prophecy and reign as a witness of the lord .Am currently running chapters Isaiah 48, Isaiah 18, Isaiah 28 and Ezekiel 38 ,Isaiah 3 and Jeremiah 14 as prophet of war by exploring a conflict between Ethiopia and allies simply known as gogs alliance versus the southerners who live at the navel of the earth ,and at peace the tall smooth skinned feared people of eastern Africa, the Kenyans.
    A chosen nation and governments of the world with their wars, conflicts and international relations amongst many. The conflicts highlighted are hunger and famine, and the international wars that have shaped the prophetical time calendar and events of fulfillment tallying with biblical doctrine of their prophecy. With a calling with certainty it’s my responsibility to sensitize government about the phenomenon and fulfillment surrounding the coming of the war. Recent developments are that Syria is on standstill there’s war in the Gaza upfront of present Israel and the crisis in Kiev which are also of great importance in present day world economics and international politics its also a reason for the upsurge in insecurity since when God stirs more and more nations to war it means he is angry or pressing at a balance of power between nations ,rules and kingdoms he wants something done its his doing since he uses nations and governments to fulfill his wishes .For in Isaiah chapter 10:13-15;the lord says “can an axe claim to be better than a man who uses it ,is a saw more important than a man who uses it? A club doesn’t lift up a man; a man lifts up a club”. Instruments of his destiny. The lord’s servant is the promise of a better. As high priest am specially gifted and this is the future of a nation as mighty as this. Without high priestly seasonic offerings to the high priest so he can build the temple and restore the land we shall starve. This is the lord’s request; he bet the Kenyan government one mans one offering for the whole of Kenya. The most probable question would be, will we walk to the end in hunger, famine and tatters and be defeated in the war? Or will we offer to the high priest and head into the war majestic and gallant .God has power over rainfall together with His witnesses the prophet and the priest.Rev.11:6The priesthood is holy and peaceful with rainfall for peace and the prophet hood has peacemaking efforts to enforce peace and positive diplomacy through epistemology and peaceful exegetics .The mission is to establish a holy minded society, achieve religious concession and sensitize the population and nationalities about the high priestly statute by commanding and exercising authority over the sky as awarded in Revelation 11:6. This is proof of the lords wish and reward that they have been given power and authority to establish the lords rule on earth with agronomical economies as beneficence to obedient nations which are rainfall reliant in addition to the rivers and springs of the land .Do we have to starve to honor God? .The major causality of conflicts is ignoring God and heavenly authority and just as in theistic societies and in animistic societies, I should minister to you so that you honor God. Nations should realize that conflicts arise because of the lord’s anger and fury and that are a form of his punishment, alongside natural catastrophes .In communities appeasing God is the start of peace resolution in any theistic or monotheistic society, from a Christian world view perspective and from an intercultural communications point of view. The languages to be used should be effective and universally acceptable, languages for effective communication. The media has written epistemological pieces and hermeneutics with exegetics through correspondence, social media and web hosting to reach nations and countries of my prophetical reign. From a Christian religious perspective it entails the practice of Christianity which is the main religion involved in this conflict called the end .To establish the lord’s rule there had to be peace building and peace making efforts like In Somalia. The authority of the land had to be involved in this priestly quest.

    Holy, holy, holy, is the lord almighty he is holy, His glory fills the world.
    Lord I have been living in a world full of sin and among people whose every kind of word is sinful, yet you touched my lips and anointed me saying my sins have been forgiven and my guilt is gone .I was anointed by breathing seven breaths and being consecrated and I walked to hillside junior academy holy in 2004.The lord had visited me in the night .Then I heard him say, “whom shall I send “? “Who shall be our messenger”?Then I said I will go send me .The same way Isaiah was called to be priest seer, and just as Ezekiel was chosen, just as Samuel was chosen so was I .In 2004 the lord called me to be priest seer and he told me there shall be war from the north. We started by revealing the conflicts in subject, the wars over Sheba region and over eastern Africa .The already subdued group of countries are of gogs alliance .They are mentioned in Isaiah chapter 43:7 and Ezekiel chapter 38:5; These nations had been given up for the future glory of God, they are Libya, Ethiopia, Egypt and Persia .Through self initiated wars and alien Diasporas invasions to these countries the lord punished these nations because they worshipped idols and profaned his name. Then the lord spoke and I heard. So he told me to go and give the people his message, I deleted the yes in spiritual dormancy, I had grown much, have you grown much? Have you become much of a believer? God owned the diamonds in the sky, the clouds and their supernatural command .They were here and it was 9:00 am in the morning it’s chilly and am enlightened to remember my calling to be prophet in 2004 which came with the prophecy there shall be war from the north. When an evil plan got into the Ethiopian he came like a thief looted, plundered and killed our people as written in Ezekiel chapter 38.I liked cold soda at Santana’s and did my majors at the university, I knew the truth about the governments of the world ,their wars ,conflicts and relations .The truth was unfolding even in Europe and I had a calling with certainty there was turmoil in kiev.I went like ,-what about the cloud show and the cloud command on cold ice floating over Norwegian skies-.I took a good look and the sky is excellent. The lord’s covenant and punishment was also study and I underwent a catharsis. Look how I had been enslaved to my addiction of writing, I still fought to find the turning point of doing good on-board the clouds, I had plans with God and it was fruitful, I had his practicality in his hermeneutics especially vividly over the skies. Look how powerful I am because I am with him, are you with him? I am with him and there’s been conflict between this country and God. So he told me to go and tell the people this message. “No matter how much you listen you will not understand, the much you look at the sky you will understand surely this people have minds. Do they have to be punished to turn Gog back the way which he came from and offer as a country and chosen nation to honor God .Gog a power that rules this world had already attacked my people from the east as Isaiah 41:25 had predicted, my prophecy to the armed forces through the assistant chief of general staff docket had been fulfilled and upon the coast lands the lord says “woe unto the coastlands of Kenya”. I remember Lamu mpeketoni and Tana River districts just as the lord had warned we. As in Ezekiel chapter 38 and 39.Through the church, I have power to influence government’s decision and the lord has power over rainfall and can establish peace by sending rainfall. We could rejuvenate the desert and live in peace, it’s a situation of death and thirst we are avoiding and war with Ethiopia. Denounce Gog Ethiopia you are the last of his descendants who remained unscathed all your allies have been subdued that’s what I would say about (Zechariah 1:7-12) Libya, Egypt, (Persia which is) Iraq, Iran and Syria. What makes you an exception? At least you’ve seen we can beat him, but he may still want his revenge. The lord said he shall have an evil plan after many years and we don’t know how many but he shall attack us as we live peaceably with one another Ezekiel 38:8-12 .Establishing peace required the building of a monument of peace between Kenya and Ethiopia, the treaty or peace pact, amalgamations and a temple for the most high God right across the border with gatherings every year to God through the high priest so as to beseech and appease God for peace and to pour and send rainfall at the right time .I wondered will Kenya offer to drink the elixir of life ?I had acquired the clouds by giving the clouds brain and soul they can talk to you they are perfect creatures look they never fail to do what I tell them to do .In Isaiah 55:10 the scripture says, “my word is like snow and the rain that comes down from the sky to water the earth ;They make the crops to grow and provide seed for planting and food to eat. So also will be the word that I speak –it will not fail to do what I tell it to and send it to do”.
    It’s categorical that it will not fail to do what I plan for it to do, it will do everything I send it to do”. Thus says the lord. The high priestly cloud command had started in mbeere district Embu County where the earth is / and was wet and singing rich was the khat that flourished because the earth had received its replenishment in the warm temperate region. The being had been quenched. The cloud command had been given to the high priest and he had achieved Perfect cloud command under revelation 11.6 which says; “they have authority to shut up the sky”-and he has power over rainfall as a simplex yet complex hermeneutical journey to achieving it. Instant the Ethiopian army was the sleeping dumbbell they lazed daily and we won daily .Ongoing a calling to a prophecy of war about the middle east crisis had eased up to Syria where guns still rattled contend between rebels and soldiers royal to the pro Al-Assad government. We expect the war to move southwards into Saudi Arabia as it comes to an end. The practicality of the sky with the prophet priest is an eighth wonder of the war nothing shall withstand it if we have cloud surveillance, geographical data cloud presentation, position and subject indication, target acquisition and flooding capabilities. I can give you climate advantage and water and food if you obey my instructions and commands” said the lord. “I commanded you to offer to my high priest as government and to hire my prophet of war in your national security detail.”Thus says the lord. The cloud command can be used for defensive purposes as an eighth wonder of the war like in exodus 13:17-22 .I have a table of self initiated cloud actions and commands that approves me as the guy with the authority to shut up the skies so that there is no rainfall, or to flood by sending rainfall at the right time if the lords wish is accepted and embraced by government ,honoring the lords request is salvation, we have power to flood and replenish like we did in march 2013 if the lords wish is accepted. The self initiated cloud action and apocalyptic cloud display is heavenly proof of the right priest to be offered to who has the keys to the sky .Power over rainfall is Gods power.

    Here is the table of contents on cloud actions:
    Creating the gap and filling the gap.
    The molar presentation and holographic cosmic cloud display.
    Induced Lenticular and convectional drift.
    Can move the cloud forthwith. He Came like a whirlwind.
    Marvel of nature calligraphic, shapes, faces and objects presentation.
    Rainfall pouring capability in 24 hrs.
    These cloud actions can be initiated by the look of the eye and use of the palm.

    It’s purely cosmic power of God that does it; for it is he who makes it rain.
    The vertical height and horizontal displacement of clouds on range from a ground acquisition point in linearity to the bottom tops of the cones is efficient display of cloud command dependability and efficiency. The calculation of the surface area of irregular objects, the volume of the mass vapor and cloud density is of great importance as parameters that affect and determine cloud rainfall pouring capabilities. A perfect plane implies a human face in middle and on the left a flying eagle, on the right is the mid panorama and a space of blue ; He is snow white and is quite efficient and stealth in service delivery, the clouds ferry water from the sea and conjures the plains for where to water at specific times. Cloud density is of subject importance on the cloud as a ship on our acquisition of greater heights.
    Density =mass/volume.
    The mass derivative =mass/mm of the molecule 0.001 g/mm.
    The eye of providence and the wing flier put the pressure at altitude h is given by p=po (1-Lh/To) qm/Rl.
    Where molecular mass of water =18 g/molecule and Mass of dry air 29g/molecule.
    Under Avogadro’s law ,the number of molecules present is constant per particular molecular volume .For a given mass an ideal gas the volume and amount of gas in moles of the gas is given as,
    Number of moles per unit area.In the above for a given mass of an ideal gas the volume and amount of moles of the gas found per unit volume is directly proportional to the temperature co-efficient constant and pressure constant.
    V/n1=k where k is pressure temperature constant.
    V1/n1=v2/n2 if pressure and temperature are at constant.
    For humid air
    For humid air density= (Pd/RdT)/Pv/RvT-(PdMd/PvMv)/Rt.
    Where pressure of humid air =density of humid air in (Kg/M3).
    Rd = specific gas constant of dry air. That is (287.058 j/kg per Kelvin).
    T = Temperature in Kelvin.
    Rv=specific gas constant for water vapor.(461.465j/kg.k.)
    Md=molar mass of dry air (0.28964 kg/mol).
    Mv=molar mass of liquid vapor (0.018016 kg/mol).
    R=Universal gas constant 8.314 j/k.mol.
    Vapor pressure of water may be calculated from the saturation water pressure.
    PV =relative humidity .Saturated vapor pressure (Psat).
    Where Pv =pressure of water vapor.
    Rv=Relative humidity.
    Psat= saturated vapor pressure.
    Psat = 6.1078 .10T+237.3 inversely proportional to 7.5 t meaning 1/61078.10T+237.3 where T is the temperature in degree centigrade.
    Density of the humid air =pressure of the humid air.
    Po=101.325 KPa.
    To=sea level atmospheric temperature to=288.15 Kelvin.
    G=earths gravitational acceleration 9.80665 m/s.
    Temperature lapse rate L=0.0065k/m.
    Ideal universal gas constant R=8.314475 j/(9 mol.k).
    Molar mass of dry air m=0.0289644 kg/mol.
    Temperature altitude H in meters above sea level.Approxiated and valid within the troposphere.
    Pressure at altitude H is given by T=To-Lh.
    Pressure at altitude h is given by P=Po (1-Lh/To) qm/Rl.
    Density is then calculated according to the molar form of the ideal gas law shown below.
    M=molar mass.
    R=Ideal gas constant.
    T=absolute temperature. For temperatures ranging -0-050 degrees centigrade.
    Air density =Absolute pressure./287.058j/chg.
    The density of air is the mass per unit volume of earth atmosphere and is a useful derivative in aeronautics, weather forecast and others sciences.
    Air density= P/Specific .Tc. Air density decreases with increase in altitude as so does air; it also changes with variation in temperature or humidity.
    At sea level its 15 degrees centigrade air and has a density of approximately 1.225 kg/m3.
    No; it doesn’t pour on its own, only God can make it rain according to Jeremiah 14:22.Look the idols of Egypt tremble with fear when the lord God of hosts rides to Egypt on a cloud. From Isaiah 19:1-4.Do any idols of the world nations worthless as they are bring rain? No, they tremble before him, his majesty and power. God made the earth by his power he founded the world by his wisdom and stretched out the heavens by his own hands by his own understanding, when he thunders the waters in the heavens roar he makes the clouds rise from the ends of the world .He sends lightning with the rain and brings out the wind from his storerooms. Quoting Jeremiah chapter 10:12-14.He says Look! He advances with the clouds they are his chariots they come like whirlwind. His horses are swifter than eagles, woe to us we are ruined, oh Jerusalem wash away the evil from your heart and be saved .How long will you harbor your wicked thoughts.Whenever Jehovah withholds rainfall or sends an epidemic (Kajiado menace) we should repent and perform his religious festivals for land restoration and replenishment of our souls and lands ,as high priest I have approached the government of Kenya to perform this ritual with the lord’s affirmation and consent, surely; He has sent me and given me power. In chronicles chapter 7:13-18.Its an act of God to pour rainfall its God and its Good. It is to this effect that I approached the sovereign government of Kenya to sign the covenant of obedience in Leviticus 26:1-14 to avert a severe drought and famine scenario and situation through offerings it, s also to appease God through other religious harvest rituals. Through an open letter to government. This covenant letter is a high priestly concession and agreement between mankind, nature and God for the lord’s protection and sustenance as described in the covenant of obedience. I will perform wonders and signs on the sky to affirm this message. The authority on the sky is solely God and he will withhold rainfall to affirm his request to you. Just watch the sky and you will be able to see the lord’s presence on the sky the rainfall pouring organs as his affirmation to a true high priesthood and prophet hood.
    Explaining the season, the end times and cosmic apocryphal cloud action ,I expressed that Cloud movement can be initiated by impulse movements alongside its body en mass usually triggered by wind currents, eddy currents and gravitational drag .Heavenly power is also responsible for cloud action and movement as evidenced by the above hermeneutical experiment on cloud action and movement .This heavenly power is responsible for this action and works through the brain and soul of the prophet and the clouds can hear him and obey his commands as an eighth wonder of the world .He wonders what other scientific explanation can be given to the lords doing with the prophet. From him it’s the power of God that works through him and initiates cloud action to his advantage that only by the look of the eye he can stir up cloud action and initiate responsive movement of the cloud.The cloud is an amazing creature with brain and soul; it’s an amazing object to the scientist though it is floating mass liquid, vapor, ice and snow with different densities at different altitudes, pressure and temperature. The nature of formations and type of clouds is determined by these factors. Different clouds appear at different altitudes and the ones with thick layers and sheets of ice are best for vesselic capabilities and they have densities that range from 450 kg\m3 to 900 kg\m3.
    Cloud droplets are formed when air is lifted above condensation level where water vapor condenses to so called nuclei that grow to a size 0.02 mm (0.01 inches). In a cloud the droplets collide to form larger droplets. The droplets remain aloft as long as the drag force of the air in that zone remains and dominates over the gravitational force for small particles.The droplets grow to form bigger particles and fall as rain when the gravitational force overcomes the atmospheric drag on the ice crystals, they fall as rain. The water tends to condense into super cooled water droplets with additional lifting and growth in size which can eventually turn into freezing rain. Executing the cloud command “gain altitude” is amazing as the cones lift to gain height in glory and righteousness. At temperatures well below freezing point, the vapor sublimates into ice crystals that average about 0.25mm in length for a unit of ice crystal. The width is a number of ice particles heightwise.The ice crystals increase to a point and may combine until they become too heavy to remain aloft and fall as snow .My research is on whether floating snow can be used for creative purposes as an eighth wonder of the war and I have been successful in producing special calligraphic signs with the snow on the sky. Floating snow can be of vesselic capability like a deer on top of a floating glacier or a bear on a floating glacier they ca hold soldiers aloft and serve as surveillance equipment for the defense force. Apocalyptic power ad comic power over the stars at night can be used for defensive purposes; the lord says in Psalms 78:14 says,” a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night” .The defensive use of clouds to establish the lords rule is inevitable. This is the lord’s promise of His Security. Convective lifts can cause severe weather as thunderclouds form around warm air conventionally over the tropopause.We have clouds on other space bodies like methane clouds on Jupiter and sulfuric clouds present around other planets in the mesosphere which is outer space.
    1. Cumulonimbus clouds, 6.cumulus congestus clouds.
    2. Alto- cumuli cloud 7.cumulostratus clouds.
    3. Cumulous- stratum clouds. 8. Alto- stratus clouds.
    4. Cirrus clouds.
    5. cirrus- cumuli clouds.
    The Earths atmosphere.
    The Troposphere
    It derives its name from the Greek word (tropos) which means change reflecting the fact that turbulent mixing plays an important role in the troposphere’s structure and behavior. Most of the phenomena we associate with day to day weather occur in the troposphere and is controlled by God.
    We have the low altitude level called the troposphere .It’s the lowest portion of the earths atmosphere it contains approximately 80% of the atmospheric mass.
    It is the place where the clouds we watch and experience are formed and contained .It is where our airlines cruise. The average depth of the troposphere is 17 kilometers in the mid- latitudes; it’s deeper in the tropics up to 20 kilometers and on the Polar Regions where height is approximately 7km. The crystals are 4.3 mm thick. The lowest part of the troposphere is where the friction with the earth’s surface takes place; it influences air flow in the planetary boundary layer. The boundary between troposphere and stratosphere is called the tropopause; it’s a temperature inversion level.
    The tropopause is in between the troposphere and the stratosphere, it’s a transition stage in hierarchical explanations of these levels of clouds and latitude excellence.The Stratosphere is the second layer of earth’s atmosphere. It is just above the tropopause and below the mesosphere.
    It’s the second major layer of the atmosphere above the troposphere and below the mesosphere .Its stratified in temperature with warmer layers higher up and cooler layers farther down. It contradicts the troposphere in temperature coefficients. The stratum is warmer compared to the cooler tropo-pospheric region. It’s located between 10 -13 kilometers from the surface of the planet earth.
    This level in cloud transition marks the transition to outer space it extends to 150 kilometers above the earths surface. It is used for special space exploration programmes .An example is National Aeronautics Systems Agency (NASA). Which utilizes the mesosphere for space explorations?
    It’s purely God who rules space and universe for it is he who created it and makes it rain.
    No it doesn’t pour on its own it’s only God can make it rain according to Jeremiah 14:22.In Isaiah 19:1-4 the scripture says ,“Look the idols of Egypt tremble with fear when the lord God of hosts rides to Egypt on a cloud” .Do any idols of the world nations worthless as they are bring rain? No, they tremble before the lord God of hosts and his majesty and power. God made the earth by his power he founded the world by his wisdom and stretched out the heavens by his own hands by his own understanding, when he thunders the waters in the heavens roar, he makes the clouds rise from the ends of the world .He sends lightning with the rain and brings out the wind from his storerooms.
    Quoting; Jeremiah (10:12-14).Look! He advances like the clouds; they are his chariots and come like a whirlwind. His horses are swifter than eagles. Woe to us we are ruined, oh Jerusalem wash away the evil from your heart and be saved .How long will you harbor your wicked thoughts.
    Whenever Jehovah withholds rainfall or sends an epidemic we should repent and perform his religious festivals for land restoration and replenishment. (In Chronicles chapter 7:13-18).
    It’s an act of God to pour rainfall, its God and it’s excellently good. The psalmist had a mention of the season ,sky ,waters and God in the following chapters:Psalms.1,4,18,19,3469,71,76,78,81,82,83,84,85,89,90,91,104,105,107,108,111,112,114,115,118,149,Exodus 13:17.As expressed below in the excerpt the lords greatness over the sky.
    To appease God other religious harvest rituals should be done like praise and worship and thanks giving in harvest parties.
    This is a high priestly conflict resolution between mankind, the republic of Kenya, nature and God. The people will swear to be obedient and the leaders will offer on their behalf. Just like it was done by the Israelites leaders in the book of Numbers chapter 7 so shall it be. Amen.
    Happy are those who reject the advice of evil people who do not follow the example of sinners or join those who have no use for God .Instead, they find joy in obeying the law of God and they study it day and night .They are like trees that grow beside a stream that bear fruit and whose leaves do not dry up .They succeed in everything they do .The righteous are guided by God and protected by God’s own people, but the evil are on their way to doom.
    There are many who pray, oh God give us many blessings, oh lord look on us with more kindness, but the joy that you have given me is more than they will ever have with all their corn and wine. The lord thundered from the heavens and the voice of the highest God was heard. He tore the sky apart and came down with a dark cloud under His feet, he flew swiftly on a winged creature ,he travelled on the wings of the wind .He covered himself with dark clouds, thick clouds full of water surrounded him. Hailstones and bursts of fire surrounded him. The lord looked down from the heavens and pulled me out of the deep waters, he reached and took hold of me .I have observed his laws and obeyed his commands .By day he led with a cloud and all night long with the light of a fire .He split rocks and gave water from a rock and He made water flow like a river. He turned rivers into blood and the Egyptians had no water to drink.
    The lord’s servant fidelious not like a crooked arrow never waned and got tired of writing. Lord I will proclaim your faithfulness forever, your love will last for all time and that your faithfulness is as permanent as the sky. The lord said, “Look what I did to a famous soldier a faithful servant”.
    He made him a leader of nations and from the sky he sends rain on the hills and the earth is filled with his blessing. He makes grass grow for the cattle and plants and for humans beings to use .So they can grow their crops and make wine to drink and become merry, so they can have olive oil to make them cheerful and bread to give them strength .He makes springs flow in the valleys and rivers run between the hills .Its better to trust in the lord than to depend on human beings.
    It’s better to trust in the lord than to depend on human leaders. The stone that the builders rejected as worthless turned out to be the most important of all.Sing a new song to the lord; Praise him in the assembly of his Faithfull people! .Be glad Israel, because of your creator; rejoice, people of Zion, because of your king!

    The sky clearly reveals the lords thoughts, and I pray- may I be acceptable to you God -.Give God your God what you promised him bring gifts to him all you nearby nations .God humbles the proud princess and terrifies kings. By day he led them with a cloud and all night long with the light of a fire .He split rocks open and gave them water to drink he spoke to the sky above and water flowed because he commanded its doors to open; He gave them all the food they wanted even the food of the angels. He turned the Egyptian waters into blood and the Egyptians had no water to drink.
    The lord was armed with nature and he redeemed the Israelites from the arms of the oppressor. He chased them away with his storm and terrified them with fierce winds .When the lord looks down from heaven he searches for anyone who is doing good .His righteousness touches the sky and it displays Him. His faithfulness is as permanent as the sky and if we do as he requests he shall keep His word and covenant and we shall be utterly blessed .His word is true. The sky is clear evidence of the lords faithfulness His righteousness is eternal. The psalmist had an intricate expression of the lord’s action with the sky; and its here by chapter by chapter reading on Psalms 84:6-8/psalms 85:10-13/psalms 89:1-2, psalms 14:2-6/psalms 78:14-30.
    psalms 90 :4/psalms 104:13-16/ psalms 105:29-41 /psalms 111/psalms 114:7-8 /psalms 115:2-8 /psalms 118 :8-9 /psalms 118:22 and lastly psalms :149:1-9.
    This is a perfect proof of a calling with certainty, the two olive trees that stand beside the lamp stands of God, the two witnesses, the lords chosen .Rainfall can solve conflicts such as famine and drought and influence war and belligerent actions in many sovereign countries. .Where there’s hunger and drought there’s famine and strife, a condition prevalent in sub Saharan Africa. Let’s embrace this high priestly role in the high priestly rule and the lord will use His servant to restore nations. I would urge governments of different nationalities to sign the covenants of obedience with God through the high priest as the lords will and wish for his life and the lord shall send abundant rainfall in good time as affirmation unto the establishment of peace and alleviation of human suffering as he says in psalms 34:14. In Jeremiah 14:22 the scripture says, its only God who can make it rain and so in him do we only trust. The chosen one has authority to withhold rainfall during the time he proclaims this message if he is ignored and rejected until the time the covenant is established as depicted in Isaiah 42:6.He least expects to be rejected and ignored for the sake of the citizenry and the future of this great nation.
    The rainfall is being withheld so that the lord’s rule can be in-corporated into the government of Kenya so God can replenish and protect the country .He said he shant work for nothing anymore. In psalms 4:3-5 the scripture says, starting with verse 3.Remember the lord has chosen the righteous for his own, and he hears me when I call to him.4.Tremble with fear and stop sinning; think deeply about this when you lie in silence in your beds.5.Offer the right sacrifices to God and put your trust in Him, have reverence for Him he is God.
    The lord says trust in me you people of Israel, trust in me you priests of God I protect and help you I remember and bless you .He blesses everyone who honors Him great and small alike as the scripture says .In psalms chapter 115:9-13.The famine and hunger is clear affirmation of the lords will and wish for this country. The famine spoke louder and so I would urge government to embrace the high priest and his rituals as a solution to this crisis. The lords rule extends from Beira port Mozambique to Lilongwe in the DRC and through to North Africa, the eastern Sahel and Sheba extending to Riyadh in the Middle East. These countries will be under God and the High priest will reside in Kenya with Nairobi as his capital. The lord shall reign supreme from the heavens and he shall be king foreaver.He shall bless the lands and replenish them as he promised in His covenant of obedience ;the people shall be required to live under His law the Decalogue and His instruction, which has bee and shall be incorporated in the country’s laws. As an example we may make going to church on Saturday and Sunday law. There shall be no evil and the people shall dwell in the lord’s protection and abundance forever.
    A peaceful kingdom shall have been established since God shall be its protector as per the covenant. The covenant of obedience is so sweet and we should embrace it with its high priestly offerings for rainfall and its position for the prophet of war in the defense force so the lord’s protection shall be administered through him. The man chosen for this position and send by God is Nahashon Njuguna Githinji an esteemed Kenyan citizen a specialist in biblical hermeneutics and exegetics a man of impeccable nature and a scholar of the law of the highest God. The offerings and reunification gatherings shall be held by government once a year through the high priest to reaffirm the lords covenant and recharge rainfall pouring power preferably Madaraka day would be that day, the position for the prophet of war in the defense force shall be provided for by the same government so God can intervene in matters of national security through the prophet, it may be either in the security council or in the active forces.
    If the lord is honored he will protect and feed the country I beg the leaders upon all sincerity to accept the lords sovereign request and proposal for sake of the citizenry that elected them let the leaders offer on their behalf as government representatives of the people and build the spiritual edifice with the high priest of the lord for the lord. If the lord is ignored and rejected He will engage the things in the covenant of disobedience and send the plaques he promised, he shall punish the nation and increase punishment seven times every worthwhile if we dwell in ignorance of the lords true message.
    In Jeremiah chapter 19:15 the scripture says:
    The lord will send all the punishment he said to the people, their government and their cities because they would not listen to what I say and are stubborn. He will send severe famine and drought over the land; he will let your enemies triumph over you. Because you have defiled His altars and your sin is indelible and He wrote it with a diamond tip.
    In Jeremiah chapter 8:
    In this chapter the scripture carries the above message as well. The lord requests people to turn back to him for his punishment is great, everyone tries to make money dishonestly, the prophets and the priests cheat people , ashamed of their sins ,the people are not ashamed because they did this things, no they weren’t ashamed they don’t know even how to blush. They will fall as others have fallen and when I punish them that will be the end of them. Thus says the lord; a time of disaster is coming. Do not be discouraged by the wicked few who have prospered righteous gains last forever and can never be denied, it’s the lords desire I be priest prophet forever.
    Its one of the contradictions of life when the wicked thrive and prosper in a righteous society. They are there to create the balance in life and provide for the non- sacred of God Satan.
    They may be against the offering and the establishment of the lord’s rule on earth; but the sacred of God has/had fire and it came out of their mouths and devoured their enemies. Says the lord in Revelation 11:4-5 and I immediately issued the command, “engage unto righteousness”! Amen.
    I have to persuade conflicting parties to join in a major effort in peace building the effrontery which is which side outweighs the other Kenya or Ethiopia .Kenya outweighs Ethiopia; In that it’s a better keeper of the law of God and the high priest as custodian of the law of God is one of theirs, hence God put Kenya in charge of the others .Kenya is still a virgin state undefiled by invasions of war and the lords punishment, look he banished our enemies and gave us better grain harvests, our God is good. In Isaiah chapter 25:1-5 the scripture says ,lord you are my God I will honor you and praise your name .you have done amazing things you have faithfully carried out all the plans you made long ago.2.You have turned cities into ruins and destroyed their fortifications .The palaces which our enemies build are gone forever .3.The people of powerful nations will praise you; You will be feared in the cities of cruel nations .4.The poor and the helpless have fled to you and have been safe in times of trouble .you have given them shelter from storms and shade from the burning heat. Cruel enemies attack like a winter storm, drought in a dry land .But you lord, you have silenced our enemies; you silence the shouts of cruel people, as a cloud cools a hot day. We have arrested numerous terrorists and law breakers. This message of good will should not be viewed as religious episonage.
    The fact and point in time is that only Ethiopia would attack the sovereign republic of Kenya through instantaneous evil aggression and the lord’s instigation of his fulfillment plan to bring Gog the prince of meshec against the chosen ones of God. This is rewardingly exposed In Ezekiel 1:1-3 and Ezekiel 38:5-16.To creates enduring peace; I received signs to proceed with the peace initiative. For recommendations and legitimate government authorization; I assuredly continued with the governance and ethics study on secular and religious peace. I might as well continue with the process without putting God and the government to the test. We must wear out Gods patience and the patience of the people as well as my supersidy in His time it shall be peace, everlasting peace.( Isaiah 11:1-9).The peace process participants must have grown up to make their own decisions not still under their parents ..The accountancies of professional conduct required a level of accuracy and competencies given the staffing needs.
    What’s the employer’s requirement? It’s still very possible we receive it at a future time of the offering .Its very possible we will revive it at a later time of the economy. At this point and time there is need of a complete mechanical and technological innovation and renovation. The administrative strategy is a reworking of the correspondent ministry of agriculture technological and mechanical renovation of water systems and agricultural capital assets many of them which have been sustained for fifty years.
    Many people have contributed their time and efforts to the projects over the years and I would like to thank them, the subsistence farmers, plantation agriculture practioners and investors who charge up our national food basket. Its professional responsibility to hold level competencies as not merely recommendations but themselves as legally binding .However having a common set of rules facilitates a common discourse on legal law and practice ethics which simplifies professional responsibility. Training as well as the day to day application of such rules has helped encourage peaceful co-existence. Countries that have adopted the rules in whole or part have very few labor conflicts and trade unions dissents .Streamlining pay has eased this too. This can be done through non-governmental organizations and professional associations such as Nash international; As one of them I have greatly made tremendous effort in unraveling destiny and the future of a chosen country as a rewarded incarnate of God. Significantly the organizations know the chosen of God. The model rules are not legally binding but have to be adopted, let the service be equal the pay your Excellency. Its equal distribution scales and just measurements otherwise the application of model rules is diverse and concerned about the past and future actions held in complete confidence of a job well done using just scales .In Revelation 6:5-8 the use of just scales is highly emphasized as a measure of stemming business and social injustice, as an experienced council ;
    I can explain the relevant law to them and urge them to conform to their future conduct of the law; persuasively promoting lawful conduct of all its citizens and subjects of a country. Establishing the lords rule requires it .Lawful conduct is essential in peace building through arbitration and sensitization and other lawful conformities .It is easier to entrench lawful association .As a peacemaker the role of the law in both religion and government and cannot be downplayed ,it should be upheld in peace and conflict transformation activities .
    The first step towards peace is lawful conduct; when people behave competently they relate better without conflicts between themselves and with the law both spiritual and administrative law.
    Material facts of law are considered expressingly in content of the person’s adherence and conduct in regard to the law .The peace maker has representative capacity to coercive mitigation and litigation of conflicting parties. A comprehensive representation of the law in question and rules that govern society among other things is required for resolution through arbitration. The arbitration structures are the law courts, religious courts, temple courts and traditional courts .It runs from the Supreme Court to the village elder’s .This systems have not been defiled and serve in playing a major role in conflict transformation. Whether intercommunal or international conflicts on Law in religious, traditional and governmental organizations, the law assuredly serves to bring sustainable peace through legal professionals making it self regulatory to abide by the law and self –policing for subjects and governments to uphold it. Such is liable to supervision by the judiciary which consists of lawyers judges, magistrates and peacemakers within many other professions e.g. Medicine which are controlled by the executive arm of government. The role of the peacemaker in law enforcement and peace building is highly explored imploring justice and law as tools of peace making and conflict transformation. There are other disciplinary bodies apart from courts in the states that enforce law and peaceful co-existence of human beings .The legal peace building processes are appointed by government and others are mandated by non-governmental organizations and state agencies that are accountable to public and government. Our ethical duties remain professional modes of conduct and competent social responsibility as professionals. Organizations are charged with co-operate social responsibility.
    The seasons indicate times and events just as in Ecclesiastes 3, there’s time for everything. The indication of drought initiates the suspect prospect idea of social strive and civil crisis’s .Hunger b

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