The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In America In 2013


Heading into 2013, the list of the 10 most dangerous cities in the US per capita didn’t include many of America’s largest cities. The most dangerous major American cities were Atlanta (26th), Baltimore (27th), Washington, DC (46th), Philadelphia (50th), Newark (51th), while New York City didn’t even make the top 100 most dangerous list. Instead, the 10 top most dangerous American cities were the decaying manufacturing hubs and relatively smaller cities with histories of racial tension and poverty.

The cities that made the top 10 were all located on the East Coast and the Mid-west, with 4 of the top 10 located in Michigan. The most dangerous city from the west coast was Oakland, California, which ranked Number 13 – not quite high enough to make the cut for the final top 10 list.

Out of the list of the top 100 most dangerous cities in America, no cities from Oregon, Montana, Washington, Idaho, or Alaska made it onto the list.

Based on FBI data of the number of violent crimes in each US city with 25,000 or more people and official census data, here are the 10 most dangerous cities in America in 2013.

10. Inkster, Michigan

Inkster, Michigan

Inkster, Michigan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Coming in at #10 on this list of America’s most dangerous cities is Inkster, Michigan, a city of 25,111 people.

The reported violent crime rate was 1282 per 100,000 residents, compared with the national average of 241 per 100,000. Inkster residents have a 1 in 55 chance of being victim of a violent crime.

In addition to its high per capita violent crime, Inkster also has a big problem with property crime. Inkster residents have a 1 in 17 chance of being a victim of violent or property crime.

9. Newburgh, New York

Newburgh, New York

Newburgh, New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Residents of Newburgh – a city with a population of 29,026, have a 1 in 55 chance of being victim of a violent crime, versus the 1 in 251 chance of the average resident of the state of New York. An individual’s chance of being a victim of either a violent crime or a property crime in Newburgh is 1 in 16.

When you combine violent crime and property crime, there are very few communities in the US both large and small which have a crime rate as high as Newburgh.

8. St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With a population of 318,069, St. Louis is significantly larger than cities #9 and #10 on this list. However, your odds of being victimized by either a property crime or a violent crime is a frightening 1 in 10. It is the most dangerous city in Missouri, whether you’re comparing larger cities or smaller communities.

When it comes purely to violent crime, your odds of becoming a victim is 1 in 53, which is significantly higher than the Missouri average of 1 in 224.

7. Atlantic City, New Jersey

atlantic city

Atlantic City Boardwalk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 2012 murder of 2 Canadian tourists in broad daylight brought sensationalistic headlines – the Philadelphia Daily News declared Atlantic city a TOURIST DEATH TRAP.

Although it was later revealed that the attacker was a woman with a history of schizophrenia, the incident did bring the national spotlight onto a tourism driven city that – outside of its boardwalk – is just like any other poor urban area in the US that’s struggling to keep upper and middle class citizens.

Chances of being a victim of violent crime in Atlantic City is 1 in 53, while your odds of being victimized by property crime is as high as 1 in 13. However, those numbers are significantly lower on the highly policed boardwalk areas.

6. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit's 8 Mile

Detroit’s 8 Mile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Depending on the statistics used, Detroit sometimes ranks #2 or even #1 as the United States’ most dangerous city. Using FBI’s violent crime data for cities with a population greater than 25,000 however, Detroit sits at #6 heading into 2013. With a population of 706,585, Detroit is also the largest city to make the top 10 list of the most dangerous cities in the USA.

Detroit has a per capita violent crime rate of 1348 per 100,000 citizens, and an overall crime rate of 8400 per 100,000 residents. Detroit has one of the highest car theft rates in all of the United States, with 1 in 62 residents experiencing a car theft every year.

5. Saginaw, Michigan

Saginaw, Michigan

Saginaw, Michigan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Residents of this city of 51,230 people have a 1 in 16 chance of falling victim to either property-related or violent crime. Chances of falling victim to a violent crime are 1 in 43, while odds of being a victim of property crime were 1 in 26.

4. West Memphis, Arkansas

West Memphis, Arkansas

West Memphis, Arkansas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

West Memphis, Arkansas has a population of 26,054. However, odds of becoming victimized by a violent crime were 1 in 42. The chances of being a victim of either violent or property-related crime was a frightening 1 in 8 – if this list were based on overall crime statistics rather than violent crime, West Memphis, Arkansas would rank number one.

3. Flint, Michigan


Flint, Michigan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On lists that only look at American cities with 100,000 residents or above, Flint, Michigan ranks regularly as the most dangerous city in the United States. A resident’s chances of becoming victim of either violent or property crime is 1 in 11. Chances of being a victim of a violent crime in Flint are 1 in 42, while your chances of falling victim to a property crime is 1 in 15.

While the car theft rate isn’t as high as Detroit, its still one of the car theft capitals of the US, with residents experiencing a 1 in 130 chance of having their car stolen.

2. Camden, New Jersey

Camden, New Jersey

Camden, New Jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like most other cities on this list, Camden’s high crime is driven largely by poverty and gang violence. Camden was named the nation’s poorest city by the U.S. Census bureau in 2011.

This community of 77,283 people was the 2nd most dangerous city in the U.S., with residents experiencing a 1 in 36 chance of being victimized by a violent crime. A resident’s chance of falling victim to either a violent or property related crime is a staggering 1 in 11.

1. East St. Louis, Illinois

East St. Louis

East St. Louis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

East St. Louis was the most dangerous city in America heading into 2013 based on violent crime statistics. East St. Louis has suffered tremendously from de-industrialization and job loss. The exodus of middle and upper class residents has left a city ridden with poverty (the average household income is $21,000, compared to the national average of $50,000), gang violence, and budget cuts that have reduced its police force by 33% from 2008-2011, leaving it ill equipped to handle the ever-increasing cycle of violence. A U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Illinois once referred to East St. Louis as the “Wild West”.

Odds of falling victim to a violent crime in East St. Louis were a frightening 1 in 17. Odds of falling victim to either a violent crime or a property-related crime were an even more disheartening 1 in 7. On top of these numbers, residents of East St. Louis were more likely than residents of nearly any other city on this list to have their car stolen (with the exception of Detroit), with a 1 in 64 chance of being victim of car theft.

Check out the 10 Safest Cities in America in 2014

Note: Violent crimes statistics used in this list include homicide (non-negligent murder), forcible rape (doesn’t include statutory rape), armed robbery, and aggravated assault (assault that causes severe bodily injury).

The data is taken from the FBI’s most recent “final non-preliminary” statistics, making it the most accurate and up-to-date national data on crime in the United States of America. Population data was taken from the most recent U.S. census

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  • ASS


  • Fire Nation

    come visit Mbare in Zimbabwe yo chances od being victims are high
    1 day light robbery
    2pick pocket
    3shop lifting
    5grand theft

  • Steve Jacobson

    Sadly, as a retired LEO and SWAT officer who has worked in all 3 Michigan cities this is what we call job security…as long as we don’t end up being one of the victims.

  • arestotel

    I now know

  • lololololoololololo

    wank pots you have no life you pricks.

  • lol

    wank pots you have no life you pricks

  • vamp

    E st. Louis is not bad come kick it with us 😉

  • shannon

    Michigan defiantly has some very scary cities but their are also very rich areas, which us people closer to Detroit call the valley, their are some very rich people an cities here, Detroit an some other cities here are bad but their are also some super rich

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  • dale

    I have been a lot of places in this world, and as I see it the pro- blemish of poverty in the city is not that that is mentioned. We as citizens and common folk take on the task of running this nation but far to often its a pattern in which the leaders are persay grandfathered into, and the community leaders riding on their ancesters tail caused all this detriment. As I see it each time I have attended a community meeting it always start with a prayer, and on the upper levels the constitution is pledged. How is it that the laws of the constitution are upheld and the oracles of God are frown upon? my insight is illegal so I’ll put it like this from back to front as food or thought.(revelation 2.17)to he who has an ear let him hear what the spirit says to the churches:to he that overcome I will give to him of the hidden manna and will give him a white stone and in the stone anew name saving him that receives it,this angel has seven stars and seven candle sticks.(John) in this doctrine is when J. turned water into wine his first merecall then. then in the beginning (genesis2.17) God COMMANDED man to freely eat of every tree in the garden accept the tree of good and the tree of evil/Life\live. Shortly after this merecall, grand ole dad created a woman to be the mans help meet.We allow man to marry man woman to marry woman woman to marry man, but the plain fact is before god even created a woman he commanded man to freely eat of every tree and these are the plights that are so called the downfall of the me ri ca. we support and uphold the con stat you shine, and con them for the world of god. its in the name of the whole E city pro-nounced E> St. Lowest, heaven is his throne and earth is his footstool the hill/heal is on us. these synonym maybe co incidential but fact to all. I love the fact that Pri-me is my father and according to the finest shine and Mr.Thesarus that means place no one before E.

    • ASS


  • MurdaBurg_UPT_ACNJ

    Im from Atlantic City, NJ & its hard out here for a pimp! You can get knocked off anywhere! The Boardwalk isnt a outlet so dont think its safe up there too! Once you get passed Pacific Ave thats yo ass! TOURIST ARE NOT WELCOME! Out of towners get killed all the time!

  • Hameltoe

    They call it the Murder Mitten for a reason!

  • Loretta Agnello

    Thats what happens when everyone with money go to other countries n support them instead of their own. Leave the money in our own country n help our own!!!!

  • Citizens Action Network

    This is what happens when you oppress people, remove jobs and replace that with complete dependency on GOV agencies.

    Our cities are being raped and pillaged by the very people the citizens elect. By the community leaders they hold in such high esteem. They get rich and powerful and their constituents are left to rot.

    The inner city poor have been indoctrinated to believe that because of the color of their skin they are not capable or deserving of a good education, a good job – by the politicians THEY ELECT. When will they wake up? MLK Jr is rolling over in his grave!

  • sarah

    i think USA has a more safe cities than unsafe ones. Govt should have to involve to safe their cities in USA. CRIME RATE IS INCREASING IN THIS WELL CIVILIZED COUNTRY

  • Miles

    why not Gary Indiana?

  • Walt

    I grew up in the EStl area. It’s a good place to away from. First, there is the moral issue. We have as a nation removed biblical values from schools, the work place and the media. Is it any wonder we are reaping the consequences?

    Then there is a lack of reality in Washington. They tax everything. And they seem to think its healthy to export our jobs and economy to other countries and they continue to allow business to import cheaper labor. Companies claim they do not have the right skills, but do not participate in our schools or even train their workforce. So, many people are dis-incentivized to work and have lost hope.

  • Michael

    And where is Chicago on this list? Everyone keeps hearing about Chicago and how dangerous it is. This list is a joke. Chicago needs to be number 1 and this is coming from someone who lives there.

    • Paul

      Chi Raq ain’t so bad long as your AK47 is with you and your Pitt bull”

    • edmond

      they couldn’t put too many cities on here with a majority black population because it wouldn’t be politically correct

  • Anthony Morris

    Here’s my view on things: why do we have so many towns with such a high crime rate? Because big businesses keep raising prices just to satisfy the investor’s greed and the CEO’s greed, because crooked (and extremely idiotic) politicians take kickbacks from corporations to protect their businesses first and the common man last, because (again) crooked (and extremely idiotic) politicians spend money on stupid things like brand new copper plated doors instead of police officers, because people have lost sight of patriotism and embraced the self, because (and this one will cause arguments, but I don’t care…see for yourself if you don’t believe me) atheists are fighting to keep religion out of everything when the very fabric of this country was built on religion (Like I said, look it up. The colonies were established so they could practice religion how they wanted, not to be free of it.) There are many more reasons, but these few are at the core of why this country is so %!#^’ed up.

  • Who-Dat-Nation Nate

    Those Cities and Communities belong to its Residence – together they can collectively make a great difference – together they have no need to fear the elements that is tearing those Cities and communities apart – doing nothing equals nothing – the reality of it all is that doing nothing within the “communities” themselves (collectively) will change nothing……

  • Ashley hicks

    I was born in Detroit but now live 2 hours away from the city.. It’s sad when I go to visit Detroit because as a child I had so many different memories.. It use to feel safer, more fun.. I also witnessed Detroit’s transition to becoming worse. I remember the businesses closing down and neighborhoods becoming worse and people’s homes becoming vacant. So sad.

  • Jo

    They should just bomb those places

  • tre

    Inkster life smh

  • DC

    I stay in Westland Mi, Next to inkster Mi, and been here my whole life S/O (734) and (313) if u see these area codes tatted on someone bet they are most likely to beat ur ass !!! Tru Story lol

    • Fred

      I’ve lived in Inkster near Cherry Hill and John Daly for almost 20 years. I’ve never had any problems at all. I travel all the time for work and when I go it’s for months at a time. Not a single break in. I’ve only seen the Police on my street twice in all those years.

      • KWL

        You live in what We call “Inkster Heights” My friend! Why don’t You try walking down John-daly to towards Van Born????

  • Gerard

    Wow…the 10 most dangerous cities, run for years by Democrats. Shocker… These cities don’t need more assistance, you need to stop electing Democrats.

  • karice

    Of all the pictures you could’ve posted of Camden, NJ you had to choose that one really. I grew up in Camden and there were plenty of other pics yall could’ve found………

  • Paul

    I’ve lived in Newburgh over 65 years–used to be quaint, safe, pretty river town on the Hudson. We had industry, great schools,shops,good people, historic sites, etc. We had great potential with river, rail, major roads and airport all coming together here, but very poor management, planning, and apathy just let the city deteriorate. Population now is 85% black and Spanish with high poverty rates, and big gang and drug problem. Police try very hard but are stymied by lack of public support and a handful of troublemakers who use lies, fear and intimidation to further their own agenda and keep the city on a downward spiral. A true American tragedy!

  • Obi

    Inkster, Detroit, Flint and Saginaw. Run by Democrats for decades. The people are broke as a joke. Unfortunately it’s no joke. Sure wish the people would wake up and demand more from their local politicians. Pitiful.

  • Ted Shred

    And what do these cities all have in common?

  • roberta

    The reason the west side of Saginaw is soo bad now, cause the East side of Saginaw is so run down they chased all the business’es out and then started to flock across the river to the West side and now you see whats happenning there…I can’t stand going to Saginaw, don’t go to Flint or Detroit either!

  • Bailey

    Key word “gangs”! These little thugs can give a (BLEEP) less about lives of others. Help the thugs out, bring back public execution, but with them on the end of a rope. Problem solved,we will not have to feed them to sit on their (BLANKS) in jail.

  • Kevin

    How about Chester, PA and East Orange, NJ. Personally I think both are just as bad if not worse than Camden. Which isn’t easy to do cuz Camden is truly a dump.

  • april

    Trenton, Nj and Beverly NJ at the trainstop…please add to list

  • Jamey

    I am from St. Louis and live in the STL area still (5min from E. St Louis now). St. Louis overall is not bad, but North St. Louis is horrible and gives a bad wrap for the rest of the city. I won’t even driver there during the day!

    East St. Louis is across the river from the Missouri side. It’s bad for sure. Issues are starting to cross over into other towns (i.e. Belleville). However, the residents here are not putting up with that crap. You see a lot of neighborhood watches and increased police patrols to prevent a spill over of crime.

  • Chris

    What about youngstown ohio it was murdrr capital of the world 2 years ago

  • Ken AUXIER

    I guess now, I realize, why I would not want to live in Michigan, ( # 3 5,6, & 10) NO THANKS , I will remain in Wisconsin, & that might be to close to Michigan. JUST SAYIN ! ! ! !

  • dobmaster

    soooo many in south eastern michigan. REPRESENT!

  • Rachel

    OMG -Please add Hazleton,PA to this. It should seriously be #1 or 2.

  • Tgr

    East St. Louis and St. Louis has uncontrollable violent crime. I am middle class and know people personally that have had cars stolen, murdered, raped, beaten, abducted, pistol whipped, drugged and also treated unfairly by our police departments. I live here because I have roots and family, but would never choose it if my life depended on it!

  • Ed Cintron

    It’s a damn shame, Camden was once a beautiful, safe, thriving small city with no where to go but up. Now it’s a place that no one even wants to drive through unless they absolutely have to! The state is trying to clean it up by putting a concert venue, an aquarium and a minor league ball park down by the river front but outside of that few blocks it’s a hell hole!

  • Phil B

    I grew up in Inkster, MI and people ask how I survived…I tell them it was a LOT different then, our neighborhood looked like the opening credits to “Leave It To Beaver”…

  • jason

    Hmmmf…..Monkeys and apes! Someone shoulda sunk the boats in the 1700’s and 1800’s and not let them apes into this country…..

    • Dan

      it was idiots like you that brought them here in the first place, Hoss.

  • Joshua A.

    Grew up in Michigan. No surprises here. It’s interesting that in none of these cities are white people the majority. Not one of them.

  • Thaniel

    Born & raised in Flint & hella glad I got out. The way the government just let American manufacturing die is a national disgrace, & what we have to show for it are gutted towns like this, where chaos & violence reign.

  • Justin

    I’m from MI and have never heard of Inkster!
    I’ve visited friends in Detroit often, and Saginaw even more often. Only one single time did I feel like something wasn’t right and I’ve been on the bad streets.

    I think a lot of the violent crimes and property crimes happen to people who are too oblivious to know when it’s time to vacate the area lol. Some people just don’t have that sense and they’ll walk right into a crime!

    I also think if more people knew their rights and carried legally, we could really lower these crime rates and maybe deter future crimes.

  • Melanie

    These statistics are so sad. I live in Michigan such a beautiful state marred by the ugliness of crime. It seems like we are in a war zone! Maybe we should bring our soldiers here to combat the wars of crime right in our own backyard. Is there a solution, is there a cure for these crimes and the people who commit them. I don’t know

  • Rhea

    Make a new list.

  • Lyrain

    Truly I’ve live in Michigan all my life. In Flint things are so bad here if you look at all the top 10 and how many homeless we have along with people without work falling of unemployment hours being cut wages being cut taxes going up not as many police on the streets just to name some of the problems no wonder we have a high crime rate. Desperation to keep electric on to keep our families warm does not leave much left over for food or anything else like water to drink. Truly not even sure we are going to recover from this in the next ten to twenty years the big three has left us high and dry the unions are killing small business owners how do I know this my family like half of them did own their own business in between the taxes and the unions forcing them to buy into them to get work just killing this state. Don’t get me wrong I love this state anyone that has grown up here would tell you its a great place we use to be hunting, fishing, and many other things you could not ask for a better place to live but now not safe in most big cities here in Michigan. Surely if you look into all these states with these problem would be in the top ten here in this list.

  • Sauce

    I was born and raised in Flint. All of you on here, that are proud of the crime rate of your cities, are stupid. Very stupid, as in completely retarded. Now I live in Denver. I pray for the day Flint is as beautiful and safe as Denver.

  • CMD

    Camden being number 2 is no surprise they had to get rid of the old police force and bring in the sheriffs it got so bad and its spreading like wildfire into other surrounding towns… and i live 5 mins from there

  • Lorelei DuBois

    Born just south of Flint. Live in the City limits now. I have never been accosted, never been robbed, never been broken into. We are keepin’ Flint a secret….go ahead and believe all this talk. Sure, the fools downtown just get stupider by the election…Saw one today in a restaurant… But seriously, If you can afford the water and the insurance premiums, and don’t need to drive a rip off/vanity car, look for the bargains on the south side of Miller road………..

  • John

    Of course Atlantic City is named a tourist trap by the Philadelphia Daily news – the Philadlphia Daily News gets advertising dollars from Philadelphia Casinos – it’s in the best business decision of the paper to tarnish the competition as much as possible.

    • Hindu issues

      I would think violence would vary by diversity. Hate crime is common if you are not the smallest group member in New Jersey ghettos and nicer towns. Financial exploitation in terms of salary is related to being outnumbered by race.

  • MF

    Now tell me, how can America be a model country with cities like this! We need to seriously clean up our back yard before we try to impose our ethics on other countries!

  • C Simeral

    If you look down Rt 3 To Cahokia you will find where East St Louis has moved to. I moved from the Cahokia area in 1968 to the Cleveland Oh area, and it is not a safe city either.

  • Jillian

    I grew up and went to school in a town right next to Newburgh in Orange County, New York. It’s an awful city — I’ve had friends that were killed there,robbed there, and I even remember my old High School getting random shooter threats from some of the students that attended Newburgh Free Academy. I always believed it was so upsetting that such a historic city with lines that stem back to Civil War time (the Newburgh Address was rectified and signed in that very city) could turn into something that’s seemingly beyond anyone’s help. That’s not to say that no one should come visit Orange County! The county itself is amazing, and the Hudson Valley is one of the prettiest places in the country!

  • Jonathan MacLean

    I was born in flint, lived there for about 5 years then moved to the subs of flint and I was glad we did bc if we hadn’t I may be another statistic or in prison bc living in those kind of environments turns you into a type of person where its either be a helpless victim and be prayed on or take action and do everything you can to protect yourself from those type of people. After high school I joined the Army and served 4 tours to Iraq/Afghanistan over a period of 11 years. As fate can often be halarious at times I purchased a .45 for personal protection while on the road between my duty station in GA and home on my way home i stopped for some coffee and some gas in a convience store just outside of Detroit. To make a long story short had I not had my .45 I may have been a statistic instead of an informed, armed soldier on leave from a combat zone. As much as I didnt agree with the beauracracy of the Army I can say they did give me one thing that will benifit me, I will never have a choice of being a victim as long as I live and I will be able to defend myself and my family.

  • Dave

    When you see all of the cities from Michigan on this list, for a non resident it must look like a god awful state to be in where no place is safe, but the reality is that this is mostly a small section on the east side of the state. I have lived in Michigan my entire life and love it here, but 90 percent of the people that do live here look at that side of the state and just shake our heads. There is so much more to see in this state, and can completely avoid those areas. Inkster is just outside of Detroit proper. Saginaw is just north of Detroit, and Flint is just North of Saginaw. Corrupt city government, awful financial planning, and gang violence have destroyed that city. Detroit’s last mayor is in prison right now for all sorts of crap he did to the city. Don’t even get me started on all of the shit Gov. Snyder had to deal with when dealing with the Detroit City Council when trying to get Belle Isle renovated.. Just Youtube Detroit City Council and you will understand.

  • Tim

    Surprised that Chester, PA wasn’t on the top 10. Also I’m laughing at the Editorial Staff’s lack of editing “51th” lol

  • Manuel

    I can only see cities from de United States, I was hoping to see cities in other countries in América.

  • Yarvette

    I was born in E.St.Louis and grew up in St.Louis.. spent equal amout of time on both sides growing up. You never realize how bad your city is until you move! It just all seemed so normal growing up.

  • tammy

    Lived in Saginaw my whole life & have seen it go from a thriving city to a scary place to live. 3 years ago I was robbed 4 days before Christmas while at work. They not only robbed it but trashed it in the process. Found out a bunch of homes in the neighborhood were hit. What makes me angry is the police do nothing to catch these people. They don’t look for fingerprints or anything to link someone to these crimes. These ARE crimes! They entered my home took irreplaceable valuable things left everything dumped everywhere. A heavy chest at the foot of my bed was thrown across the room! I was told that the report was for the insurance company & unless they caught someone walking around with stolen property then finding who did it would be next to impossible. The police take home invasion much to lightly!. The value of my home is so low now its making it hard to sell. It’s a shame but I’m going to move away as soon as I can!

  • Caitlyne

    I grew up in Michigan. I have been to all the cities listed above. I have never felt more fearful for my life then when a stayed at a hotel in St. LOUIS. As for Michigan sadly its an ugly truth. Every area in Michigan seems to be crawling with crime vs. ten years ago. Even the small rural area I grew up in is having problems with shootings on daily basis. The heights is taking over and homes are being sold. Its so depressing to watch the down fall of my hometown knowing my dad still lives there.

  • Michael

    I grew up in Flint, MI and I find it one of the safest places in Michigan. I can walk up and down Grand Traverse in the dead of night and not be touched. And I grew up on the East Side of Flint which is considered to be one of the worst and I find it safe.

  • Matt Higgins

    Was born in ESL, 61 yrs ago. The town was a clean, proud, city. Working class. Safe. Honest. Has become one huge ghetto.

  • Sicko

    The 10 least white cities in America, with the highest percentage of welfare distribution per capita. Imagine that…..

  • Nate

    This isn’t something to be proud of or gloat about. I am from East St. Louis and my family still lives there. I am praying for my city and seeking God hard for the restoration of my city and the salvation of all of its residents. I left in 2004 for the Airforce and it has gotten worse as time has passed and it breaks my heart that it is even on a list like this.

  • Kiki

    What bothers me is the people there who ‘act’ as if they don’t know this info. They also hide behind the truth saying that other cities are the same way as ESL. Funny how, when you’re one of the crabs in the aquarium, you don’t realize you’re a crab, you just know and understand to not let anyone else get to the top… So many of the residents don’t grasp the concept of the level of depression, poverty and il-regulated and half governed city. It’s my hometown and I promise I know. I moved away right after I graduated high school but because my dad (just recently lost my mom)is now old, I go home every chance I get. The only thing that has changed, is that it’s gotten progressively worse.

  • Tamika

    I grew up in East St Louis and I go back to visit every once in awhile, my mom and more of my family still live there. I moved away because i wanted my children to be entitled to a better education, not because of the violence. Theres violence every where, its up to the community to take their city back instead of giving up on it.

  • zomack

    The crooked I as we call it we had 7 people shot with 2 being totaly innocent vBulletin the last 3days

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  • Retired

    How did the cities of Yonkers and Middletown escape? You don’t dare walk in Getty Square like in days of old when the businesses were thriving.

  • Tom Phillips

    As it turns out, all but one of those cities is over 50% black – many have overwhelming “African American” majorities. But I’m sure that’s “just a coincidence”!

  • witty

    Lots of black folks in these cities, just saying

  • Corey

    I have seen THE DUMBEST comments I’ve EVER seen anywhere, right here. How can any of you actually glamorize any city on this list? You know what these cities ALL have in common? They’re all poor cities which used to be great at one time. Has anyone ever asked themselves why these towns go belly up? Wake up stupid. If you made a comment bigging up your city on the strength of this list, you’re a fucking idiot. Period.


    Newburgh used to be a great city…until unememployment, drugs, and gangs took used to be the shit! !!!!!

  • jesse

    democrats know how to make you feel at home.

  • What happened to Chicago , it is in the news a lot more than these other cities ?????

  • Roy

    This is all due to the destruction of the black family, which happened for various reasons. Its’ final destruction started in the mid sixties. There was no unifying factor to glue these families back together and there still is not.
    I apologize for sounding racist, but I assure you, I am no racist.

  • Ant

    Gee,what do all these cities have in common? Thats what the residents that want them to change for the better need to look at. I bet its got something to do with the local politicians who I bet are all somehow affiliated with the same political party. I wonder who that could be? Mmmmmm? Disgusting shame, and its not just Newburgh that has the blight it has most cities along the Hudson in NY are in similar shape.

  • Joeyblitz

    This Country is finished ,due to the pollution of our major Cities,by Democrap sleeze politicians,who have allowed the black population to run amok.The revolving door prison system is a real hoot too. These animals ,should be locked up for at least 30 years for any violent crime. Manditory minimum. That would make them think twice about “jackin'” whiteys ,like they are doing at an alarming rate since Obongo arrived.Also ,it would clean up the streets real quick.

  • chris d

    Congratulations to the thugs and gangs of America, not only have you ruined historical cities, 98% of you are on public assistance and continue to take and take from country that doesn’t owe you shit. And to make it worse you rob and rape and kill decent middle class people. I wish all the moms of you degenerate fucks would of swallowed you.Thank you for the rapid decomposition of this once beautiful country.Thank you

  • Ty

    Born & raised in Atlantic City , New Jersey … I’m ashamed … Ironically in my mind there is no safer place than my hometown … -_-

  • Stephen

    I love the burgh

  • Linda

    I’m middle-aged, and grew up in St. Louis. ESL has been horrible for decades – my family got lost driving over there once and I wasn’t sure we were going to make it out alive. Moved to Atlanta years ago, and both Atlanta and St. Louis have become more dangerous in the past 30 years. Don’t even ask me how many things I’ve had stolen here, including my car.

  • Beverly

    I grew up in west Memphis,ak and it was a nice small town and all I can do is shake my head now I still have lots of family there but haven’t been back in awhile I also lived in Memphis,tn for awhile as well and that town has gone down hill fast I’m truly surprised that Memphis did not make that list but is 22 on the top 100 in the US

  • MrM

    The high crime rates parallel the loss of factories and jobs. For 30 years politicians in Washington have passed legislation to send our jobs to 3rd world countries, while systematically destroying our manufacturing centers.

  • Amanda

    I grew up in gloucester city,nj. This is right next to camden,what i don’t understand is how they compare a small city like camden to much bigger cities? although i would agree camden is nothing but junkies and thugs.

    • Mary

      with all due respect i think that your belief in what Camden is ,is wrong. I am from Camden and its not like people describe it. People say that you will get shot or that there are thugs on every corner. This is not true though

  • Meghan

    Sad Michigan is going down hill:( no one there deserves that. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, I currently live in Seattle Washington and the people that act “hard knock life” and ghetto, are so blind, and really have no idea what that really looks like. Still a proud Michigander though, ill be home visiting lots of family soon..:)

  • Shayla

    I’m from Washington,DC and I thought it was bad here. Guess I should feel lucky I don’t live in those top 10 cities…

  • Stacey

    West Memphis should have been number1. It is small yet deadly. The city is ran by crooks. The judge wants to be a comedian, and sheriff, police just down right racist!! BURN THIS CITY TO THE GROUND!!!!

  • Lisa

    I grew up in Saginaw. It’s pretty sad that the crime rate has been driven so high. It is not only a scary place now but no one wants to go there. Unemployment rates have turned people to desperation. Desperate times call for desperate measures and this is what has happened. There is no assistance; it is every man out for himself.

    • NR. Tutza

      There is not anyway to comment on any of these hellholes (many of which I have been through) without being Labeled a racist..

    • amanda

      I moved to the eastside of saginaw about 3 years ago…14th st and annesly to b exact…straight in the hood…sister-in-law stays on 4th n Burt…while i agree that saginaw is very violent, i believe a lot has 2 do w the lifestyle u live. Since being here i’ve experienced a few things such as being propositioned for sex, riding the bus to find a fellow passenger masturbating as well as some associates being killed. I feel very fortunate that thus far God has kept a hedge of protection around me n mines..lack of jobs, closing of schools as well as a multitude of other factors lead to this violence…let’s turn saginaw around and get off this list in 2014! God bless Saginaw for it is my new home!

  • Sam Lopez

    Michigan is REPRESENTING! Oh wait, it’s not good. Shit!

  • Amber

    um i live in saint louis, im not sure why whoever did this study separated an entire side of our city to itself. There is no east saint louis illinois, its just saint louis its the east side just like north south and west lol ! yes its located on the other side of the mississippi which is in illinois but it is side connected and considered saint louis… is there a reason im missing as to why they divided this way ??

    • Sherman

      No East Saint Louis Illinois is a totally separate city. There are different Mayors and they’re in different States. Just like Michigan City. Michigan city is on the Michigan/Indiana border, but is actually in Indiana.

  • mike

    I lived in Saginaw for around 8 yrs and the city is being overrun by thugs and wannabes. Michigan itself is on a downward spiral. There are a lot of great things and places in michigan but its hard to picture actually staying and raising my kids for the rest of our lives.

  • angela

    Born and raised 36 years in camden nj… let me say this.. I’ve never been robbed stabbed beatened attacked or anythin like that… if u live by the streets you die by the streets… point made.. I live it u deal wit it.. so its up to u.. I.feel safer in camden city than .being in burbs cuz the whole family gt cut the hell up.. so

  • Brenda

    I lived in West Memphis for eleven years. I don’t doubt this is true, but there are parts of West Memphis that are very nice and safe. I did not feel unsafe where I lived in West Memphis. Go WMHS Blue Devils! 🙂

  • Cheryl

    Camden, NJ & AC both suck. I cant even
    begin to explain how absolutely horrible Camden is. My friend whose a doctor had 9, yes nine gunshot wounds through the course of 5 days at the trauma center in Camden… They were all unrelated to eachother. You can drive down Broad st & do the “whore tour” & count the prostitutes outside.

  • Linda

    As soon as possible I am packing my bags and escaping Newburgh. I have wasted time wishing and hoping things will change. There is no tax base. The majority of the people running the city arer in way over their heads. There are simply not enough police to take care of the crime. Generation after generation fall into the same patterns. I could go on and on. This is my hometown. It saddens me that leaving is my only option.

  • Heather

    Oregon, Montana, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska are not the only states to avoid the top 100 list. No cities in Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, North Dakota, or South Dakota were on the top 100 list, either.

    • Jaded

      Did you notice that those states are frozen tundra states. It’s hard to be a hood rat when its 20 below and you’re dressed like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.

    • Don’t give them Ideas

    • Tiffany

      Kentucky didn’t make the list either.

  • Peggy

    West Memphis, Arkansas IS in the Midsouth, NOT the Midwest. Arkansas is a southern state. West Memphis is a Southern city. A few miles away, Memphis is a Southern city. St. Louis and Chicago are Midwestern cities.

  • Ryan S Smith

    I grew up in west Memphis and they are not joking. When I tell people I’m from there they ask how I survived

    • Angie

      I’ve been to West Memphis a few times. I heard it was bad, but not that bad.

  • Adam

    I live in Saginaw. I think if the government would help out funding or a better police force, tear down all the eye sore building, and start cracking down on crime things could get better. All the police seem to want to do around here is write parking tickets to generate money and harass the innocent. I have also noticed all the thugs are moving into nicer areas and spreading out. Pretty soon it will be one mass ghetto. Miss the days when only the East side was the hood and you were safe on the West side.

  • Riley

    I live in Michigan and like most states, it has great cities and awful/non-safe cities, but everywhere in Michigan is going downhill, just look at Lansing. I’m actually surprised that Detroit came in 6th place, outta all 4 cities. I would have thought it was the worst of all 4.

    • kurt

      Detroit just plays a better game of “fuzzy math” than the rest.

    • Patrick

      This is a pretty poor assessment of Detroit which is a city that’s been taking major strides to better itself over the past couple years. Crime isn’t just going to disappear overnight.

      Flint on the other hand might as well be leveled.

    • Rob

      Lansing, MI is mini Detroit. It has a great deal of crime.

      • shannon

        No inkster is known as mini detroit

    • lINDA

      I have lived in Lansing for 37 years and have found Lansing to be a wonderful place to live and raise a family. It also has great schools if your child puts in the efforts. We have resources such as libraries, museums, theaters as in Wharton,Michigan Museum, Historical museums, Children theaters and museum, and a wonderful riverwalk that ties the city , a zoo and great water feature ( Hawk Island ) together. So many other things to see and do . I have seen the down town areas improve immensely since moving here in 1976 from the Detroit area. Don’t bad mouth Lansing. We have a great University and Community College. I feel safe walking around my neighborhood.

    • Summer

      Not every place in Michigan is going downhill. I live in the Grand Rapids area and we are definitely doing well.

  • Jason Toon

    What a stupid intro – by what criteria are Baltimore and Newark “major” cities while Detroit and St. Louis are not?

  • $$$

    Shout out to Newburgh.

    • Shelley

      I taught school in the Newburgh City Schools and it didn’t seem that bad. I loved it.

    • I lived in newburgh ny and Inkster mi blacks r killing and robing blacks we forgot how to love one another take care of the these city u can buy a hand gun no promble and don’t forget guns don’t kill people kill somebody forgot how to teach there kids how to be men, because if u live by the gun u will die by the gun or lock up for a very long time then when u git out someone is waiting for u because u hurt someone they loved and it start all over again so I will keep praying for all. NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO

  • amy

    Born and raised in Saginaw! And proud of it!! It may be different from when I was a kid, but it will always be home!!!

  • kerry

    I grew up in Saginaw….its always been violent,flint too….got ran of the road in Detroit……every east st Louis person I met has been untamed……smh

  • Joel Rich

    Michigan Representing The Most Dangerous State In America <3 lol

  • Roberto S

    I lived most of my life so far in Newburgh, NY and even though they have those numbers there but that doesn’t even tell the story of all the other shit they don’t know about and/or report. I love my city but it’s worst than what it appears to be. Only the strong survive and that’s real.

    • lennon Owens

      Its good ppl in newburgh wht u know about thm trying to b thugs

  • Lisa Randall

    Love it…I work in Saginaw, MI (No.5) on the list and that’s about 20 mins. from Flint, MI (no. 3) on the list. I’ve got to move!!!!

    • daniel Orourke

      Are you driving 100mph to get to work?
      It’s a 45min drive on average.

    • Fwick

      20 minutes? Do you drive 120 mph or something?

  • John

    I was born in Newburgh and now live in Atlantic City. I’m working my way up the list…

  • Chicago is dangerous!

    This list is a joke. Where is Chicago??
    Did the mayor pay you off?
    I feel safer in St. Louis than I do Chicago!!
    Give me a freaking break!!

    • shannon

      I looked an IM from Detroit Michigan an yes Chicago also made the list

  • Courtney

    I have lived in Michigan my entire life in a prestigious city about 20 minutes away from Saginaw and it honestly comes as no surprise that Saginaw, Flint, and Detroit all make this list (I have no idea where Inkster even is …. ).
    I cannot vouch for Flint or Detroit because I have never spent a long period of time in either place but I know that there are certain areas of each city that are completely normal. With that, the entire city of Saginaw is not a violent death trap. Saginaw Township and The City of Saginaw are like night and day, literally. In Saginaw Township I would feel completely fine taking my dog for a walk at night butn The City of Saginaw, never in my life would I ever even attempt to do such a thing.

  • Angela S

    I’m from Inkster, Michigan and over the 4th of July weekend there were 4 murders in one day. So sad.

  • Terri S

    I lived in Flint, MI for half of my life. When I was younger Flint was a great place, ppl had beautiful houses, you can walk down the street without worrying about someone robbing you, and the road were nice. Now its a whole different place, most of the houses are boarded, the roads are horriable and someone is getting killed everyday. I don’t visit often because of the crime. But I had alot of family there.

    • Erica J

      Isn’t it a rotten shame? I grew up in Saginaw. My curfew was when the street lights came on and my mom and my friends parents let us “camp” in the front yard. Now when I go back to visit it just isn’t the same.

      • tbone

        What’s different?

      • Mike G

        Its sad really. I live in Saginaw currently (I’m only 17). I work at a florist and do a lot of driving for delivering flowers, and even to see how its gotten more and more run down is sad. Aside from how it looks, all kinds of crime has gotten everywhere. Even at my old elementary school, which used to be the top private school in the area, its not uncommon for me to hear of other kids there doing crack in the bathrooms.

      • Tom K.

        At Erica J. I grew up in Detroit and had the same rules from parents who knew we were safe playing and “camping” in our/the yards…..what fun it was! We never ever worried about our safety, and had never even heard the saying “drive-by shootings”
        We spent so much time in the fantastic public parks; huge public pools, horse-riding stables, public/free baseball diamonds and tennis courts, family picnic areas and the fun and beauty of the rivers (and critters) to be found in the parks.
        It pains me to think that those wonderful aspects of our youth cannot be enjoyed by the kids growing up there now!

      • patricia zachery

        ..Detroit used to be the same way. It was a nice place where I would go visit my grandparents. By the time my grandparents died, the house where they lived in & raised their family sold to a slumlord for $5000. Its probably a crack house now

    • I too was born and raised in Flint, MI…years ago Flint was a thriving city of blue collar factory workers, the city was beautiful, and homeowners took pride in caring for their houses, and their properties…when the recession hit Flint in 1972, and the big auto-makers started pulling out, that was the demise of the american dream in Flint, MI. So very sad 🙁

    • Bill

      The single most dominant factor in trying to figure out the crime rate of a given city is to find out the percentage of minorities that live there. The higher the percentage of minoroty population, the higher the percentage of crime. This goes for 95% of cities across the USA. I may be called a racist for pointing this out, however, if addressing the truth is racist, than im a racist I guess.

  • Mandy

    That is odd I live in Atlanta and according to more than one list Atlanta is the #1 most dangerous city to live in.

    • David

      I’m from Atlanta to. The reason for Atlanta’s plight is from the exodus of the gangbangers from Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Memphis and Los Angeles into Atlanta. Mayor Reed and Governor Deal can’t handle it. Now Atlanta is at the bottom of the Black Mecca list.

    • Fwick

      Haha, I live in Detroit and so many of my friends “escape” to Atlanta. It’s like the new beacon for opportunity for a lot of Michiganders. I’ve never heard anything about it being dangerous.

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  • Tom S

    Once again, there is a failure to compare St. Louis on fair terms. The city of St. Louis has a metropolitan area of nearly 3 million people. the city of St. Louis is politically separated from its surrounding metropolitan area, unlike most of the other largest 20 cities in the US. When you arrive at a ranking based on a population denominator that is one-tenth the relevant number, your rankings will be severely skewed. Even if the St. Louis metropolitan area were reduced to St. Louis city and St Louis County, (which are distinct political entities) the denominator would be 1.3 million….not the 318k you used .

    • markis

      These numbers reflect CITIES not METROPOLITAN Areas. The Administration area of the CITY of St Louis is ONLY 318k residents, which is why E. Saint Louis is a separate administrative entity and thus not part of St Louis’ crime statistics.
      Camden NJ, like E.StL & W Memphis, is just right across the river of a major city that once were thriving communities in themselves, and now are the results of middle class & manufacturing flight.

      • Janel

        East St Louis is also in Illinois…therefor not associated with the city of St Louis MO

      • Jon

        Tom’s point is that most first tier cities have a city/county combined tax base. St. Louis does not, as they split from the county many years ago. All of these other cities of similar size get to use their entire combined metro area because of this, while St. Louis does not. People who live in St. Louis county consider it St. Louis, just like the people that live in the counties surrounding downtown Atlanta consider it “Atlanta”. The reality of living in St. Louis does not at all reflect these B.S. crime statistics.

        Got it? So when you say Houston as a city, that IS the entire metropolitan area for statistical purposes. THAT is why these stats are skewed against St. Louis. We have a highly underserved reputation.

      • Crtny

        East St. Louis is not even apart of St. Louis. That’s not what he’s talking about. East stl is in IL not MO. St. Louis is being judged unfairly.

      • hilary

        East St. Louis isn’t even in the same state as St. Louis LOL. East St. Louis is in IL and St. Louis is in MO. THAT’S why they were listed separately, they are separate cities in separate states.

      • Buffi

        I would love to know where the middle class is in Camden NJ. Unfortunately the majority of the city is below poverty level. The people who live there are stuck in a vicious cycle. Because of their growing up in poverty they are given less opportunities to get out of there and in turn they become the poor. They are a product of their environment and the environment has become a product of the residents. I am from NJ and have spent time in Camden. Most of the people I know from there are very nice people who simply need a chance.

      • James Wilson

        That was the poster’s point. Because Saint Louis is artificially
        constrained by the surrounding area and hardly anyone actually lives
        there but tons of people work and visit there then using the
        population as the denominator greatly skews the numbers. Saint Louis
        proper is almost entirely a business district. It does manage to
        have a few (381k) people who live there but unless you exclude all
        non-residents who are victimized then it’s not very useful to compare
        Saint Louis’s ratio to other cities with more natural boundaries.

      • Gary

        You’re getting it backwards. The urban or metropolitan area is the CITY, you’re talking “city” as in municipality which is a useless way to measure cities. A lot of people still fall for this it seems.

        East St. Louis is included with St. Louis in the FBI UCR every year. Now why would that be? The reasons aren’t hard to see, they’re the same freakin’ city.

    • carol

      St Louis City is distinctively different from St. Louis County, and they should be handled separately. But don’t be fooled. Even if you added the county numbers into the schedule, it wouldn’t necessarily wipe everything off the board. I’m in a pretty affluent area in the county, and there was property theft and damage on my street just like week, and I know many people whose houses have been robbed or vandalized. There are too many hoodlums here, and the “justice” system is a complete joke! St. Louis has repeatedly been on the top of this list, and yet, none of our elected officials are doing anything about it.

    • jamie

      I recently visited st louis for the first time in my life. Being from a small town of about 2000 (if that) I was terrifed taking 3 kids up there by myself. However I absolutly love st louis. I understand that the majority of our time was spent in the forrest park area and on the loop but everyone there was so nice and so helpful. We are planning on going back next month for another concert and hopefully very frequently after that. My girls are wanting to go to college there and this is the first time they have ever been excited about college. We absolutly love all the culture the town holds! Like I said I know we didnt see it all but st louis has its good parts too!!!

    • Keke

      So true! I’m tired of them ranking St. Louis unfairly.

    • Victoria Ryan-Bailey

      Get real!! Wake up and smell the coffee! St Louis City has been stuck in a time warp spiraing downward for decades. We dance to the music of St Louis County, but they do little within our city limits except go to baseball and football games, and the Muny Opera. County residents fought the MetroLink system and the Page Ave extension just to keep city residents out of their neighborhoods. This has left affluent Chesterfield with virtually no workers to serve fast food. (
      They must have thought their own residents would work!)Many who pack the MetroLink trains on game days/nights don’t even pay the fare, leaving everyday riders to foot the transit bill. Then, they roll their eyes when city residents say “let’s charge admission to non-residents for the St Louis Zoo.”

    • Sideshow

      St. Louis should be ranked number 1!!!

    • Sad citizen

      The only way the county is included is when the crime from metro an ESL bleeds over into it. Do you have any idea how many car break- ins, stolen cars, armed robberies etc…… In the county are committed by people that they traced back to residing in city or ESL?? It’s truly pathetic!

    • Jeff Berling

      I agree with this statement. I hate seeing St. Louis always in the top 10 crime statistics when the actual city makes up about one tenth of the metro area. This disproportionate statistical reporting makes the whole region look bad. Calculate those statistics using the entire metro area and we are probably pretty average.

    • Gary

      Spot on Tom.

  • Conor McCartney

    The numbers in East St. Louis are truly terrifying.

    • Maxine is very dangours people get assassinated over there it’s so good to be in Bradford

    • Sideshow

      The numbers in East St. Louis are Terrifyingly True!!!

    • Rea

      I lived in St. Louis for years and years until 2011 .I dont think East St. Louis is any more dangerous than St.Louis . You have to keep your eyes open in both places.

  • Nick

    Shoutout to Michigan tho

    • shannon

      Michigan!! That’s what’s up

  • Shawn Thompson

    East STL got nothin on Newburgh !

    • Mike

      Kingston isn’t much better

      • Doug

        Kingston has nothing on Newburgh, and Newburgh is only bad because everyone in the city is stupid. They all try hard to be thugs, and to be the worst city in the U.S.

        • WealthyBigPenis

          >implying I’m not a thug

        • Jones

          Poughkeepsie is pretty thug too, we just drove thru there and main street is all ghetto. I saw like 10 people with guns and i just drove as quickly as i could out of there. Its really bad

        • Elizabeth

          Doug, your comment “[N]ewburgh is only bad because everyone in the city is stupid,” I do believe your ignorant generalization of everyone in this town truly makes you the “stupid” one. I do think it’s ignorant people like yourself who continue to give Newburgh the reputation it has. Have you even met everyone in Newburgh and proclaimed them “stupid”? If you have, Congratulations I do apologize but I highly doubt this is the case. I think you need to re-evaluate your opinion and grow up and realize that there is a small radius in Newburgh that is violent and it is because of this sub-section that Newburgh is claimed a “dangerous” city. I am not refuting the fact that Newburgh in that small section is not dangerous but maybe you should broaden your horizons and realize that not every person in the 30,000 population is stupid. But I am sure you are doing great things with you in your life in your “smart” city.

      • kerwin

        Are you serious? What Kingston do YOU live in ya big dummy.

    • Chadd

      Have you ever been to East STL? It is not exactly nice. It is number 1 for a reason.

    • Jay

      Sorry Shawn and i grew up in Newburgh and visited St.Louis,just imagine 75 Newburghs put together and 215 murders when i was there in 2011,unfortunately it is worse.

    • Grumpster

      Been to both….ESL is a bigger pit to be avoided at all costs.

  • Cheryl

    I am a former resident of the East St. Louis area, Rosemont that turned into Washington Park and than into E St Louis! The Great
    EXEDUS started in the later 60’s! Schools started closing, Churches
    sold! Were did everybody GO? Up the bluff to Belleville,Il.

    • Sideshow

      Watch out Belleville IL.
      You are at this very moment being over run and becoming a part of East St. Louis.
      I KID YOU NOT!!!

    • Teresa

      Yes, I know. I am from Belleville

  • Martha

    Born in St. Louis, Mo., I grew up in E. St. Louis, Il., just across the Mississippi.

    ESL was once a great place to live and work with the railroads, slaughter houses and many manufacturing companies. No more, nothing but blight and of course our old neighborhoods have been devastated.

    • tbone

      Devastated by who?

    • Cari

      White flight is a self fulfilling prophecy.

    • Thomas Plumlee

      Slaughterhouse? Yeah that was in, “the good old days”!
      East St. Louis has always been ghetto!
      Hope it implodes completely! Once and for ALL.

  • Tyler Durden

    Michigan is a bunch of try-hards…

    • Dan

      NO WE’RE NOT lol I go to school in Flint which used to be #1…made me feel like a daredevil: having to go into the most dangerous city in the US. Lol now we’re #3?! Lol…you have to admit, us Michiganders are pretty badass!

    • kristen

      Come to Detroit and say that. We would love to have you stay a night. You wouldn’t make it out alive.

    • Ashley

      you shouldn’t talk about places you know nothing about. michigan is a great place to live and just like any other state and or country we have crime, it happens. why would anyone wish to be on this list? some people in this state just aren’t as fortunate as others. we also have some of the richest cities in america, they just don’t report that list I suppose.

    • Larry

      I bet you wouldn’t be saying that if you were there. Probably some redneck from Montana…

    • tricia

      Dont be down on Michigan…try hards..u got that rigjt but a better word “survivors” ! Born and raised in Detroit…would not have it any other way!!

    • James Campo

      Says the guy using the alias Tyler Durden.

    • Bonnie

      Tyler Durden come to Michigan and i’ll drop you off in a certain place and see what a try-hard is cause you’ll be tryin real hard to get out ALIVE!!!

    • tajai

      i live in michigan, detroit. we still have alot of gangs here. 7 ppl got shot outside of my house while i lived in it and im still living in it

    • shannon

      Bring it on!!!!!! Us Michigan people will be waiting

      • shannon

        And yes we will drop I off in Detroit see how good your survival skills are, better do slot of preying an hope I make it

  • Lee R. Wolf

    Where can I fine the list of the “Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities In U.S.A ” Thank you

    • Nunya

      Try Google.

    • David D

      On the web

  • Paula

    In the body copy, you have it listed as “West Memphis, Arizona” rather than “West Memphis, Arkansas.” Please correct it.

    • joseph

      well, what if there is a West Memphis, AR that can kick Arkansas’ arse though? Ever thought about that. there’s a Brooklyn in Connecticut and Texas, but I never asked them to correct it because NY’s where it’s at!!!!

      • FromCAtoAR

        The abbreviation for Arkansas is AR, whereas the abbreviation for Arizona is AZ.
        Just Sayin’!

      • Max

        AR is Arkansas. AZ is Arizona

      • Mortis

        Joseph, it appears you’re British (or some other nationality that uses the term “arse,”) so it’s not surprising you don’t know that “AR” stands for Arkansas and “AZ” stands for Arizona. Which makes your first sentence nonsensical.

      • Frank

        There is a West Memphis, AR.

        – “AR” stands for Arkansas.
        – “AZ” is Arizona.

        Learning is fundamental!

      • fury

        there is also Brooklyn MD.

      • Grumpster

        “Arse?” You sound like a relic from the 1800’s there gramps.

      • Donica

        You just asked if there was a west memphis arkansas that can kick west memphis arkansas’ arse.
        The abbreviation for Arizona is AZ 🙂

      • Bradley

        Don’t comment on things if you don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. Joseph, West Memphis, AR is West Memphis, Arkansas. AR is the USPS code for Arkansas. AZ is the USPS code for Arizona. As having grown up in West Memphis, there is good reason that the city has a police department twice the size of what a city of its population would normally have. On the bad side of town, West Memphis gets lots of carry over crime from Memphis. When this is is compared to the size of the city, you get some pretty terrible numbers.

      • Liz

        Ar – Arkansas. Az- Arizona.

      • Ghost93

        It is West Memphis, AR… There isn’t a West Memphis, AZ…

    • Bill

      Wait! I’m from West Memphis AR, but now live in AZ….I’m confused…All I know is that West Memphis is a great place to see….in your rear view mirror.

  • Frank Carlson

    at least we beat Inkster, which I thought was a tattoo-sharing app

    • DavMar

      AAAAH Inkster is NOTHING. In Johburg South Africa, you have a 1 out of 3 percent chance to be a victim, and in Pretoria, you have a 1 out of 4 percent chance. On the farms, you have a 1 out of 1 percent. I would be happy to live in Inkster, I would feel way more safer there than here.

      • george

        1 in 3 percent chance? That’s a 2/3 chance being victimized which is not as bad compared to these cities